A woman’s clitoris is a great focal point for pleasure which should not be neglected whenever you indulge in sexual intercourse. Oral sex is also a part of sex which includes licking, sucking, or going down on someone.

However, there are some tricks and techniques to master this art of licking. Once you master it, you and your partner will achieve the perfect climax and have the best time of your lives. Below-mentioned are some of the steps that you need to follow on pussy eating.

How to eat a girl out?

Eat A Girl Out
Step 1: Go south of border

To master the art of pussy eating, you need to know that you do not have to reach the destination directly in the first place. You have to build your partner’s anticipation with small kisses on her neck and then gently gliding down to her pelvic region.

Tip: You can make eye contact while doing this. But to do so, you need to know whether the other person is fine by this or not. Otherwise, it will be extremely creepy for your partner.

Once you have reached the destination, you might still want to practice self-control and build more anticipation in your partner. First, you can gently kiss her inner thighs and rub her legs up and down.

Step 2: Find the destination

The final destination where you can land your passionate kisses is the woman’s clitoris. Once you have built the required anticipation in your partner, you can make the final move. 

Whatever you do, be it licking or just gently rubbing it, you will realize that a woman’s clitoris is extremely sensitive. This is because it has more nerve endings than a penis. It helps in getting perfect orgasms.

By kissing a woman’s vagina or licking her bean-like clitoris, you can provide the maximum pleasure to your bae that she couldn’t have even imagined in her mind.

Step 3: Start licking

Remember the part when you didn’t hit the bullseye and started with kissing her neck first to reach the destination? Yeah, you are going to do the same in this step. Although you have reached the final destination, you are not quite there yet.

You need to start licking the area around her clitoris to build anticipation until she is moaning and wanting more. So, lick the entire region around the clitoris, while remaining focused on the bean at the same time.

Now, when you know it is a perfect time, you hit the bullseye. You can start licking her clitoris and play with the shape of your tongue. You can keep it pointy or flat; it is all up to you and what your partner wants. Just try different things and you and your partner will eventually come around the things you like and prefer in bed.  

This is one way of indulging in oral sex; coming right at it by putting your face in between your partner’s thighs. There’s another way as well. It is called Kivin method, which is considered to be one of the most unique and brave ways of doing it which manifest quick and effective results.

Instead of following the conventional method of oral sex, Kivin method requires you to lick your partner’s clitoris from the side up and down.

Step 4: Communicate

Sexual intercourse has a high probability to go bland if you guys do not indulge in dirty talk. Oral sex provides the best gateway to begin your communication. While you are licking your girl out, you can just ask her if she likes it.

how to eat a girl out

Every woman has her preferences and ways of doing things. Ask it genuinely, so you might get some feedback that will help you to master this act. If she says yes, you might start your dirty talk but if she says otherwise, you might try other ways such as putting more pressure here or less pressure there. 

You might also increase or decrease the rate; some women like it slow whereas some women like it hard and fast.

Step 5: Think about others

While you are caressing her clitoris with your tongue and your fingers, you do not want other parts of the body to feel the FOMO! To avoid that, you need to rub her thighs, grab her hips and play with her breasts to sexually stimulate her more than ever.

While you are gently massaging her other body parts, you can use your finger and gently insert it into her vagina. However, before you do this, it is better to ask if she feels okay about this. Then with her consent, you can move your finger in and out and if fortune and luck are in your favor, you might hit the G-spot!

You can even increase or decrease the speed with which you are moving your finger in her vagina.   

Step 6: Keep on shifting
pussy eating

You can continue shifting and switching your attention from the vagina to her clitoris. The best way to let your partner experience maximum pleasure is by following the concept of hot and cold. If your finger is rubbing her clitoris, you might want to shift your attention to the vagina. In doing so, her anticipation will build and when you return to her clitoris, you will certainly hear the big O!

Step 7:  Bring some sex toys in

If you want or if you feel the need for it, you can certainly bring some sex toys which can escalate the sexual stimulation. However, you need to ask your partner’s consent whenever you want to do anything new in bed. 

They might or might not be comfortable with everything. So, it is always better to ask them whether they are ok and then proceed. You can use a wand vibrator or a clit vibrator during oral sex.  

Step 8: Continue doing what you are doing

More often than not, many men stop to eat a girl out when he knows that she will get an orgasm, which is a wrong move. Even though she is shouting at the top of her lungs, you need to keep on doing what you are doing and let her experience the orgasm she is having.

There are also chances that she might not feel an orgasm. Now, that can be disheartening too, but you have to continue with what you are doing and ask whether she felt the pleasure and enjoyed it.