Agony during sexual intercourse isn’t an issue restricted to women, as numerous men have torment during sex too. Encountering this issue may influence sexual performance as well as can even have enduring mental impacts.  Does Sex Hurt For Men?

Of course, comparing torment with intercourse can put a strain on connections. In any case, men don’t need to endure peacefully if they have torment during sex. Keep reading to find out why does sex hurts  men.

There are a few potential reasons for torment during intercourse. Read the reasons underneath to check whether they depict your ailment or talk about these possible causes with your PCP in case you don’t know what the cause of your torment is. 

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Why does my penis hurt after sex?

  1. Sexually Transmitted Infections 

Torment can emerge as a result of sexually communicated infections or STIs, like herpes or untreated gonorrhea, which can cause pain, penis soreness after sex just as wounds, knocks, or rankles on the penis or anus. If you have the reason to believe that you’ve been presented to an STI, visit your doctor or a facility to get tried. 

While these contaminations convey a disgrace, it is indispensable for your wellbeing and prosperity that you get tried. The sooner you know whether you’re tainted, the sooner you can get treatment and possibly check the impacts of these diseases. 

  1. Deformities of the penis 

Conditions like hypospadias, Peyronie’s sickness, or scar tissue from past injuries or diseases can be a reason for excruciating intercourse. Urinary stones could likewise be a factor. A urologist (on account of stones) or another clinical expert (for different issues) could provide the required relief. 

  1. Sensitive skin

The penis can turn out to be extremely delicate after climax and discharge, which can make proceeded with intercourse painful and cause penis soreness after sex. This may mean you need to restrict how often you have sex with your accomplice on a given day. Indeed, even without intercourse, you can investigate alternate approaches to delight your accomplice or get physically involved with your partner. 

  1. Condom 
does sex hurt for men

Unfavorably susceptible contact dermatitis is an irritated, aggravated skin rash that can happen when skin is presented to an allergen that triggers a response. BMJ Case Reports portrays one such scene including a 30-year-old male who got skin sores on his penis after wearing a delayed discharge condom containing 5% benzocaine, a sedative proposed to delay his sexual experience. 

Even though latex is famous for setting off unfavorably susceptible responses, the man had a background marked by utilizing latex condoms with no issues, and fix testing affirmed that he was hypersensitive to benzocaine. 

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  1. Tight foreskin 

Regularly, the foreskin, which covers the top of the penis in an uncircumcised male, pulls back with an erection. This is one of the most common answers to the question ‘why does sex hurt for men?’. However, when that overlay of skin stalls out or limits at the tip and will not withdraw, it’s called phimosis. 

Phimosis is more normal in infants and little fellows. In grown-up men, it’s frequently because of basic infection or irritation (like balanitis) or a physical issue to the actual foreskin. Steroid cream and delicate extending of the foreskin might be endorsed, or, especially in repeating cases, circumcision. 

A connected condition, called paraphimosis, can happen after an erection when the withdrawn foreskin stalls out behind the tip of the penis and can’t be pulled forward. It can cause perpetual harm whenever left uncertain. Look at this as a health-related crisis. 

  1. Ejaculation pain

A lot of things can cause torment with discharge. Regularly it’s an indication of prostatitis, or aggravation of the prostate, says the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease. 

penis soreness after sex

The prostate organ is important for the male conceptive framework; it secretes a liquid that helps make semen. Regularly, when it becomes inflamed, men have to pee frequently and will have a burning sensation while peeing. 

It doesn’t ordinarily cause torment with sex until the man discharges, and that can be uncomfortable, as clarified by medical experts. There are various kinds of prostatitis with various causes, so treatment will rely upon the consequences of an actual test and clinical testing. 

Less ordinarily, if you are having orgasmic torment (in some cases uneven) and there aren’t different issues going on, you need to consider the possibility of an ejaculatory tract impediment. This is a moderately uncommon condition; it’s generally found in 1-5% of men. 

  1. Skin disorders 

Skin issues like Zoon’s balanitis, erosive lichen planus, lichen sclerosis, and penile malignancy may cause torment during and after intercourse. Anything that disturbs the penis, balls, or crotch can meddle with a man’s sexual magic. 

Up to 66% of men with psoriasis, for instance, grow layered patches on their privates sooner or later in their lives, according to the National Psoriasis Foundation. In men, the rash can appear on the glans, shaft, gonads, pubic region, bottom, perineum (the region between the butt and scrotum), and all the adjoining skin folds. 

Treating psoriasis on the privates can be interesting because the skin here of the body is especially delicate. Men ought to talk about the choices with their doctor. 

  1. Lots of sex 

On the off chance that you are getting more sexual activity than expected, (for example, in a new relationship) or finagling some astounding new situations to keep things fascinating, he may find that his penis throbs after sex. As a general rule, it’s nothing to stress over. 

why does my penis hurt after sex

When to see a doctor?

In case you’re encountering torment during intercourse, you ought to be looked at by a clinical expert. Try not to keep endeavoring intercourse until you have gotten treatment. This is particularly significant if the reason for torment is because of any infection, which you can accidentally spread to your partner. 


So, the answer to the question ‘why does sex hurt for men?’ is rather complicated. While it could be humiliating to carry this issue up with your PCP, have confidence that your PCP is an expert and has found out about a wide range of private issues patients have. On the off chance that you don’t feel comfortable with a specific specialist, attempt to discover a doctor with whom you’ll feel more comfortable examining this delicate information.

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