Most of us have gone through heartbreaks, whether from real relationships or from one- sided feelings. But this does not mean that one hurts less than the other. Your emotions are valid, but it is necessary for you to deal with them with maturity and objectivity. You must introspect, and must never let go of the opportunity to learn something good from a bad experience.

But before that, everybody needs some support, and some rely on the Internet for this. We are not sure if the Internet can give you a warm hug and pat your backs to assure that things will get better. You will need someone else for that. What we can do here is only give you some tips to get over a breakup. 

Get Over A Breakup

How to get over a breakup for guys:

1. Break contact 

New Rules by Dua Lipa pretty much sums up what a person must do after a breakup. Don’t pick up the phone, don’t let them come over, don’t try to be their friend, and don’t sleep with them. 

This tip might seem immature to some and a bit too much, but this is essential if you want to get over someone. When you talk to them or even as little as when you hear their name, it can fill you up with all the memories you two made together, which can make you feel worse. When you break contact with them, it can make it easier to not think about them every few moments. It might seem like this is too simple, but it’s one of the best tips to get over a breakup. It’s like the t-shirt you forget when it gets placed in the corner of the wardrobe you don’t look in. 

When you talk to them, your lingering feelings might arise again and you’ll always end up thinking about the possibility of getting back together. It will keep you from meeting new people who might be better suited for you. 

2. Talk to someone about it

As boys, we are taught to not be too emotional or open up about our feelings to other people, and we end up carrying this regressive thinking till our adulthood and emulating it in our lives. But we guys need to get over this idea. Men, like other humans, have feelings too and it is unfair to tell men to keep them within themselves.

An article about how to get over a breakup for guys must contain this tip! And hence, it is here.

First, it is essential that you find someone who you trust, is somewhat emotionally balanced and someone you are comfortable with. This could be a close friend, family member or a therapist. Tell them what you feel, cry your heart out and tell them what it is that is hurting you and take their help to evaluate your relationship and emotions from another perspective. 

This is because when we are in a relationship, we become so engrossed in it and the other person, that we often fail to look at things objectively and end up ignoring the red flags that came up during the times you two were together. A different perspective from someone you trust can open up more explanations and reasons for the breakup. They can tell you how to understand the situation with more emotional maturity and deal with it as you would deal with any adverse situation in life. 

3. Go out and see the other fish

There are plenty of fish in the sea – though another cliché, it is very effective if you truly understand it. Clichés are clichés for a reason. 

Once you get out of your house, meet friends or go for brunches and drinks, you really do realise that there are so many people in the world with whom you could potentially hit off and start a well-meaning relationship.

Make new friends and get to know new people. Go for a casual fling, though not hurting this new person and making things clear prior to building the relationship. This might help you realise that there are other people who can be compatible with and that some other person might be better suited for you than the one you just broke up with. 

4. Invest yourself in hobbies

The easiest way to get your mind off something is to divert your attention somewhere else. We aren’t denying that this can be quite difficult to do when your breakup is fresh, but we are sure you can try to do this after you’ve talked to someone about and attempted to evaluate the relationship with a little objectivity. Keeping yourself busy can help.

Investing yourself in hobbies is a good way to get over a breakup. When you focus on something you really enjoy, it can make it hard to think about other things. If you don’t think you have a hobby that engrosses you enough, find a new hobby. This will not only help you get over a breakup but will also help shape your personality. It will be a good conversation topic when you are at a professional interview or when you meet someone new!

This link might help you find some hobbies. 

5. Realise that relationships usually don’t work out

People marry way less frequently than they get into relationships. Relationships are essentially a hit or miss, and more often misses. Realising this simple fact can be an epiphany for few, whereas an unwanted truth for many. 

Don’t forget that a romantic relationship is just a part of your life, and you are likely to have more than a few. You are going to make multiple connections with different people and there are going to be differences and some better than the other. Some might end up breaking and hurting you, but it’s just another failure, or rather, an experience in life you must learn from and grow yourself as a person. 

But of course, these words seem too much of a cliché and too much to bear when you are going through the breakup. Maybe read these words after some time, when you are less likely to break down every time you think about them. Try the above tips to get over a breakup first. But it is true, time does heal, and makes you understand things better.