Have you ever watched Francis Ford Coppola’s iconic movie ‘The Godfather’ which was released in 1972? If you have, then you probably know where we are getting at. However, let us first discuss a little bit of its background and then come straight to the point.

You know that in the movie the Godfather did most of his business and made major business decisions over scotch. But the loophole with that scotch was, it was not sweet at all. 

Anybody watching that movie would have thought to at least add some sweetness to it. So, when that genius invented the Godfather drink, they saw an opportunity to add some sweetness to it.  

That sweetness was an Italian amaretto, a fascinating allusion to the Italian mob. Now, Disarrono, which is an amaretto brand, has helped to market the Godfather and make it what it is today. The brand had also claimed that Marlon Brando used to drink Godfather cocktails; whether it is true or not, it is yet to be discovered.

What is the Godfather Cocktail?


As mentioned earlier, the name of the cocktail is quite referenced to the movie ‘The Godfather’, whose actor used to enjoy this particular drink while making his business decisions. The Godfather cocktail is not that commonplace among the bars, although its recipe is not that difficult too.

The Godfather cocktail recipe includes only two ingredients. These two ingredients are whiskey and amaretto. Although it is just these two ingredients, which make the drink incredibly easy to make, it is one of the most preferred cocktail choices for men.

You can also use blended scotch as it is a classic choice, but more often than not, people tend to choose a single malt or bourbon.

This duo mixed cocktail drink is made up of Scotch whisky, which is also called smoky whiskey sometimes, and amaretto is typically served with ice in old fashioned glass. Now, an old-fashioned glass is also sometimes called a rocks glass or a lowball glass which is common for serving whiskey, neat or with ice-cubes. Not only that, but it is also used to serve certain cocktails, like the Godfather.

These old-fashioned glasses generally come with a wide brim and thick base which makes them easier for drinking and holding.

Now, the godfather is considered to be a stiff drink because a large proportion of it consists of alcohol. However, due to the addition of amaretto, it is a bit softened. For instance, if you have an 80-proof smoky whiskey and 50-proof amaretto, the alcohol content of the Godfather will be around 58 proof.

What is an Amaretto?

Godfather cocktail
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As mentioned earlier, the Godfather cocktail recipe includes scotch and amaretto. But what exactly is amaretto?

Amaretto is another liquor having Italian roots and is made from almonds and stone-fruit pits. Amaretto in Italian is translated to be ‘little bitter’. Although it has a distinctive flavor of almonds in it, it has a sweet as well as bitter flavor to it, which adds its charms to the drink.  

Amaretto can not only be used in cocktails, but also in cooking as well, especially when it comes to desserts. However, the liqueur has earned a bad reputation due to its subpar ingredients which deliver its sweet and sour tastes.   

However, once a person gets a knack of it and is mixed proportionately with proper ingredients, amaretto can prove to be the greatest addition to your shelf. When it comes to Godfather, amaretto’s almond flavor helps in softening the strong taste of whiskey, but it does not completely dominate the taste of it. So, you have the best of both drinks, no wonder why its demand has been increasing ever since the 70s.

How To Make A Godfather Cocktail:

As the Godfather is made up of only two ingredients, it is comparatively easier to make. You might not even require to use a cocktail shaker or citrus juicer. You just need to stir and voila, your Godfather is ready.

Generally, the Godfather is made by mixing equal amounts of scotch and amaretto. However, once you get a knack for how to mix and stir, you can always change the ratio of both the ingredients as per your preferences.  

Ingredients for the Godfather Cocktail recipe:

  • You will require two ounces of blended scotch or bourbon. It depends upon your preference.
  • Take one-fourth ounce of amaretto.
Godfather cocktail recipe

Easy steps to make a Godfather Cocktail:

  • Take a mixing glass and fill 2/3 of it with ice.
  • Next, add the scotch and amaretto to it.
  • Stir the ingredients well, until they are perfectly chilled.
  • You can then strain into the rock’s glass over some ice.
  • If you want to make it a bit fancier, you can also add a small splash of single malt Scotch on top.
  • You can also take a lemon peel for garnishing purposes if you like.

Godfather Cocktail Recipe variations:

The amaretto brand, Disaronno recommends a 2 to 1 ratio of whiskey to amaretto. Likewise, there are various variations of this cocktail that are interesting to know. They are:

  • Some people use vodka in place of whiskey in the cocktail, whereas the French connection generally opts for cognac. The former version is more or less called the godmother, whereas the latter is known by the godchild. If you are interested in a goddaughter, you can add a godmother to equal amounts of amaretto and cream.
  • Secondly, some people also prefer a 3 to 1 ratio of Scotch whiskey to amaretto. This version of Godfather has a bit of sweetness to it, but not that much compared to the equal ratios. If you do not want any sweetness at all for this drink, you can pour 2 ounces of scotch into half an ounce of amaretto.

Tips for successfully making a Godfather:

  • To match the best quality of your scotch, use a top-shelf amaretto. The quality of both the drinks should be at par for a perfect taste.
  • Ice may not be looked at as the important ingredient, but newsflash, it is. It is the cocktail’s third ingredient which is just as important as the other two. For the ice, you might want to use the cleanest water possible. Do not use any ice which was in your freezer for a long period.