Blonde hair color for men has been considered to be the color with maximum risks attached to it. If I dye hair blonde will it suit my skin color? How would I look if I dye my hair blonde? Would a switch from black to blonde be appreciated? Well, let us tell you it’s all in your head.

Really want to go for the blonde look? Be bold enough to give it a try. Hair dyeing, for ages, has been considered to be a fashion statement, and rightly so. Famous stars like Zayn Malik, Ryan Gosling, and many more have switched to blonde hair and completely blown off the audience with their dapper look. So, why not give it a try?

So, if you decide to go for the blonde hair color, here we have a little guide for you ranging from blonde hairstyles to some do’s and don’ts that you would want to have a look at before making your decisions meet reality. Have a look!

Should you dye your hair blonde?

While all of us have witnessed a huge number of celebrities walking the red carpet in dyed blonde hair and absolutely rocking it, men are still confused whether blonde would be the right fit for them. Here we have a list of a few things that would definitely help you decide if you should go for dyeing your hair blonde or not.

1.It might be a little time-taking:

Firstly, the entire process of to dye hair blonde has many steps and precautions, and moreover, it is a little long. If your hair color is dark, you’d be required to get them dyed to a lighter shade first, starting from the ends to the roots. After that, one or more toners need to be applied to lighten the shade further. Hence, the entire process might take up to 4-5 hours.


If you decide to dye hair blonde or after you’ve dyed your hair blonde, you might be required to take a little extra of your hair than you used to. Experts advise replacing your normal conditioner with an intense masque, and your regular shampoo with a protein-based shampoo. 

3.Root touch-up:

As already told, the tiny dark roots are actually considered an incredible fashion statement. However, if you want to keep your hair completely blonde all the time, you would be required to touch-up the roots of your hair, after around every 6 weeks. 

Also, if you delay it and your hair turns around half blonde, the entire dyeing process will become different and you might be required to spend a lot of time on this.

Therefore, the best alternative is to keep your roots touched up every 6 weeks or so, and do that blonde look right.

Hairdresser doing hair violet colored toning for young boy.

dye hair blonde

Blonde Hairstyles for men

1.Blonde man bun:

Try to rock your blonde hair by going all bold and stylish with the ‘Viking’ style. Growing your blonde hair long and styling it into a bun can never go wrong, be the color of your hair be rugged, dark blonde, or platinum blonde, or any shade of blonde for that matter.

You can also pair this hairstyle with an awesome beard, and be ready to attract the charm from all four corners.

2.Blonde Pompadour:

Go for the sleek pompadour this season to get the cool, yet formal look you’ve always strived to achieve. Pompadour on your blonde hair will help you get a cool, polished look, perfect for all environments and settings.

3.Blonde undercut:

As famous as an undercut is in the present days, it suits perfectly well on blonde hair. Also, it suits all hair types, curly, straight, wavy, every type. We would suggest you go for an undercut on your blonde hair color if you want to keep it subtle yet stylish.

4.Blonde highlights:

If you do not want to dye hair blonde completely, highlights can be a good option for you. And, what’s a better color for highlights than blonde? Acting as one of the most effective ways to add a change to your hair (and hence, to your overall appearance), highlights give you a light, youthful look.

5.Blonde with dark roots:

The look that comes after your blonde-haired color starts growing a little and the tips of your hair grow back in their naturally dark color, is actually a pretty popular hair dye trend these days. Those dark roots give you that cool look that you’ve always watched in the movies. 

But also, if the portion of the blonde starts growing, like when it reaches a half-blonde, it’s time to get your hair dyed.

How to dye your hair blonde at home?

While visiting a professional for hair dyeing is always a good option to avoid any sort of mistakes and make a blunder of your hair, hair dyeing is something that can be done well at home too. We would suggest going to a professional if your option of color is more intense, like platinum blonde or a permanent dye. However, if you’re just in it for a light color or some highlights, here are a few tips you might be needing.

  • Opting for a temporary or a semi-permanent dye before diving straight into the permanent blonde look, is certainly a good idea. So, look out for what exactly you want.
  • Figure out the best blonde color according to your skin tone or your dressing style. If you prefer formal clothes and attend many formal events, the best is you choose another colour or a lighter one of the blonde.  
  • If you want to go for platinum blonde, always visit a professional first.
  • If you have a fair skin tone, platinum blonde or ash blonde can be your perfect options, since they’ll compliment your skin color really well.
  • For a medium skin tone, platinum blonde or a simple blonde with darker roots can be good alternatives.
  • For dark skin, golden/copper blonde is without a doubt, the perfect blonde for you.

We hope this helps you with all the confusion you have ever had about going blonde. So, men, what’s the wait for? Go bold. Go blonde.