If you want to find the elixir of life, you do not need to go to the mountains and practically turn into a hermit or saint. The elixir of life or in Indian colloquial terms, ‘amrita’, is included in what we eat. We are not even kidding!

In Ayurveda, amrita, or the root of immortality lies in one of the most nutritional herbs are  giloy. Now, giloy is also considered to be the queen of herbs. It has been used in Ayurveda for treating almost all illnesses for hundreds of centuries. Giloy is a deciduous creeper shrub that grows in only tropical regions with high nutritional contents containing steroids, flavonoids, lignants, carbohydrates and also an abundance of alkaloids. Due to the increased proportion of nutrients and essential elements that giloy plant has, its stem is mainly manufactured in herbal, modern as well as ayurvedic medicines.

5 Health benefits of giloy plant:

Giloy plants have numerous health benefits. This herb had gained a lot of popularity during the pandemic as people were skewing towards more and more Ayurvedic options as giloy helps in boosting immunity. Hence this article provides 6 major giloy benefits that can convince you giloy is truly an amrita.

  1. Boosts your immunity:

As mentioned earlier, giloy contains abundant amounts of antioxidants which help in combating free radicals and germs that often cause diseases like cholera, tuberculosis, and fever. In addition to this, it helps in treating urinary tract infections by removing the toxins and unwanted particles from your body.

It also strengthens the immunity of the body as it is useful in treating chronic fevers and is helpful if someone is suffering from dengue.

  1. Helps in controlling diabetes:

Giloy is rich in phytochemicals and its concoction helps in reducing the oxidative stress that is applied in the body and also helps in boosting the secretion of insulin. As we all know a reduction in insulin production can lead to more accumulation of sugar and eventually lead to diabetes.

Giloy’s natural properties help in managing as well as controlling diabetes by ameliorating the glucose levels of your body.

  1. Helps in the treatment of respiratory problems:

This is one of the most important giloy benefits which cannot be overlooked. This herbal amrita has a plethora of anti-inflammatory properties that help in the treatment of common respiratory issues such as common cold, cough, and tonsillitis.

In addition to dealing with the symptoms of these issues, it is also used in the treatment of some serious ailments such as asthma, as no herb can deal with its symptoms; chest tightness, shortness of breath, coughing- as better as giloy.

  1. Helps in dealing with stress and anxiety:

Well, there is a reason why giloy herb is heart-shaped! More often than not, our body is not able to deal with stress and anxiety effectively and that is because our body lacks an adaptogen. An adaptogen is a substance that supports our body whenever we have to deal with stress and helps us adapt to it easily. Due to this reason, giloy is also known as an adaptogenic herb.

It helps us in getting rid of all the toxins present in our body and also boost memory along with dealing with stress effectively.  

  1. Acts as a shield for your heart:

According to a study conducted on diabetic rats, it was revealed that the giloy plant has effectively reduced serum cholesterol levels in diabetic rats. Furthermore, this herbal elixir of life can potentially reduce lipid metabolism and in turn shield your heart by reducing bad cholesterol levels.

4 Different ways of consuming Giloy:

  1. With milk and ginger:

If you create a concoction of milk, ginger, and giloy, you will feel quick relief in all of your joint pains. You will also be cured of your rheumatism.

  1. Chew its stem:

It is not necessary for you to mix with any other food product to consume giloy. You can also consume it directly by chewing its stem. This method works best for anyone who is suffering from asthma. Patients with asthma can also try a giloy juice if they do not want to directly consume it.

  1. Apply on eyes:

Here’s another quick benefit of giloy: it improves eyesight. So, if you are suffering from poor vision, you can just boost it with the help of giloy. Take some giloy powder and boil it. Let it cool down. Soak a cotton pad in it and apply it to your eyes. You will see the results in a very short time.

  1. Take a shot:

As mentioned earlier, giloy can help tremendously boosting your immunity. So to reap its maximum benefits, mix giloy with amla, ginger, and black salt. Take all the ingredients together and mix them in the blender. Add some water to it and churn it well. Before drinking it, just pass the water through a sieve.

Are there any side effects of Giloy:

Although giloy benefits sound very convincing and promising, it also heralds some side-effects which cannot be overlooked. No matter in what form you consume giloy, be it a pill or powder, it can certainly cause you stomach irritation and constipation.

Moreover, if you are suffering from diabetes, it is best to consult a doctor before consuming giloy as it can lower your blood sugar levels. It can also galvanize the process of your immune system which can increase the risk of you acquiring serious ailments like lupus, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.