If you are into reading erotic novels, then you should know that there is nothing to be ashamed about it. There is a whole universe of best erotic romance novels that can be your guilty pleasure whenever you want it to be. Books like Fifty Shades Of Grey are often adapted into movies and some have also been nominated for Golden Globes. 

Erotic novels have the best billionaire bosses, brave police officers with ribbed bodies, and professors that teach more than just science or geography. If you are new to this genre, here are the top 9 seductive erotica books to get you started.

9 Seductive erotic novels that can turn you on

1.The Rachel Papers By Martin Amis

Beginning with the comedy about late adolescence, things tend to simmer when Charles Highway finally wins Rachel over after a while. When that happens, the narrative becomes hotter and sexier. They did not just make love and sleep, but it was a prose by prose explanation of what Highway does to Rachel which makes it all the more endearing and hot for the readers.

2. A Kingdom Of Dreams By Judith McNaught

Set in the year 1497, Scottish Jennifer Merrick finally agrees to marry a man senior to her, to please her father. However, things become quite topsy-turvy when an Englishman Lord Royce Westmoreland, also known as the Black Wolf takes Jennifer and her step-sister Brenna as hostages. Somehow, they are drawn closer to each other than sundering apart.

3. The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

Stella Lane is trying her best to learn certain physical things in life to get a good husband that her parents expect her to have. So, she decides to hire an escort by the name of Michael Phan, who is a Vietnamese and Swedish sex god of a plethora of things. You might have probably guessed the steaminess and intimacy that the book will entail. You might want to switch on your AC if you are reading this book because things are going to get hot.

4. Endless Love By Scott Spencer

‘Endless Love’ is not a melodramatic love story between two people which ends in steamy sex. No, that is not it at all. Instead, this novel revolves around love which knows no boundaries and which is the danger of all. It expounds on the story of two young lovers who have sex with each other which is so powerful, intense and so hot that is practically driven by grief and even a bit of menstrual blood.

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5. The Unbearable Lightness Of Being by Milan Kundera

‘The Unbearable Lightness Of Being’ revolves around four perfectly flawed lovers in the Prague Spring. From hot sex, intimacy to adultery Milan Kundera’s book explains the fringes of reality and romance in this world.

The intimacy of the characters gives you an insight into the usage of physical senses when it comes to sex and how to stimulate them. From experiencing an orgasm with a stranger to knowing the mechanisms of a sewage system, this bok everything under the sun whc=ich pleases your senses.

6. House Of Holes by Nicholson Baker

The HouseOf Holes is a landscape designed by a genius to fulfill all your indulgences. The rules of this house are very few and for them, the customer is always right. In this house, you can have sex with anything under the sun, be it other humans, fruits, screwdrivers, or a pornmonster who has a hundred penises.

The best part about this book which you probably wouldn’t realize while reading it is that almost all figures are metaphorical for human genitalia. Even the title of the book ‘House Of Holes’ is metaphorical. This book also explains the fact that sex shouldn’t always have to be sexy or steamy. It can also be fun sometimes.

7. ‘Lust’ By Susan Minot

‘Lust’ by Susan Minot is a short story set in the year 1984. It is a coming-of-age story about a boarding school coed. It describes the stories of young boys and young girls whose bodies are filled with hormones and how they spend most of their time making out in empty swimming pools, on couches, at parties, in cars, etc.

Susan Minot’s short story compels you to feel nostalgic of the time when you were young. If you are young, then probably you might get some pointers on how to deal with people of your age. It also helps in deconstructing the concept of ‘young love’ which is extremely controversial and is highly debated.

8. Sabbath’s Theater by Philip Roth

Sabbath’s Theatre by Philip Roth begins with a sixty-year-old puppeteer, Mickey Sabbath who loses his Yugoslav lover, Dreenka Balich. Drenka Balich dies of a pulmonary embolism. The book is a medium for Philip to express his frustration at life, death, death-in-life, and Sabbath getting fired from his job as a teacher from the college. The reason being the phone sex that Sabbath had with an undergrad, which was transcripted for twenty-one long pages.

9. What Belongs To You by Garth Greenwell

The novel ‘What Belongs To You’, explains the narrator’s early sexual encounter. When the narrator was young, he was compelled to watch the boy he loved, love, and make out with a girlfriend. At that point, the narrator felt a concoction of feelings ranging from arousal to hurt. The narrator mentions, ‘the combination of exclusion and desire I felt in his room, beneath the pain of exclusion the satisfaction of desire.’

Years later the narrator finds himself at the same crossroads, feeling the same combination of emotions, the exclusion, and desire for Mitko. In the end, one can only conclude ‘how helpless desire is outside its little theatre of heat.’

These are some of the amazing, romantic erotic novels that should get you going in this genre especially if you are a beginner.