Exfoliation is one of the most important processes to get healthy, glowing and impeccable sin, provided you’re doing it right. One step wrong, and you might regret why you begin the process altogether. 

For men, especially, this process is a bit intricate when they have a beard and are supposed to shave. So, how will you exfoliate your face and shave it at the same time? Well, lucky for you, this article deals with face exfoliation and everything related to it. So, scroll down to know more. 

Face exfoliation 101

Photo credits: Healthline

Exfoliation is the process in which the accumulated dead skin cells, oils, dirt, pollutants can be swept away with the help of exfoliators. It is necessary to include this step in your skincare routine as it can brighten up your glow and rejuvenate your skin cells to make you look younger. 

Exfoliation helps in getting rid of the blackheads, reduces the growth of ingrown hairs, brightens up your skin tone, reduces the size of your pores and ameliorates the texture of your skin. Exfoliating your skin accelerates the penetration of moisture, making your skin hydrated 24/7.

What happens when you don’t exfoliate your face?

When you fail to exfoliate your skin, you are literally giving a gate pass for ingrown hairs and blackheads to grow. This can make your skin appear dull and dry. Therefore, exfoliation is 

a necessary step to demarcate all the dead skin cells from your face and improve the texture of your skin. 

It is all the more important for men with a beard to exfoliate their skin as it can keep the beardruff, the beard dandruff as they say, at bay. It also helps in keeping your hair follicles healthy and clean, which thereby ensure the healthy growth of your beard. 

Which face exfoliation products do you need to use?

If you don’t want to use the traditional facial scrubs which are too grainy and do your sensitive skin more harm than good, you can expand your horizons and try other face exfoliation products. There are basically two types of exfoliants, physical and chemical exfoliants that you can use. 

Physical exfoliants contain the usual facial scrubs, sponges, facial brushes and electronic exfoliation devices. If you want, you can also use a washcloth for exfoliation. When it comes to exfoliating scrubs, sometimes it so happens that the exfoliating beads in the scrub often cause micro-tears in the epidermal layer of your skin which makes your skin more prone to irritation. 

Be that as it may, if you want to eradicate those stubborn blackheads from your nose, make sure that you choose a cream or an oil-based facial scrub which will be beneficial if you have sensitive skin. 

In comparison to facial scrubs, facial brushes, sponges, washcloths and electronic exfoliating devices are preferable and effective. However, they significantly increase the risk of spreading bacteria unless they are diligently kept clean, which is sometimes impossible. 

Chemical exfoliants involve a professional chemical peel where you have to apply the lotion or a peel on your face and after a prescribed amount of time, peel it off. There are also certain natural substances such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids which are included as a part of chemical exfoliants. You’ll find them in your daily face washes or exfoliating creams. 

Out of the lot, chemical exfoliants that contain Glycolic Acid or Lactic acid are the best exfoliating agents for your face. These exfoliants contain Alpha Hydroxy acids which act as antioxidants and repair your damaged skin cells and eradicate the dead ones. These are normally found in all facial scrubs, so you can gently wash your face with them. 

A professional chemical peel is also a good option undoubtedly but it can sometimes prove to be extremely harsh for your skin. Make sure you consult a dermatologist before using a chemical peel because it can cause you more harm than good. 

In addition, once you use a professional peel on your face, it is required to be careful in the sun afterwards. It can increase the risk of acquiring sun spots and sun damage after that. 

Before washing away, you can leave it on your skin for an extra 2-3 minutes to accelerate its exfoliating process. 

How often should you exfoliate your face at home?

Daily face exfoliation is not advisable. You exfoliate your face depending on the quality. sensitivity and texture of your skin. However, there are certain general rules that you can keep in mind concerning the type of exfoliant you are using. 

If it’s a facial scrub or a facial brush, make sure that you use it only one to three times per week and less if you have sensitive skin. If you are into an exfoliating lotion, make sure that you apply it to your skin almost every night. However, if you have sensitive skin, you can apply for only two to three times a week. A mild exfoliating face wash should be applied on your skin at least twice a day for almost all skin types. 

Which is the best time to exfoliate your face?

Deciding the time for exfoliating your face is dependent on the type of exfoliant you’re using. If you are using an exfoliating face wash, you can freely use it in the morning as well as in the evening without worrying about your skin. 

However, if you’re using a facial scrub, then it is advisable to exfoliate your face with it at night only. Exfoliating your face with a facial scrub in the morning can make your skin more prone to dirt and pollutants, making it unusually red during the day. 

These are some of the exfoliating tips you need to keep in mind while exfoliating your face. Although it might seem too much for you to consider at the moment, once you get in the groove, you will eventually start enjoying this process over time.