After years of skinny-fit jeans and converse, the fashion industry has finally let loose. And, unless you have been living under a rock, you know that your sneakers are worth more than being gym shoes. 

Did you know that sneakers started as shoes for working-class men? Soon after, it was welcomed by the sports industry who made purpose-built sneakers as sports shoes for athletes. But, since then, dad shoes or chunky sneakers have come a long way. 

Today, dad shoes are a staple in every man’s closet. From daily streetwear to red carpet events, you will find sneakers everywhere. And, we aren’t complaining. This season’s hottest trend is the dad shoes or chunky sneakers trend.

But, you could spend thousands of dollars on funky dad shoes and still go wrong with it if you didn’t know how to style them. Thankfully, we are here to save you from fashion faux pas.

In today’s article, we are showing you how to do the chunky sneakers trend right! Read on for some major fashion inspo!

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Chunky sneakers rules

First things first, no matter what type of sneakers you choose to wear and how you wear them, there are some basic rules you must keep in mind. 

  1. Keep them clean: This should go without saying. It doesn’t matter how cool or expensive your sneakers are if they are dirty. The effect of dad shoes is lost when they are not spick and span. Therefore, you must indulge in some basic sneaker maintenance including getting rid of bad odor, washing the laces, brushing the outsoles, etc.
dad shoes
  1. Wear chunky sneakers to the right occasion: The key to acing the chunky sneakers trend is to not go too casual. Yes, dad shoes and chunky sneakers are extremely versatile, but they cannot be a substitute for dres’s shoes. That means, dad’s shoes are not meant for every occasion. 
  1. Buy chunky sneakers that suit your fashion style: What’s the point of buying dad shoes if you won’t be able to pair them with the clothes in your wardrobe? Thus, choose chunky sneakers that already complement your fashion style and personal aesthetic. 

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Understanding sneaker styles 

Before we see how to style chunky sneakers, let’s get an overview of sneaker styles and types. 

These days, chunky sneakers come in many shapes and sizes. Not to forget, the cool colors too! There is a wide range of dad shoes available, from basic structured canvas to the finest leather and heavy soles. With so many styles available, it is common to be lost when it comes to buying the right pair. 

Here is a quick rundown on some of the most common dad shoe types. 

  1. Basic everyday sneakers: These are your regular Converse and Vans. Typically, they are found in canvas material. They also come in a variety of colors and are usually cheap. Basic sneakers are usually popular among college students and young adults. They are easy to clean and work with almost everything.\
  1. Luxury and high-fashion sneakers: The refined luxury sneakers are manufactured by high-fashion brands like Tom Ford, Givenchy, Christian Louboutin, Lanvin & Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, etc. These refined luxury sneakers are usually made from leather or suede and are more suited for dressy occasions.
chunky sneakers
  1. Sports sneakers: When it comes to sports sneakers, we are talking about Nike, Puma, Reebok, and Adidas-tier brands. It is easy to style sports shoes for a fun casual vibe. 

Before buying a pair of chunky sneakers and spending thousands on them, you should always keep in mind the occasion you will wear them to. Of course, you can’t wear Nike dad shoes to your best friend’s wedding! 

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How to style dad shoes and chunky sneakers?

Read on for a quick guide on how to style the chunky sneakers trend! 

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  1. Avoid wearing skinny jeans

Even though the skinny jeans trend is long gone, some men are still hooked on it. However, pairing your cool dad shoes with skinny jeans is a big no! The proportions will look funny. Instead, you should pair your dad’s shoes with straight-leg jeans, joggers, or loose-fit ripped jeans. 

And, if you are keen on the skinny jeans trend, stick to the basic Vans and Converse.

  1. Pair them with cropped pants

If you have invested in a pair of chunky sneakers, you deserve to show them off. And, the best way to do so is to pair them with cropped or pin-rolled jeans. But, never go sockless. And, stick to wider cuts instead of skinny jeans. Dad’s shoes work incredibly well with rolled-up chinos and cuffed grey joggers. 

chunky sneakers trend

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  1. Style them with oversized pieces

When you pair chunky trainers and dad shoes with oversized loose-fit pieces, they give off a cool street-style vibe. That is what is in right now. Think about oversized hoodies, bomber jackets, cargo trousers, sweatpants, etc. This styling tip makes for a perfectly proportioned outfit and makes you look uber cool! 

  1. Go for a 90’s inspired look

The world has collectively agreed that the ’90s were the best era for fashion. And, dad shoes can vouch for that. Chunky sneakers when paired with 90’s silhouettes and trends, create the perfect balance. We are talking about baggy jeans, oversized flannel shirts, denim jackets, boxy over-shirts, etc. And, don’t forget to throw in some cool silver jewelry and accessories. 

  1. Go for colorful styles

Last but not the least, instead of going for all-white dad shoes, pick colorful styles. Colors will add cool visual effects to your outfit and give it an edge. You can experiment with neon shades, off-beat colors, primary hues, or even go pastel! One of the hottest chunky sneakers trends is to pick white chunky sneakers with a holographic effect. At the end of the day, you want to stand out with those chunky sneakers! 

This was our complete fashion guide on how to style chunky sneakers and dad shoes. Remember that, no matter what you wear, carry it with confidence. Confidence goes a long way in fashion! 

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