Dating apps were just starting to grow before the pandemic hit and immediately after it saw a sudden rise. I mean, it was bound to happen though, right? We are all stuck at home with nothing to do looking for the next one who understands us. But do you know what girls prefer to see in your bio and what they do not? Well, we are here to tell you exactly that. 

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Things men should not put in their dating app bio: 

  • Having unnecessary information in your bio 

We understand that you want to have interesting information about yourself in your bio, but that does not mean you treat it as your CV. It is a dating app bio, your ‘next one’ is not going to care about where you went to school or college. Look deeper, we can assure you that this is not going to be the most significant detail about you. 

This goes without a doubt but you can add one or two extraordinary accomplishments that you may have achieved, but that is about it in this department. You do not want to seem like you are overselling yourself since it can put people off. 

  • Copy-pasting other popular bios

Yes, you found a bio that goes perfectly well with your personality, but so did hundreds of other people. You would be using the same bio as many people around the globe. This reduces your chances of getting a match greatly because either women are tired of reading the same bio over and over again or they see no originality with these bios. 

We would suggest you go with a bio that is a little more you and a little less copied. Show your originality and let your personality shine. 

  • Writing an essay

Do not get this wrong, it is very important to write as many important facts about you as you can, but do not overdo this. You need not state everything about you in your bio, just the most crucial aspects about you would do simply because not everyone has the time to read it. 

You need to keep the information short and crisp. You need to retain the reader’s attention while also entertaining her enough to swipe right on you. You need to find the perfect ratio between both and write accordingly. It should neither be too little. 

  • Writing too short of a dating profile bio 

“Whether to write a lot or barely writing” is the thought that might have come to your heads when you read this point and the previous one together and that is okay. We know given with the previous statement, this might be a little confusing. 

Writing too little gives no information about you and leads to a left swipe. Having barely any facts about you in your dating profile bio may lead the girl to think that you have no personality. You need to find the perfect middle ground while writing a dating profile bio.

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Dating App Bio

How should men write a good dating app bio

  • Avoid Cliches

Anything that is overrated makes the person lose interest in your profile. Try not writing cliched lines like, “I am looking for the Pam to my Jim” or even something as simple as “I like dogs.” Try leaving all these out because these are things everyone likes, try thinking of something that can be used as a conversation starter. 

  • Give them a simple conversation starter

This is beneficial to provide as a very last line on a relatively long profile, or as your only line on Tinder or Bumble. If you have a hard time coming up with a good bio, start a good conversation instead. “Would you rather…” is a good template, or “Pick your poison, coffee or tea” is playfully competitive and provides an easy date follow-up.

  • Be specific

State what you are looking for on that specific dating app since it leaves no room for ambiguity. It reassures you and others that they can find what they are looking for based on these similarities. 

  • Use proper grammar 

A lot of the time people find poor grammar or spelling a turn off that leads to an instant left swipe. Try to check your grammar and spellings before updating your bio on a dating app.  If you have struggled with spelling words correctly, let AutoCorrect do the hard work for you. 

Men’s Dating Apps to use: 


Tinder is an online dating tool that enables users to approve or disapprove (confidentially) of other profiles on the same platform based on their photos, a small bio, and common interests. Once two users have “matched” messages can be exchanged.

In 2012, Tinder founded Hatch Labs as a joint venture between IAC and Xtreme Labs, a mobile app development company. By 2014, Tinder had recorded around one billion “swipes” every day. Initially, Tinder made it compulsory to have a Facebook account to use the app, but it started letting users register with a phone number in August 2019. It can be accessed through a smartphone app or a computer web browser. You need a smart device to sign up. Tender runs on a freemium business model.

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Bumble is a locality based social platform that promotes contact between participants. In heterosexual matches, only women have the liberty to make the first communication with matched male users, while in same-sex matches, any person can send a message first.

People will register using their phone number or Facebook profile and have the option to check for romantic matches or, in “BFF mode” version, friends. . Bumble Bizz promotes corporate contact. This is a dating app that she co-founded as a result of growing conflicts with other business executives.


OkCupid features multiple-choice questions for participants to match. Registration is free of charge. It is owned by Match Company, which also owns Tinder, Hinge, Fish and several other famous dating applications and sites.

Although the web and software once embraced various modes of communication, this was reduced to texting. OkCupid was listed on the Top 10 dating websites of Time Magazine 2007. The website was purchased by the subsidiary of IAC in 2011.


Hinge is a dating app created by Justin McLeod in 2012. Hinge bills itself as a ‘relationship app’ and claims to prioritise longer-term relationships between users.  Justin McLeod founded Hinge in 2012 but the mobile app version of Hinge was first created in early 2013 and released in February 2013. 

Now that you have all the necessary information, start or edit your dating app bio on your preferred men’s dating app.