People assume that all the accessories are inherently associated with femininity and are to be only experimented by women in general. But they forget to look into the history and reckon that men bolstered their masculinity while accessorizing them with jewellery and other ornaments. This article will Guide To Mens Ring.

Therefore, in this contemporary era, if males ornament themselves with men’s rings or any kind of jewellery, it’s not because they want to emanate a dandyish personality or that they are not ‘man enough’, but they do so out of sheer choice. This gender gulf which is perpetuating in almost every aspect of life should be obliterated from fashion at least. 

Apart from wedding or engagement bands, men’s rings have created fashion statements and they have also been supposed to symbolise some innate attributes of men through the fingers on which the rings are worn. 

Guide To Mens Ring And Its Types And Meaning?  

1Pinky Finger: 

Wearing rings on the pinky finger is one of the ways to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. A ring on the last finger of your hand does not interfere with other works and catches the attention of a lot of people. 

Therefore, those who are acquainted with wearing rings on the little fingers of their active hands are supposed to be intellectual and not hesitant to express themselves to a room full of people. If worn on the passive hand, they are meant to depict intuition and great listening skills.

2Fourth Finger:

The ring finger is mostly associated with wearing engagement or wedding rings as it is associated to be the source of creativity and beauty as well as love relationships. 

Another reason why the fourth finger is also the ring finger is that many people believed that this finger is the only finger containing an unbroken artery, connected straight to the heart, indicating a connection to the heart which established an interminable bond. 

3Middle Finger:

The middle finger is probably one of the most prominent fingers of your hand as it is the boldest and largest of all. Wearing rings in the middle fingers on either side of your hand signifies balance, order, reason, conscience and structure.

4Index Finger:

The pointer finger was the most common finger of all for men to wear rings hundreds of years ago. Men wearing rings on the index fingers emanate power, leadership and command. They are unapologetic, optimistic and self-assured about whatever they do. 

5The Thumb:

Thumbs are distant from the other four fingers, therefore, rings worn on thumbs, easily grab the attention of the people you talk to. They need to be relatively a bit bulky and large depending upon the size of the thumb. 

Men wearing rings on the thumb are considered to stand out from the rest and express themselves freely which makes them distinct.

Two Common Types of Men’s Rings:

1Wedding Rings:

Guide To Mens Ring

Although wedding bands are the most common of men’s rings, they were not so hackneyed a dozen decades ago. With years down the drain in the contemporary era and with the surge of feminism, wedding bands for men have been considered commonplace. 

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2Signet Ring:

Signet rings have their roots of origin to the Ancient Egyptians who utilised their rings to stamp on official documents. Eventually, they were used by the British to engrave their family crest on the ring, which can imprint its engravings on the letter while sealing it with wax.   

Guide To Mens Ring

Now, they are simply used to highlight a man’ status and wealth in society. 

Now that we are clear about the types of rings and its related attributes of the men, read the rest of the article to get the knack of how to style rings.

How to Wear Rings For Men?

1Be generous when it comes to men’s rings:

More often than not, right-handed people ornament their left hand with accessories leaving their right hand empty. This look often ruins the look of your jewellery, failing to give you the desired results. 

Therefore, always be generous when it comes to your jewellery. Distribute them equally in either of your hands and see how marvellous your hands look. 

2Size matters:

You will certainly not continue to wear a T-shirt which you bought an eternity ago and does not fit you anymore. The same goes for the size of the ring. A ring smaller than the size of your fingers might not fit your finger and even if it does, thanks to your Herculean strength, the pain of the smaller ring would always make you self-conscious.

Moreover, if you buy a larger ring, you will have to constantly bring it down when it loosens which is very cumbersome. Otherwise, you would have to bid your adieus to your ring forever. You don’t want that, especially, when you surpassed your budget limits for that ring. 

3Maintain Similarity:

Any ring you choose to wear, whether it be gold, silver or platinum, maintains similarity. For instance, if you choose to wear a gold ring on one finger, make sure that all the fingers of the same hand and preferably, the fingers of your other hand should be gold. 

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The main purpose of maintaining similarity between the two is to ensure cleanliness, style, and achieve a put-together look. Imagine what impression you would create if you wore one gold ring on the index finger, two silver rings on the next two adjacent fingers!

Matching metals, be it your rings or your bracelet or both, is the best way to get a polished and chic look. 

4Personalize your rings:

Personalizing your jewellery is one of the best ways to wear and own it confidently. If you want to showcase your wild, risqué and cool side, you can wear a large silver statement ring. But if you want to showcase your calm, assertive and confident personality, opt for rings which enhance timeless designs. Look for the subtle structures and not something that is too tacky or over the top. 

By doing this, you are investing into some really good invaluable men’s rings, wishing that you could never take them off.

5Confidently Commit:

New things are always followed by some form of uncertainty and uncomfortableness. Wearing new rings will make you feel the same. However, being a man you might feel more self-conscious about wearing rings other than wedding bands. Nevertheless, continue wearing them confidently, because then only you can pull them off.  

Hence, it is perfectly alright for men to wear any kind of jewellery. However, out of all the ornaments men could wear, rings have been one of the most stylish statements, enhancing their personality, signifying their status, wealth, commitment and choice.