Cuban collar shirts are the most versatile shirts that men can have in their wardrobes. You can style them at a summer wedding or go on a beach wearing them. No matter wherever you go, Cuban collar shirts will grab the attention of everybody for all the right reasons.

Cuban collar shirts are also known as a camp collar or reverse collar which was first in the style in the 1950s. But thanks to the one and only Chandler Bing and certain famous fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and Missoni, these shirts have gained traction recently. 

Louis Vuitton and Missoni have brought these shirts back in a new, refreshed style mixing the original with the new, clean-cut fashion. 

These shirts are generally worn on casual occasions owing to their design which has no top button and square-cut hem in the end. What makes these shirts more trendy and fun, is they are suitable for almost all body shapes. They help in enhancing your upper body and help you pull off those prints with casual pants. 

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How to style a cuban collar shirt?

1.Over a T-shirt

Wearing a Cuba collar shirt with a tee underneath is often considered to be unconventional by some people, but in reality, it’s worth a shot. All you need to do is simply wear a white tee underneath a Cuban collar shirt. Any other color or shirt with prints might cancel out the effects of the Cuban collar shirt and you may regret wearing it later. 

So, to save yourself from the trouble, just wear a simple white tee and tuck it in your jeans or pants. Tucking your white tee is necessary because sometimes the white tee can cross the hem of the shirt and can make you look messy and unstylish, which you don’t want. So, make sure you tuck your tee carefully.  

Wear a Cuban collar shirt on top of it. A pattern will make you look like the most stylish person in the room. So, try to get a Cuban collar shirt with bold patterns. To finish the look, you can wear white sneakers and some casual accessories such as a simple watch. You will look just fine. 

2. Cuban collar shirts and denims

If you want to go for a more casual and laid-back look, this is the perfect pair for you. Just grab a pair of your old denim and wear it as a Cuban collar shirt. You can choose any type of Cuban shirt, be it with block colours or bold patterns. You just cannot go wrong with this pair. At least, Justin Bieber didn’t when he started wearing them.  

Do not forget to finish the look by wearing some cool and funky sneakers.

3. Cuban collar shirts and tailored trousers

Pairing a Cuban collar shirt with tailored trousers is pretty much a 1950s’ look that can make you look fancy and fashionable in the present. There is nothing really that you can change about this look in the present. 

Make sure that you pick neutral tones while wearing them. You can also pick some pinstripe trousers and pair them with the same color as a Cuban collar shirt. If you want a clean-cut look, you can tuck the shirt in and enjoy the summer vibes. 

The best way to finish off your look will be to wear loafers which are in darker shades in comparison to your overall outfits. This is a pure 90’s style that is perfect for casual occasions such as going out for lunch with your family or friends. 

4. Cuban collar shirts and shorts

Pairing a Cuban collar shirt with shorts is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd. It’s not too basic, too gaudy, or too playboy-ish. It’s just perfect for the perfect summer look. However, make sure that you do not pair board or cargo shorts with Cuban shirts. Instead, it is advisable to wear some tailored shorts which land around your knees.   

You can choose Cuban shirts which come in lighter and brighter shades such as white, yellow, or orange. It will work wonders if you choose a shirt that has bold prints or is block patterned. Think about a more Hawaiian and Japanese print. They might help you get the look you need for any occasion. 

Do not forget to finish the look with some cool and casual sneakers. A simple watch on your wrist will be the best accessory for the outfit. 

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5. Cuban collar shirt under a jacket

Styling a Cuban collar shirt with a jacket is similar to walking on eggshells. You cannot choose a bomber jacket or a denim jacket with a Cuban collar shirt. Choosing them will not cancel out the effects of the shirt and make you look weird and awkward. 

The best jacket that will suit the shirt is a chore jacket. For those who don’t know, a chore jacket is made from heavy twill or denim fabric which is generally worn in winters as its primary function is to keep you warm. 

So, Cuban collars are not only a summer thing. You can wear them in winter by styling a chore jacket that will work just fine. 

The color of a Cuban collar shirt has to be similar to that of the jacket. Try to choose simple shirts with no patterns or prints because they may or may not match with the jacket. You can finish off this look by wearing some stylish derbies if you want the casual-formal look. If you want to go casual completely, you can wear sneakers. Boots will also work just fine.

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6. Cuban collar shirt and suit

If you want to rock the formal-casual look in your business meetings, pairing a Cuban collar shirt with a suit is the one for you. Wearing a complete three-piece suit in summer is suffocating and makes you want to leave the conference room. 

But when you style a breathy Cuban collar shirt with a jacket, you are not only combining the formal-casual look but also giving yourself some space to breathe. You can wear sneakers or boots, whichever works best for you with this look.

These are some stylish ways to style a Cuban collar shirt effectively. From casual get-togethers, coffee meets to beach outings, these shirts have got your back covered.