There’s nothing worse than having a bad hair day unless of course, you are a man and you have a beard. Then, you can have a bad beard day.

The world has unanimously agreed on the fact that men look dapper with beards. However, that isn’t the case with curly or wavy beard hair. A curly beard can look unruly and might come off as unattractive. Well, you don’t want to look like a caveman do you?

If you’ve been wondering how to straighten beard hair and whether to even go down that drain, you’re certainly not alone. A bad beard day can be bad for your appearance and can negatively affect your self-esteem. 

Even though curly beards can look more voluminous, it comes with its own set of problems like tangles, hygiene, etc.

If you are looking for ways to straighten beard hair, we have got you covered. 

Why should you make beard hair straight?

As we said, curly beards come with their own set of problems and downsides. If you’re into the looks of a thicker and voluminous beard, then you can rock it. Or else, you can tame that messy mass and appear gentler in your appearance. Curly beards are difficult to manage and come with other problems and hygiene issues:

  • Curly beards take longer to grow as compared to straight beards. Or, they can appear shorter when they are actually pretty long. Thus, if you like the look of long beards, you should consider straightening your beard hair.
  • Tangles and knots are a common problem with curly beards, as most men have reported.
  • Curly beard hair is more likely to be rougher and prone to split ends. 
  • Ingrown hairs are more common with curly, coarse, and thick beards. 

How to straighten beard hair? 

Now that we’ve discussed problems, let’s talk about solutions. Most men nowadays tend to make beard hair straight. And, it’s not an overly complicated or time-consuming process. Everything starts with good self care, hygiene, and the right grooming products. Here are some of our top tips on how to straighten beard hair:

1. Cleaning your beard properly.

Before you decide to straighten your beard hair, you must make all efforts to clean it properly. Regular grooming is the key when it comes to beard maintenance, be it whether you prefer a curly beard or a straight one. 

All of the day’s dirt, pollutants, bacteria, etc., must be taken out of your beard hair. You should curate a beard grooming ritual for yourself. A good beard grooming routine consists of regular oiling, using a mild shampoo, and a nourishing conditioner. Yes, your beard hair needs separate shampooing and conditioning. 

Maintaining a beard is no child’s play. Therefore, if you like the look of beards, you should do everything to maintain them, keep them fresh and healthy.

2. Beard oils

This is a step no one should skip, irrespective of whether you have curly beard hair or straight. We can’t even begin to tell you how important the role of beard oil is for maintaining a beard. Regular oiling of a curly beard goes a long way to straightening it and keeping it healthy. 

While you may not see results overnight or even in a week or month, prolonged use of beard oil will straighten it eventually. It is a good long-term plan and is also cost-efficient. There is no need for specialized beard oils, just pick any oil you like. However, olive oil, coconut oil, and argan oil usually work the best and will straighten your beard out the fastest.

3. Drying your beard the right way

Did you know you had to dry your beard right after you leave the shower?

Yes. Instead of waiting for it to air dry, you should take the responsibility upon yourself and pat dry it with a towel. You shouldn’t rub your beard vigorously as that might tangle up the follicles and make it curly. Rubbing your beard vigorously may also cause breakage as the hair follicles are soft after showering, it can lead to volume loss and result in patchy beards. 

Remember to always wipe your beard in a downward motion to straighten beard hair. 

4. Using a beard balm

A natural beard balm is like hair gel or wax but for your beard. It is a styling and shaping agent that also works as a leave-in conditioner or serum. Using an all-natural beard balm is quite effective if you want to straighten your beard. It holds your beard well and prevents it from tangling. It will also moisturize your facial hair, thus making it appear tame and healthy.

However, you should avoid beard balms with synthetic or artificial ingredients like petroleum jelly as they might irritate your skin and cause pimples. 

Straighten Beard Hair

5. Brushing your beard regularly

The primary reason that beards get all curly, unruly, and untameable is that most men tend to skip this step. Brushing your beard regularly is key to making beard hair straight. 

Yes, you can straighten beard hair if you brush it regularly. However, don’t brush wet beard hair and always use a wide-toothed comb to prevent breakage and fall out. Using the right kind of beard brush to comb out your hair is also key to straighten beard hair. 

6. Use a blowdryer

Yes, using a blowdryer is not just for the ladies anymore. If you want quick results like if you have a party to attend and your beard looks curly and unruly, using a blowdryer is your best option. While long-term use of heat can damage your beard hair, using a blowdryer once in a while is alright. However, remember to be careful and not overdo it by using too much heat.

You also want to make sure that you brush your beard hair out while blow drying it.

7. Eating the right nutrients

A balanced diet is crucial for growing and maintaining beard hair, which also includes efforts to straighten beard hair. If you want a naturally soft and straight beard, you have to change your dietary habits. Consuming orange juice, eggs, meat, potatoes, and raisins, etc blocks the hormone DHT and promotes the growth of healthy and naturally straight beard hair.

These were all our tips and tricks to straighten beard hair. See which one works for you!

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