Variations in clothing, hairstyles, body shapes are well-known and people have been actively educating themselves in the respective fields at the same time. But the differences that our face shape carries is the major thing that is generally overlooked and most of the time it is because of this ignorance we end up having a look that does not suit us. 

Many contemporary styles revolve around the notion of face shape yet we tend to ignore it. If we start styling things that ought to be styled in accordance with the face shape, then it will be a game-changer for every man out there. 

Determine Your Face Shape

Most of the celebrity stylists make these actors and actresses look sophisticated in the simplest attires by keeping everything in perfection and aligned with their body and face shapes.

This is a perfect time when you can learn to determine your face shape and carry every hairstyle and fashion statements with glamour, pride and confidence. 

Why do you need to determine face shape? 

We can answer this question as well if it is lingering in your head and bothering you. What do you think of when you purchase a new pair of wayfarers or aviators, or when you have to change your spectacles because the current one seems a little out of fashion now. What do you think of before getting the latest haircut or trimming the beard a new way that you usually do? Or even if you think of sporting a clean shave look, do you think about whether it will suit your face shape or if your face shape will sit well with the style? 

The answer is either a definite no or somewhere between a yes and a no. If you determine face shape, it will become easier and more stylish to pick perfect beard style, hairstyle, goggles or any face accessory of the same kind. It elevates your mood, looks and the overall body physique. You will make the best and ever-lasting first impression on everyone because of the acute perfection and simplicity that no one will ever be able to fathom its origin. 

How to determine your face shape?

Before we move on how to determine your face shape, let us have a brief yet a detailed look at different parts of the face that make the face shape and then figure out what is yours. 

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Firstly, the four key parts that constitute the shape of your face are:

  • The width of cheekbones

To calculate the width of the cheekbones, you need to measure the width of the face from the hairline above the cheekbones to the other end of the face. 

  • The width of the forehead

Measure the distance from the widest point of the forehead from one hairline to the hairline to the other point across the forehead. This gives you the forehead width of your face. 

  • The width of the jawline 

From the base of one jaw under the ears continue the measurement to the jaw on the other side of the face. This will give the width of your jawline. 

  • The overall length of the face

To measure the length of your face, begin from the middle, the centre of your hairline on your forehead till the extreme tip point of the chin. This will give your face length.  

This four will help in figuring out your face shape after you learn how to take measurements. 

After you have measured and noted down the measurements, look for the extremities and where they lie. Here is how:

Look for the widest part (measurement) of the face

  • Round face 

If your cheekbones are the widest ones among the other three parts and are almost equal in length with the face length, then you have a round face. Also, round faces have a round forehead at the line and cheekbones don’t sit prominently on a round face. So, another marker for you to figure if it falls in this category. 

  • Oval shaped face

If the cheekbones outpass all the measurements, then you have an oval-shaped face. The width of the forehead for an oval-shaped face is smaller than those of cheekbones. This shape has a prominent jawline and the overall length of the face is greater than its width.

  • Square or rectangle face 

If the width of your jawline is the longest one than the others, then you probably have a square or a rectangle shape of the face. The length of the jawline and forehead is the same, and the forehead has a straight line. This shape has a comparatively more pronounced jawline. 

  • Diamond face 

The width of the cheekbones is greater than the width of the forehead. Cheekbones and jawline become prominent due to this reason. Also, the overall face length is the same as the width of the face. 

  • Heart shape face

The width of the cheekbones and forehead are the same. The jawline is smaller than the forehead, but more or less pronounced than the cheekbones. Moreover, if each side of the  hairline has somewhat U-shaped or V-shaped projections that give the face the shape of the heart. 

Here comes the styling!

Now that you have an in-hand guide on how to determine your face shape, you can easily figure out what is yours. What hairstyle or beard style suits your face cut or what accessory can make it look more beautiful can be judged by you now. 

The main objective to determine face shape was to do perfect styling and a major styling hack is to avoid pairing accessories that have a shape similar to your face shape. 

Moreover, if you have a face shape in which cheekbones and jawline do not sit prominently or are not pronounced, then you can also put makeup highlighting and contouring on them. People who have oval and round shape faces should put foundation and concealers to make an illusion of a well-pronounced jawline and cheekbones. 

People with rectangular or heart-shaped faces can don skinny clothes, too as it gives them a chiselled and a smooth style. 

Now that you have a guide and styling tips according to your face shape, we hope you tailor your next outfit accordingly!