As much beautiful and suave as any beard looks, as much high maintenance the beard is. Other than just taking care of how it looks and how moisturised the beard hair is, it is very important for the person to even take care of the skin that is underneath that beard. There could be dry skin under beard or even flaky skin under beard,

We are sure there are lots of people who think that taking care of the skin under the beard is pointless as it is always hidden. It is true that all of the skin under the beard is hidden from the view of any person, even to the person who’s beard it is, but this does not mean that you have to ignore its health. This is because a dry and flaky skin under the beard will lead dandruff in your beard, and that will be visible!

What causes dry skin?

The dryness of the skin under the beard has the same causes as dryness of the skin anywhere else in your face. The causes can be internal or external. Internal reasons for dry skin under the beard could have to do with your genetics or your eating habits. And external reasons could be your soap or air pollution. 

When you have dandruff, which is seen as a dry skin condition, that is due to a type of fungus. The fungus Malassezia globosa grows on sebum, the oil produced by sebaceous glands under the skin including in the face and the scalp. The actions by these microbes release oleic acid which causes irritation in the skin, causing dandruff or the excess shedding of the skin, making it look dry.

One more reason for flaky skin is the fastening of the process of regeneration of skin cells. Sometimes, the skin underneath the topmost layers might grow faster than the top layers naturally fall. This leads to accumulation of dead skin cells, making the skin look dry and flaky. 

The climate of the region you live in also plays a big role in the way your skin performs. Skin tends to get drier and flakier in winters when the temperatures begin to dip. The skin also tends to dry out in dry climates. 

How to deal with dry skin under beard?

Dry Skin Under Beard

1. Stop the cause 

Well, it might not always be easy to know the cause of your dry skin, and even if you know what causes it, it might not be possible to eliminate it completely. But we recommend that you try your best.

For example, if you think that a soap or particular facial product has caused the dryness to the skin under your beard, stop using it for a week or two and see if you see what the results are. This can help you check the cause for yourself. Another example would be if you think that the smoke from the traffic is the cause, try covering your face, particularly the beard; and see what that results in.

2. Wash carefully 

Cleaning and keeping the beard clean is the very basic of beard care. Build up of natural oils, dead skin accumulations and the pollutants from when you go outside, all can adversely affect the condition of your skin. And since the beard is such an easy target or rather a resting place for whatever comes across your face, it tends to house a lot of unwanted dirt. 

Make sure you use special beard shampoos to clean the area. This is because if you use any body soap or a shampoo meant for your head, you are compromising on the gentleness the facial hair and skin require. Similar to how facial skin tends to be more sensitive than the skin on other parts of the body, the facial hair and its “scalp” is more sensitive and requires more care and gentleness. It is possible that the soap or shampoo you are currently using is too harsh and is what is causing the dry and flaky skin under the beard. These non-specialised products end up soaking out the natural oils from the beard and the skin underneath. 

3. Exfoliate gently

Gently scrubbing the dry skin of the skin can instantly make it less dry and flaky, and also makes a moisturiser more effective when it is put over exfoliated skin. Brush off any leftover flakes off your beard with the help of a beard brush. Maintaining your beard will usually make it easier to clean it and also clean the flaky skin under beard. However, when brushing your beard, do it gently. Tugging and pulling can worsen the beard hair and its skin. 

Remember gentleness is the key! If you start scrubbing too hard, you are going to end up hurting your skin, rather than help it revitalise.

4. Moisturize beard!

Often ignored by most people, and especially by men who do not necessarily think of maintaining their skin in a good condition for a long time, moisturising is very important! After each wash and before going to sleep, make sure you moisturize beard and the skin under it. Applying essential oils or a good moisturiser retains the moisture in your skin and some even aid in putting in more moisture in your skin. Applying beard oil on the other hand will keep your beard hair from getting dry and will make them lush and healthy-looking.

If the above tips don’t work out, go see a dermatologist. It could be possible that the reason for the dry skin is something more than what can be cured by these simple habits. The dermatologist can fix you up with medication that can treat the issue faster and essentially, more effectively. 

If you won’t want to spend money on the dermatologist, we would like to ask you, have you considered going for a clean shave? It will probably make it easier for you to care for your skin. There are some other reasons too to why you should consider a clean shave look