Men have always wanted to look debonair and stylish while still keeping their masculinity at bay. And one of the ways they have been successfully doing that is through growing a beard. More often than not, a majority of men keep a stubble because they are not able to grow a full or a medium length beard due to several reasons.

Therefore, many beard-growing enthusiasts have tried a plethora of ways from various beard growing oils to new methods of shaving, to grow their beard, but they have all gone in vain. Be that as it may, recently, a lot of researches and studies have come up claiming that alcohol can be one of the major catalysts inducing beard growth.

Does alcohol cause facial hair growth? Let us learn!

Alcohol and Beard Growth?

Facial hair growth is dependent upon three major factors of the body:

  • The hormones, like testosterone and DHT, which determine your facial growth hair, especially, your beard growth.
  • Secondly, genetic factors have a preliminary role to play over here. If your genetics has laid its cards against you, it might become extremely difficult for you to grow a beard.

Therefore, in order to grow a beard, you should solely focus upon boosting your testosterone levels or you may even try boosting the sensitivity of androgen receptors which also helps in growing your facial hair overall.

Does alcohol increase beard growth, then? 

What happens when you drink alcohol is your testosterone levels skyrocket. And when that happens, you know the rest.

It is believed that if alcohol is consumed in small amounts, your facial hair can exponentially grow, as your testosterone levels in the blood increases. As testosterone level spike was necessary for growing facial hair, this can prove to be one of the effective ways of doing it.

This might seem a little surprising to you but if you read the ingredients on the back of every facial hair growth product you will realize that alcohol is one of them. But it has been mixed in a minuscule amount.

Nevertheless, it is very essential to keep in mind the quantity of alcohol you are taking. You don’t want to overdo it, because that will certainly have a counteraction. Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to a reduction in testosterone levels and even affect your facial hair growth negatively. Therefore, while establishing a connection between alcohol and facial hair, quantity is basically the rule of thumb here.  

How does alcohol increase beard growth?

1. As a Carrier:

Alcohol can be best used as a carrier, mixed with some natural oils or other products which are solely used for topical application. For instance, the natural oils or essential oils you apply for the growth of your beard, have alcohol in them.

Moreover, Rogaine or Minoxidil which is commonly used for hair growth in both, males and females, also has a small amount of alcohol mixed for topical application. Alcohol works best when it is applied to the skin directly because it percolates your skin hair follicles easily.

Alcohol not only becomes a great carrier in products like Rogaine, but it also works best when it is mixed with the extract of other natural oils. For instance, mixing alcohol with peppermint oil can help stimulate your beard growth and even ensure the thickness of the beard.    

Not only this, but castor oil can be one of the greatest boons in a man’s history because castor oil is popularly used for promoting facial hair growth. If a small amount of alcohol is mixed with it, the castor oil with the help of its carrier easily reaches to the roots of all hair follicles.

2. Escalating Testosterone Levels:

As mentioned earlier, alcohol has a major role to play in boosting your testosterone levels which in turn ensures your facial hair growth. Therefore, it can be inferred that alcohol can be taken in two ways to ensure hair growth: a) Through your mouth b) through topical application, however, in small amounts.

Does alcohol negatively impact your hair?

Yes, if you drink alcohol regularly, be it at a minimal consumption, can greatly affect your protein levels in the body along with the protein consumption. Once your body faces a deficiency of a group of proteins it leads to poor hair growth, nails and degenerates the quality of the skin you have. Not only that, but alcohol also affects iron, zinc and copper levels in your body which are extremely essential for facial hair growth.   

What are other alternatives for growing a beard?

There are a plethora of proven ways to stimulate the growth of facial hair apart from rubbing alcohol or beer on your beard. The first thing that you need to understand for growing a beard is to boost your testosterone levels or DHT hormone levels. One of the ways to do that is to seek medical help and get medications for the same.

Alcohol And Beard Growth

If, on the other hand, you want to try home remedies, then natural oils such as castor or peppermint oils are used to grow your beard growth. If you want then you can mix a very small amount of alcohol with the natural oil, which ensures easy delivery to each hair follicle.    

Here are some other home remedies which help you in growing your beard:

  • Include Vitamin D in your diet: 

Vitamin D helps in reactivating the passive hair follicles in your face, which have stopped growing hair. You can get plenty of Vitamin D from fish, eggs, spinach, soybeans, orange juice, oatmeal and breakfast cereal.

  • Exercise: 

Although the connection between exercise and hair growth is a little unparalleled, exercising can help you stimulate your testosterone levels which help you in your overall facial hair growth.

  • Moisturize: 

One of the ways you can activate your hair follicles is by regularly washing and moisturizing them. In doing so, you are providing a conducive environment to them for growing hair. Wash your face with a mild face wash and then moisturize it with oils such as castor oil or peppermint oil.

Now that you are aware of other ways for boosting the growth of your facial hair, it is essential to try them and see if it works out, rather than using alcohol. Rubbing whiskey, beer or any kind of alcohol is not good for your skin and your overall health. Perhaps it is prudent to conclude that alcohol and beard growth do not run parallel to each other. Therefore, it is better to try some other natural remedies to induce the growth of facial hair.