A fantastic and well-fitting suit is something that every man should have. There should be no exceptions. A good men’s suit will make one feel (and appear) smart, worldly, and sophisticated, whereas a lousy suit will make one look like a hack or a man-child who still asks his mother to dress him. So, knowing a little bit about buying, wearing, and caring for men’s suits is beneficial. 

Every male, even Ralph Lauren, started as a suit virgin, and we understand how intimidating it may be to go into the suiting area for the first time. Our suit guide is here to help you discover a terrific suit for any budget that will make you seem smart, gorgeous, and like you have the world by the balls.

Let’s begin with the fundamentals. If you need a suit but aren’t sure which style is best for you and your lifestyle. Purchasing a new suit begins in your mind, not at the store. Is this a professional suit? What about a date night? Is it a friend’s wedding? Is it possible to have all three? Is this your first and only suit, or are you in your twelfth outfit for a particular occasion? Knowing this allows you to make the best decisions, beginning with color. One in a solid genuine navy blue or charcoal grey is your best bet.

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Make a Decision to get yourself one of the best men’s suits:

The style of suit you desire is the following stage in your sartorial decision-making process once you’ve decided on a color and/or pattern. It’s all about the silhouette, and there are two options:

Single-breasted jackets are and always will be 100% authorized. The majority of your suits should be single-breasted. If you’re a daredevil who wants to give it your all, a double-breasted jacket is a way to go. The new double-breasted suit is very sleek and minimal, no shoulder pads and drooping fits that were synonymous with Wall Street extravagance in the 1980s. It appeals to us because it exudes strength and assurance. The double-breasted suit will always be one of the best men’s suits styles.

The three-piece suit is another option. In a great three-piece, you can still blast the doors off the conference room. The three-piece outfit is not a costume, as we must emphasize here. It’s not appropriate to wear it with a pocket watch or a newsboy cap. (Yes, Cillian Murphy looked dope in Peaky Blinders…for 1919.)

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More information, more options:

Before you start obsessing over the size and fit of your suit, you need to first decide on the style. That concludes the building phase. Two or three buttons? (Almost often, the answer is two.) Is it better to have a notch or a peak lapel? (This is dependent on the picture you want to project.) Meanwhile, a fourth button (don’t do that!) or paisley lining (no way!) might offer mixed messages. The outfit is defined by its features. 

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Make sure the suit fits you perfectly!

The GQ Guide to suits clearly states that a suit that doesn’t fit well, is as useless as filling up a petrol car with diesel. Men’s suits are only as excellent as they are tailored, no matter how much they cost. It’s all about the fit. Upon deciding on a two-button, single-breasted suit with a notch lapel, a double vent, and flap pockets, you’re ready to focus all of your attention here (great choice—it sounds like a winner). 

Your fingers should be able to comfortably cup the bottom hem of your suit jacket if you keep your arms at your sides. You’ll look like a doll if you’re any shorter. If you keep it longer, you’ll resemble an undertaker, or possibly The Undertaker.

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Types of men’s suits:

There exist a variety of types of suits for men. The cut, however, is arguably the most distinguishing element of all men’s suits. In a poorly cut suit, you will never look your best. It doesn’t matter how much detail it has or how good the material is. It will be a question of personal preference whether you wear a single or double-breasted suit. Although the double-breasted suit appears to be more formal, either option is suitable for most situations.

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Searching for “best suits for men 2021” in a hurry, you’ll likely get a profusion of alternatives for men’s suits. It’s also important to remember the importance of ‘dressing for the event’. 

If you’re attending a black-tie event, you’ll require a dinner suit. The tuxedo (also known as the penguin suit) is a crisp, fitting garment that comes in several styles. A single-breasted jacket with jetted pockets is included in a typical dinner suit. The dinner suit has gone a long way from its 19th-century roots, and the red carpet at awards shows is now flooded in many variants.

There are many various styles, patterns, and types of suits available for men. The concept of a “one-size-fits-all” appearance simply does not apply, and will never apply. Not only do bodies and personalities differ from one guy to the next, but you will also change physically and psychologically throughout your life. That’s not to mention the fact that different situations necessitate different styles of suits, and suit trends shift over time. Men’s suits are as dynamic as life itself, so it’s only natural that they continue to evolve. Keep your swagger, fellas.