Brad Pitt’s classic, incredible body blew away the audience back when Fight Club hit the big screens in 1999. Fight movies are actually quite common, and a lot of good fight movies have been made over the years. But, we would be lying if we tell you that anybody has played the role of a fighter better than Brad Pitt in Fight Club Workout Routine.

His physique is the one thing you just can’t criticize about the movie. It’s been two decades since the movie was released, and here we are talking about Brad Pitt’s body in 2020. You can understand the level of madness and euphoria that must have been in the minds of people during that time. 

Not only Fight Club, but Pitt’s physique and abs have been the centre of attraction in other movies as well, like Snatch and Once Upon a time in Hollywood. His lean muscle has attracted people all over the world and enhanced his role as a fighter.

Brad Pitt fight club workout

If you have seen Brad Pitt in Fight Club, you must have understood that he would have followed a dedicated workout to achieve such abs and perfect physique. A perfect diet and workout, when combined, will help you in getting the desired results and achieving the perfect and beautiful Brad Pitt’s ‘Fight Club’ look. Lifting lower weights paired with higher reps, combined with targeting specific muscle groups, is going to help you. 

Although the entire workout plan might not seem very brutal (and rightly so), the greater number of reps and the consistency might make it a little difficult to handle. 

Here is a day-to-day detailed list of the exercises and workouts you need to practice:

Monday (Chest day):

  • Three sets of push-ups (each set containing 25 reps)
  • Three sets of bench press (15 reps at approx 200 lbs)
  • Three sets of nautilus press (15 reps at approx 100 lbs)
  • Incline press (three sets, 15 reps at approx 100 lbs)

Tuesday (Back day):

  • Pull-ups (three sets, with each set comprising around 25 pull-ups)
  • Seated rows (three sets at around 80 lbs)
  • Lat pulldowns (three sets at approx 150 lbs)
  • T-bar rows (three sets at approx 80-100 lbs)

Wednesday (Shoulder day):

  • Laterals (three sets at 30 lbs)
  • Arnold press (three sets, 50 lbs approx)
  • Front raises (three sets, 25 lbs approx)

Thursday (Biceps and Triceps day):

  • Preacher curls (three sets at approx 80 lbs, with slight variations)
  • Hammer curls (three sets at 40-50 lbs)
  • Pushdowns (three sets at 80-90 lbs approx)
  • EZ curls cable (three sets at approx 60 lbs)

Friday and Saturday (cardio):

  • Treadmill for approx one hour

Sunday (Rest day)

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According to reports, Pitt’s weight was around 70 kgs and he had a body percentage of only 6 per cent when he acted in Fight Club. Such a low percentage of body fat is actually quite commendable and unbelievable, and those of you who hit the gym and are into fitness would know it well. Believe us, when we say unbelievable, we are not exaggerating even a bit, because the average body fat for a normal fit person is 12%. 

The Brad Pitt Fight Club Diet

If you are working to achieve the Brad Pitt Fight Club look, you must know that workout doesn’t help if done in isolation. Combining the workout with an essential, required diet is highly important, and we would tell you all about it. Pitt basically ate a lot of meals in the entire day to keep himself energetic and ate a lot of chicken, fish, green vegetables, etc. 

Here is a detailed account of Brad Pitt’s fight club workout – diet plan, according to reports:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with raisins, eggs (six whites and seven yolks)
  • Snack: tinned tuna in whole wheat pita bread
  • Lunch: two chicken breasts, brown rice or pasta, along with some green vegetables
  • Pre-workout snack (mid-afternoon): a protein bar or a protein shake, along with a banana
  • Post-workout: protein shake and a banana
  • Evening snack: protein shake or low-fat cottage cheese (slow-release protein)
  • Dinner: chicken or fish, brown rice or some pasta, along with green veggies and salad

This diet was less than 2000 calories each day, contains an adequate amount of proteins for building muscles and enough carbs to get you going with the intense workouts. The exact amount of calories would depend on the brand of the protein powder you take or the servings of the rice you eat, etc.

One thing that you must know is that alcohol is the worst thing you can consume if you are building your abs. Beer is the worst for you, and if you’re reading this, trying to achieve the Pitt’s Fight Club look, know that this is one thing that you have to refrain yourself from. 

Another thing to know is that sprinting is great for your abs. If you are working out the right way, moving your arms right, sprinting with the right form, it is better for building your abs. it is all about the intensity, eventually. 

You should also aim at achieving consistency and strictness in your work out and in the diet too. To get a body like Brad Pitt’s with almost negligible fat, it is extremely compulsory you follow the routine more sincerely to achieve the results faster and efficiently. 

Maintaining such a clean diet and an intense workout with all the rules and regulations definitely sounds like a very arduous task, and rightly so. However, it’s the movie that has taught us that where there is a will, there is a way. Therefore, in order to achieve something, you will have to let go of something, which is your fatty diet and relaxed lifestyle in this case.

Remember that a combined and meticulous following of both, the workout plan as well as the diet plan is what is going to give you the desirable results, and you just cannot afford to miss out on any of the two! Difficult things require extra dedication and hard work, so be ready to push your body to the extremest limits, and remember Brad Pitt doesn’t quit, and neither should you.

So, this was all about Brad Pitt’s fight club workout routine! Hope you had a wonderful read!