If you have ever shopped for a guy, you’d know exactly how difficult and confusing it can be. It’s natural for you to mostly go for the common, stale ideas like a wallet, a t-shirt, a tie, or a watch. Well, one thing is for sure most men are, by now, tired of getting such presents on their birthdays and special occasions. It’s definitely time to switch to more thoughtful gifts that turn out to be helpful for them. 

Well, if you are confused, we have made a list of gifts for gym rats. If the person you’re wanting to give something to is into gymming and fitness, there can be a lot of really helpful gifts that you can give them. So, let’s not wait any longer and have a look at the list of gifts for gym rats.

1.Wireless headphones or earphones:

Gifts For Gym Rats

Workouts without music can actually be really boring and frustrating. With the right music playing in your ears, there’s a good chance you enjoy your workout a lot more than usual. Wireless headphones can thus be one of the most perfect gifts for a fitness guy. 

2.Men’s jacket:

A lightweight jacket for the gym can also be a good gift for men involved in fitness. A sweatshirt can also be a good idea as it will serve as a good gym costume for the winters. After the exhausting workout session, it will help them keep warm and comfort their body.

3.A gym bag:

One of the perfect and most useful gifts for gym rats. Most people carry a bag to the gym, for carrying maybe gym gear, or some other essential equipment with them. Thus, a small gym bag can be a good option for a gift.

4.Gym joggers:

Joggers are in trend, not just for the gym, but to be worn everywhere. Joggers can even be paired with some casual outfits when you’re going for an outing or maybe to a friend’s place. They keep you warm and have enough space for breath, unlike jeans.

5.Training rope:

When we told you that most men carry a gym bag along with them to the gym wherein they carry gym gears, training rope is one common gear we were talking about. If you want to give them a piece of equipment or you know that they’re looking to buy a new rope, this can be one of those perfect gifts for gym rats to choose from.

6.Water bottle:

Squeeze bottle mockup

Well, every person at least carries their own water bottle to the gym. Don’t like your friend’s water bottle that they carry to the gym? Well, here’s your chance to give them a good one of your choice.

Every time they are gonna drink water in the gym, they’d be reminded of you 😛

7.Protein powder:

If you’re friends with someone obsessed with fitness, there’s a good chance you’d be knowing their obsession with all things protein too. Protein powder can be one good cute gift that is gonna make them happy, making them realize that you care about their daily requirements. There are ample protein powders available in the market, and you can easily buy one, maybe organic, or whatever you like.


While dumbbells are obviously available in the gym, it’s a lot better if you have them handy at home. Some days, when you don’t feel like hitting the gym and are up for a small workout session at your home, having dumbbells at home can be a really good treat. 

So, if you know your friend doesn’t own dumbbells or is looking out to buy some new ones, you know what would be your gift.

9.Boxing gloves:

Another in the list of ‘gym gifts for him’ is boxing gloves. If the gym freak is into a little bit of boxing, this can be one perfect gift. In fact, even if he’s not, we can bet this gift of yours will definitely help him in those crazy workout sessions, or might as well develop in him a newfound love for boxing.

10.Yoga mat:

A yoga mat is one basic piece of equipment that every fitness freak owns. It helps while doing some exercises at home as well. So, don’t go strict by the wordings, and even if your guy isn’t into yoga specifically, we are sure a yoga mat would prove beneficial for him.

11.A fitness app subscription:

There are a lot of apps and websites that help people attain their fitness goals through their personalized preferences and helps them on an offline/online level. Your friend might be a follower of any such app and might be wanting to buy its subscription but aren’t able to because it’s extremely expensive. 

Well, this is your chance to make them jump with happiness and excitement by giving them a subscription. So, what’s the wait? We say, go for it.

12.A smartwatch or an exercise tracker:

Well, technology has made things so easy for us. We can keep a daily track of how many calories we are burning, how much more do we need to invest to attain our fitness goals as soon as possible. For gym freaks, this gift can be really helpful, and we are sure your friend is going to love it. 

Keeping a track of what workouts and exercises you’re doing every day, what amount of calories are burnt in the process, becomes extremely essential when you’re working on a fixed and regular workout plan or maybe a diet plan. 

So, this is all about gifts. There are a lot of other gifts that can be given, we have shortlisted them and made a compilation of some of the best ones for you. We hope this helps you in finding that one perfect gift for your fitness freak friend. 

However, gifts work the best when you add a personal touch to them. something that only the two of you share or know about each other, something you know they desperately want but won’t spend their own money on it, something that is bound to make them happy, and especially when it will be coming from you. 

Personal relationships and their touch are what adds love to your gift. So, along with gym equipment, do not forget to write them a personal note or give them flowers, or whatever they like.