Orgasm and ejaculation are two different processes, which can be ensured through a solo act or with a sexual partner. They occur subsequently or back-to-back. However, in certain cases, you can have and not the other.

Have you ever reached your climax but never experienced ejaculation? If yes, then your sperms had practically decided to take a detour and changed their destination impromptu. We are not even kidding! This process is known as injaculation.

Injaculation is also known by its medical name, retrograde ejaculation. In this process, the semen produced does not come off your penis, but goes back into the urinary bladder and comes out when you urinate.

Moreover, the lack of ejaculation, that is, the process in which semen is not at all produced is often synonymous to injaculation. This is believed to be so, as in both the processes, the absence of white stuff ejaculating from your penis is apparent.

How does injaculation happen?

During the process of orgasm in men, matured sperms which are present in the epididymis are transported to a tube, called vas deferens. Through this tube, sperms are then taken to the prostate where they are mixed with semen.


This mixture of semen with the sperms happens during the process of orgasm. In normal condition, when you reach your climax, the semen passes through your urethra and out of the penis, which is called ejaculation.

However, in retrograde ejaculation or injaculation, semen retention takes place, where the muscles at the opening of your bladder, bladder neck muscles, tighten which prevent ejaculation. And when that happens, your semen is retained and reaches to the bladder.    

What happens after that?

Now that we are clear regarding the injaculation meaning, let’s understand what happens after that. Injaculation does not really affect your ability to get an erection and have an orgasm. But instead of experiencing the white sticky stuff coming out of your penis, you’ll go through a dry orgasm.  

Other symptoms apart from semen retention include:

  • As the semen reaches to your urinary bladder, it will come out of your body along with urine. Therefore, when you urinate, you will see cloudy or white stuff mixed with your urine.
  • If this is caused involuntarily, through some medical problem, then you will not be able to get a woman pregnant. In order to get a woman pregnant, you need semen which contains sperms. But with no semen secreted out of your penis, you will not be able to fertilize the egg.  

Is Injaculation Good for You?

As novel and unfamiliar it sounds, it lacks sufficient research to prove whether it is good or bad for you. However, there are a plethora of practitioners of injaculation who favor semen retention more than the conventional ejaculation process.

Many believe that as semen abounds with nourishing qualities, during injaculation body stores semen which results in higher levels of strength, enthusiasm, creativity and lucidity while thinking if it is done voluntarily. However, the results have not been unanimous and the claims have been solely self-reported.   

More often than not, after experiencing a good orgasm, your body is drained out and half of your energy has been sucked. Therefore, you feel tired, exhausted and the only thing you can think of doing after your orgasm is sleep. This is not possible every time. So, injaculation can help you cure your ejaculation hangover.   

If you injaculate, you get a win-win situation, wherein you can experience as many orgasms as you want, without feeling tired or letting fatigue take over you.

Now that we know the benefits injaculating voluntarily, let’s understand how-to part:

1. Press that button:

This is the manual method of injaculating which is extremely common.  In this method, you can have as many orgasms as you want, but when you reach the climax make sure you hold a spot which doesn’t let the white stuff escape.

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This spot is called ‘perineum’, which upon pressing, does not let the semen escape through the penis. It is located between the anus and your testicles. It is in the form of a small hump between these two things, easy to find and press.

When you are having an orgasm, the perineum will start to bulge. So, it will be easier for you to spot and press. Just take your index and middle fingers and press on your perineum. You may not be able to find the spot at first, but if you keep on practising you will eventually get the knack of it.

You might also feel a bit uncomfortable at first, that’s okay. However, if you feel pain, then you are not doing it right. So, make sure whenever you do it, you should not feel any pain and continue practising. You will soon get there.

2. Concentrate:

 This is one of the Taoist techniques, which would require you to focus, concentrate and be aware during the sexual act. However, in order to master this technique, first, try during your solo act, that is whenever you are masturbating, and then when you have got the hang of it, practice it with your sexual partner.

In this method, you have to become aware when you are about to explode during an orgasm. During your climax, stop and focus on your breathing pattern. When you focus on your breathing process, your penis will be less erect.

You might also need to control your penis muscles for semen retention as you control your pee. Eventually, with a bit of exercise, you will achieve miniature injaculations and slowly, in no time, you have mastered the art.

In order to get in the groove for this one, you can also imagine a wave of energy ascending your body, to the top of your head, as you experience an orgasm.

This method is a boon for your girl, especially when you are experiencing premature ejaculation. You can prolong your orgasms and even easily triple the amount of time you last, which of course, depends upon your stamina. 

And don’t worry, using this method would not affect your sexual drive. It will remain intact and you can practice this as much as you want.