As much as it is important to choose the right colour and style for a suit, it is equally important to pair it with the right type of shoes.  Good apparel is of no use without or with the wrong use of accessories. Apart from some common basic colours like black and dark brown that are generally preferred with suits, by most men, there are a variety of other colours as well that look absolutely stunning with a certain colour of suits, and we’re going to list out a few here for your help.

Also, the choice of colour is highly subjective and some people might prefer to wear some colours that others usually do not or get matching shoes for suit. Hence, apart from guidance and pieces of advice from others, it is equally important for you to have a fashion sense of your own, according to your body type and texture.

What are the best shoe colours for suits?

Here, we will list out a few popular as well as unpopular combinations of suits and shoe colours that are definitely going to add to your style.

1. Navy blue suit:

Navy blue is the most common suit colour and is very popular among men of almost all age groups, from teenagers to adults. It can serve perfectly as a professional attire as well as give you a casual look at the same time, and the best part is the fact that navy blue suits almost every skin colour really well.

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Some shoe colours that go well with a navy blue suit are black, brown, burgundy, etc. 

For deciding, the most perfect colour among these, you need to keep in mind the occasion you are wearing for them, and then decide the best colour.

Navy blue suit with black shoes: 

This combination gives you a decent and sophisticated look in the most professional way and can be the best duo for almost any event. Whatever shoes you prefer to wear with your blue suit, be it loafers, oxford or monk-straps, the black colour would suit them all well. Black looks even better with the darker blue shades.

Portrait of a confident young businessman with his arm crossed standing against grey background

Navy blue suit and brown shoes:

If you are tired of black shoes and want a more contemporary look, this can be just the perfect combination for you.  A blue suit paired with brown shoes, especially dark brown, is a must-have for all men.

Navy blue suit and burgundy shoes:

Oxfords, monk straps, and loafer style shoes in burgundy colour have the ability to give you a polished look that can make you stand out from the others in any formal gathering.  Looking for something other than the usual, while still maintaining that contemporary look? We would definitely suggest you go for burgundy. 

2. Grey suits:

Grey suits are the best replacement for a standard black suit, in case of formal occasions.  

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Since dark is a comparatively lighter colour, we would suggest pairing your grey suit with black shoes only, since other colours might sabotage the colour of the suit itself and won’t enhance your look.

Dark grey suits, however, also go along well with burgundy shoes and the combination can be worn in formal as well as casual events.

Joyful businessman playing with his suitcase

Shoe Colours For Suits

Light grey suits, unlike the dark grey ones, go with more number of colours. You can pair your light grey suit with black, brown as well as burgundy coloured shoes. Such dark colours help in bringing out the light colour of the suit in a better way and give you a stylish look.  

Back shoes always give a classy look to the grey suit. Brown, on the other hand, gives a very different and equally attractive look with its different shades. Light brown shoes with grey suits give a more modern, young-boy look, while dark brown shoes are more on the traditional side.

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It is up to you to decide on a particular shade of the colours, depending on your personal preferences and the occasion you are wearing it for. 

3. Cream and beige coloured suits:

Cream and beige coloured suits are some good choices among young men, and they give you a fresh appealing look because of their light colour. 

Since the colours are a little too light, dark shades of black and brown might damage their look, hence, we would suggest you try out light brown shoes along with your cream/beige suit. 

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If you want to wear this suit for some semi-formal occasion, you can even go in white shoes. White sneakers or loafers will give you exactly the refreshing summer look you want.

4. Brown suits:

Brown suits work the best with brown coloured shoes. However, both the things in the same shade might not look that well, hence, choosing a bit different shade than the one of your suit would be the best option.

Portrait of handsome fashion stylish hipster businessman model dressed in elegant brown suit sitting near dark

However, if you want a little contrast in your attire, and here’s where you need to go with some darker shades. According to us, oxblood and burgundy are the best shoe colours to wear with a suit.  

Remember that howsoever popular black shoes might be, they don’t generally go really well with brown suits and don’t usually look good in the eyes of the viewers.

That’s all we have for you, for now. Apart from this, do not forget the golden rule, which says that it’s good if you like it enough. If you look at yourself in the mirror and the combination seems good to you, there is no need to worry about it and you may definitely go ahead with it.

Casual looks can always be experimented with. But it becomes a problem if you do not wear the right matching shoes for the suit, doesn’t it? You can’t really take the chance of ruining any of your professional pursuits only because of your attire.

In all, in the end, the final thing must be that you like what you are wearing and are comfortable with it. So, listen to your instincts in addition to what others advise you, and go for it!

We hope this small little guide from us on shoe colours to wear with suit helps you. 🙂