As we all know, asthma is a health condition that involves the inflammation of the lungs. This in turn leads to difficulty in breathing. Asthma can be life-threatening if its symptoms are not checked and proper treatments have not begun.

As such, there is no cure for asthma. Treatment can be taken to reduce the effects and intensity of asthma attacks which are, more often than not, triggered by allergic reactions or exercises. Under such circumstances, you can use CBD oil for asthma.

CBD or cannabidiol oil has increasingly become popular these days as it is used to treat a variety of conditions. CBD oil has been extracted from a cannabis plant. Now, other cannabinoids are derived from a marijuana-related cannabis plant, but this particular CBD oil has not been derived from it and also does not have any hallucinogenic effects. 

Be that as it may, there is nothing wrong with using marijuana to treat pain, if it is undertaken under the supervision of the doctor. Nonetheless, CBD oil has more potential as it is used to treat inflammation and pain.

CBD Oil and asthma: Are the rumours true?

As mentioned earlier, CBD oil has started to gain momentum in people’s lives due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. According to research conducted by certain health experts, it contains neuroprotective properties, which help in sharpening your brain. 

How does CBD oil for asthma work?

  • CBD oil decreases hyperresponsiveness in your trachea, making it easier for your lungs to breathe and also less sensitive to certain asthma triggers.
  • It works for both types of asthma: allergic and non-allergic asthma
  • It prevents the migration of the immune cells into the airway tissues which are already inflamed.
  • It also helps in assuaging the symptoms of other correlated medical conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, and mood disorders.
  • Helps in the relaxation of muscles and tissues in the airways for the reduction of asthma symptoms.
CBD Oil For Asthma

What are the different strains of CBD (Cannabinoid) oil recommended for asthma?

Different types of CBD oils are used for treating asthma based on the intensity and degree of asthma. The most recommended type of CBD oil for asthma is hemp-based oils because they contain some amounts of THC.

THC-based CBD oil has the most powerful effects on asthma. Why? Because THC can help in the relaxation of the airway which escalates a better flow of oxygen. It also helps in the reduction of other inflammatory conditions that occur if you are suffering from asthma.

Asthma contracts the muscles of the chest and airway. To treat this condition, THC is the best solution as it relaxes the muscles of the chest and airways.No matter whichever CBD oil you use, make sure that the oil is pure and organic.

How are you supposed to use CBD oil for treating asthma?

CBD oil is orally taken to treat asthma. However, the number of drops that are to be taken is prescribed by your doctor. With the advancement of age and technology, people have found various versions of taking CBD oil for treating asthma.

Some researchers have found mist versions that were successful while doing experiments on rats. However, they were not very successful when it came to humans because they could lead to irritation in the airways.

According to research, a maximum of 1500 milligrams of CBD oil should be taken, as it is appropriate and safe for human consumption. However, the quantity of CBD oil to be taken by you will be recommended by your doctor as per the intensity. 

Apart from the intensity, you also need to keep in mind a variety of factors such as the type of product, your weight, and how you are responding to the CBD treatment. 

What is the recommended dose of CBD?

To find the perfect dosage of CBD, you need to keep a plethora of other factors in mind as different people respond to the dosage differently. It is recommended to start with a smaller dose initially and then slowly, increase the strong dose of CBD.

In doing so, you will make sure that there are no allergies to the product that you are using, which could in turn aggravate the symptoms of asthma. If you feel that you have other allergies, then it is best to put one drop of oil or tincture on the palm of your hand. This will help you know whether you have any allergies or not.  

If no symptoms or effects of allergies are shown, you can start with a very small amount of CBD oil, and then gradually, you can increase the strength dose until you find some significant reduction in your symptoms. 

Can CBD affect other asthma medications?

CBD Oil For Asthma

There has been no substantial evidence as to how CBD can affect other asthma medications. Therefore, it is better to consult your doctor first regarding increasing or decreasing the doses of your medications and CBD oil.

However, it is believed that CBD interacts with other medications as it affects certain enzymes when passed into your body. It is best to talk with your doctor before taking CBD oil if you are taking any of the following medications:

  • Diclofenac: This is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that is generally taken if you are suffering from arthritis, migraine,or any other chronic pain.
  • Omeprazole: It is a proton-pump inhibitor that is used to treat heartburn and acid reflux.
  • Rifampicin: This drug is an antibiotic drug that is mainly used to treat tuberculosis.
  • Risperidone: Risperidone is an antipsychotic drug that is used if you are suffering from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.
  • Theophylline: This medication is generally taken orally to treat the symptoms of asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema.
  • Warfarin: Warfarin is a drug that is used as a blood thinner and helps in preventing blood clots.  

What are the side-effects of taking CBD oil for asthma?

Although there are some effective and visible benefits of taking CBD oil for asthma, there are also side-effects of taking CBD oil that cannot be ignored. These side-effects of CBD oil include nausea, improper functioning of the liver, insomnia, reduction in appetite, rashes on the skin, and diarrhea. Keeping these situations in mind, long-term research is required to use CBD oil for asthma.