Who said friendship couldn’t be toxic? Well, whoever did, certainly lucked out on the friendship quota. A friendship is a two-way thing and just like any relationship, it can be toxic. 

We all need friends in our life. They’re the ones that help us get through tough times, motivate us, or push us to do better, celebrate our victories, and just stand by us during highs and lows. But, not all friends are equal. And, not all friends are good influences. 

It’s important to keep your inner circle in check. While playful insults and jokes are a part of every friend group, you should know when it crosses the line. There is a thin line between a harmless joke and a sign that your friend doesn’t respect you. 

Toxic Friendships

It’s difficult to understand and navigate toxic friendships. Fake friends hide under the facade of a real friend and make it difficult for you to understand what’s happening. Therefore, it’s best to look out for signs. A toxic friendship can look like a real friendship, but as days pass, it can be really draining for your mental health. 

Over time, your friend might try to manipulate you into doing things you don’t want to, or try to control you. That is when you should know that it’s time to step back. Toxic and controlling friends can trick you into believing that they’re here to support you. But more than often, that is not the case. 

As unfortunate as it sounds, there is a huge possibility that you’ve ignored the signs your friend doesn’t respect you. Respect is crucial in every relationship, be it a romantic one or simply a platonic one like a friendship. 

On that note, here are 8 signs your friend doesn’t respect you. 

Signs your friend doesn’t respect you

 Friends Doesn’t Respect You

1.Your friend is controlling and demanding. 

As we said, a controlling friend is manipulative and demanding. They can trick you into doing things you don’t want to do. It’s easy to spot a friend who doesn’t respect you when they are controlling and manipulative. They always want things their way. They won’t value your opinion. They’re overly demanding and don’t allow you your free time. They also expect you to be there for them 24/7 and drop everything you’re doing when they need you.

While it’s important to have each other’s backs in a friendship, if your friend is too demanding, it’s best to let go. This is the number one sign that your friend doesn’t respect you and your value. You deserve your free time and independence in a friendship. 

2.Your friend thinks he/she is better than you.

Many individuals suffer from a superiority complex. This is the number one toxic trait. If your friend constantly thinks that he/she is better than you, then it is likely that your friend doesn’t respect you. Here’s the tea. A friendship is meant to be equal. No friend should be superior to the other. No one is better than the other. When you come together in a friendship, you’re meant to treat each other equally and not put one on the pedestal. You’re meant to respect each other. 

If they act like they are always right and you’re wrong, it’s a sign that they feel superior. 

3.Your friend is jealous and envious of your accomplishments.

Real friendships are the ones in which both friends should motivate each other and push each other to take risks and to do better in general. But, if your friend is jealous of your successes, then your friend doesn’t respect you. 

This is an obvious sign that your friend doesn’t respect you. Friends should be happy when they see each other accomplish things in their life. Thus, if your friend doesn’t enjoy your successes, he is very likely to be self-centred. Being self-centred is a major sign that your friend doesn’t respect you.

4.They are a flake.

Being flaky once in a while is acceptable and we can admit we’ve all been there. Therefore, it doesn’t make you a bad friend if you flake once or twice for the sake of your mental health. But, if your friend is always flaky and never not there for you, they are a bad friend. This can also mean that they don’t respect you enough to be there for you.

Thus, if they are always making excuses, not showing up to your plans, avoiding you except when they need you, and being a constant flake then they are a bad friend. And, it’s a sign that they don’t respect you. 

5.Your friend makes fun of you and puts you down.

Yes, joking, pulling pranks, harmless insults and banter are a given in any friendship. Joking and fooling around is what makes us friends right? But, there is a thin line between harmless insults and putting someone down. 

We’re sure you’ve experienced this in some form or other before. If your friend belittles you in front of others and makes fun of you in an insensitive way, it’s clear that your friend doesn’t respect you. This also includes talking behind your back and badmouthing you in front of other friends. Thus, if you feel triggered or attacked by your friend’s insults and jokes, it’s time to let go

6.They never apologize.

Let’s be real. We are not infallible. That is what makes us human. We all make mistakes. But, it’s important to realize your mistake, own up to them, and apologize when it’s required. If your friend makes a mistake and doesn’t apologize or just assumes that they don’t have to, it’s a given that your friend doesn’t respect you. The idea is simple. We apologize when we respect someone. Thus, if your friend never apologizes, it’s disrespectful. It’s one of the major signs that your friend doesn’t respect you. 

7.They don’t get back to you and don’t return your calls.

All of us forget to reply to a call or respond to a message occasionally. And it’s normal to not be able to reply at times or to be busy. But if this is happening on a regular basis and is a common trend with your friend, it’s a sign that your friend doesn’t respect you. It means that your friend is prioritizing everything and everyone else over you. When this happens, you should definitely confront your friend or let them go.

If these signs make it clear that your friend doesn’t respect you, you need to consider if whether they really are a friend. It’s important to confront your friend on the ground of this behaviour and have a conversation with them.