Thanks to the pandemic, “work from home” is a trend that is going to last longer than anticipated. Remote culture is a great way of streamlining operations. It is convenient, flexible, and provides incredible work-life balance for employees. 

However, one of the major problems every employee faces in remote work is staying productive. While working from home, several things can hinder productivity. Besides, lack of organization can make it difficult for employees to stay focused and reach their targets. 

If you are one of them, don’t worry we have got you covered! Here is a list of office supplies that give extreme productivity boost results! These office supplies are a great investment and can make your work effortless. 

10 Office essentials for extreme productivity boost results

1.Day planners

If you have been taking notes on the 30-day productivity boost, you already know how essential day planners are. The takeaway here is simple. If you want to be productive at your job, you need to have a planner. 

Working from home isn’t as easy as others may think. Every industry is deadline-driven, and employees have to keep a tab on several targets at once. Trying to remember everything by yourself is a hassle, and missing out on deadlines isn’t something you can afford to do. 

By having an effective day planner, you will be able to keep track of all your meetings, deadlines, make to-do lists, etc. Yes, to-do lists and planner apps are helpful too. But, nothing beats the satisfaction of physically having them written down in one place. 

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2. Computer stand

Also known as a monitor stand, a computer stand is great for an online productivity boost. These stands come with a placeholder that elevates your laptop screen. You can adjust the monitor stand to your preferred comfort level. 

Sitting on a desk all day can ruin your posture and give you back problems. Investing in a computer stand is not only great for enhancing productivity, but it will also make work more comfortable. 

Some of these monitors stands also come with additional storage space that will help you manage your desk clutter. 

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3. Noise-isolating earphones

As we mentioned, one of the things that hinder productivity is background noise. It can be difficult to focus on your tasks with so much happening in the background. Luckily, investing in these noise-isolating earphones will give your work improved quality due to a productivity boost. 

Noise-cancelling or noise-isolating earphones drown all the chatter that is happening in the back and allow you a head-start on your work. Research shows that listening to your favorite music while working increases productivity and improves performance. Besides, these earphones are great for meetings and Zoom calls too!

4. Desk organizer

Your workspace is a reflection of your mind. It is hard to focus on work when your desk is cluttered. A desk organizer can make your work-life easier by making sure everything you need is accessible. On a busy day, it comes as a sweet surprise to have everything you need to be organized in their designated compartments. 

If your table is on the smaller end, a desk organizer can particularly be of use. No one gets their work done when the desk is a mess!

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5. Sticky notes

Sticky notes are a life-saver! One way to get a significant productivity boost is to know you are getting things done. Sticky notes help your track your progress and keep you updated on things you might miss. 

Make a note of things you don’t want to miss and stick them on the wall in front of you. This way you can stay focused on your tasks for the day. Additionally, checking off tasks that you have completed gives you a satisfying feeling! This can be a great mood booster. 

Another extra tip is to color-code your sticky notes or use different colored ones to mark tasks based on importance. 

6. Plants or succulents

Desk plants and succulents are more than desk accessories. They are a must-have. Staring at a laptop screen all day can be tiring for the eyes. It is nice to focus your attention elsewhere once in a while. 

Succulents provide a healthy distraction for your eyes and emanate positive vibes. Overall they can create a zen environment for you to work in. 

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7. Foot hammock

Sitting at a desk all day can mess up someone’s posture. A foot hammock is for those who would like to kick their feet up and lean back for a slightly more relaxed and comfortable posture. 

Foot hammocks work in multiple positions and can be adjusted according to your comfort level. 

8. Desk vaccum

Working from home means eating lunch at your desk. Over time, your desk can become a mess by collecting crumbs and other dust particles. It is not convenient to wipe down your desk every day or after every meal. Instead, a mini desk vacuum can be of use. 

These desk vacuums are slightly larger than a computer mouse and run on AA batteries. Besides, it’s so cute that it can double up as a desk accessory! Trust us on this one, this is hands-down one of the best office essentials for an online productivity boost! 

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9. Wireless charging stand 

With your hectic schedules, most of us forget to charge our phones. A wireless charging stand can come in handy in this case. Plus, it lets you quickly glance at your notifications and reply to the important ones. 

Most of these wireless charging stands are compatible with all the mobile brands, they even support Qi-enabled devices. This is definitely one of the best purchases for extreme productivity boost results. 

10. Stationery set

Last but not least, every office employee should invest in good-quality notebooks and pens. A basic stationery set will keep you covered for a few months. It can make taking notes easy during client meetings, Zoom calls, keep track of your progress, make to-do lists, etc. 

A useful notebook can set the right tone for a meeting and give extreme productivity boost results. 

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