How many times does it happen that we look at somebody and we are instantly turned off because maybe their unruly hair is protruding from the edges, or their beard is so unkempt that even if you try to look away, you can’t divert your eyes off it? 

Being well groomed is one of the sexiest things a man can be. Understanding the importance of being well groomed and working towards is also a habit of a well groomed man, to be honest.

To be well groomed doesn’t require a lot of money or visiting a professional frequently, all you need to invest in a little time from your daily routine and consistent efforts. Knowing your body well, and taking care of your body keeping in mind what suits you, is quintessential. 

What are the habits of a well groomed man?

You might be wondering what can you really be called ‘well groomed’ in the eyes of others. Well, here we are to give out some habits of a well groomed man to you so that you can yourself do these simple things and inculcate such habits in your daily routine.

1. Good smell is the secret ingredient:

Any amount of stress we can put on how important it is to smell good, would still not be enough! Not just women find good smelling men attractive, almost everybody finds it pleasant in the vicinity of a good smelling man.

Man perfume fragrance masculine perfume man holding up bottle of perfume

habit of a well groomed man

This becomes all the more important in the sweaty summers when no amount of scent seems enough and the sweat just makes all of it wear off and you’re smelling like sweat again in just a few hours.

To avoid the sweaty smell, you can try applying your cologne to more than just the target pulse points of your body. You can spray it in your shirt’s collar, the underside of your beard, etc. This is a small hack you can follow so that the smell of the cologne resides longer on your body, giving you the fresh smell you need.

Apart from this, it is quite important to clean your body as well as your hair properly. If you aren’t clean enough, likely, you do not smell good. so, remember to take care of it.

2. Protect your skin from the sun: 

With the increasing threat of skin/hair damage from UV rays and pollution, applying an SPF with a moisturizer must be a part of everybody’s daily routine.

If you are visiting a beach or going anywhere where there is huge exposure to the sun, remember to wear a skin lotion. They prevent your skin from harmful UV rays and help in preventing the development of a lot of dark spots on your skin. 

Men need to prioritize their skincare and give their skin the love and care it yearns for. 

3. Manage your facial fuzz:

Barber shaves the beard of the client

It is certainly not very pleasant to converse with somebody who has a super mismanaged beard/hair/moustache. Apart from that, it is also important to keep your eyebrows tamed.  Your facial hair is your asset if groomed properly. Do not let them become a disadvantage for you at any cost. 

If you just cannot give any time to your beard or moustache, try to go clean shaved, or trim your hair very short. But if you want to have the charm of a good luscious beard and moustache, it is necessary to maintain them well.

Try getting a haircut within 4 to 6 weeks, and make it a habit to trim your beard and moustache consistently, according to the style you prefer. Shampoo as well as condition your hair three to four times a week, and do not overheat them. You can also look out for some good hair care tips for men.

4. Exfoliate your skin:

Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells from your body, making your skin look brighter and cleaner.

Apart from washing your face with a cleanser twice a day, you also need to use an exfoliating skin cleanser once every week. Along with the face, you can use a gentle scrub for exfoliating the rest of your body. 

The cells of your body regenerate the fastest when you’re asleep, and hence, it is important to clean your face before your sleep. A night cream, coupled with a good 7-8 hours of sleep is one habit of a well groomed man, and doing this can be a real treat for your skin.

5. Dental hygiene must be maintained:

man in crew neck shirt smiling

Your teeth are one of the very first few things everybody notices when they look at you or talk to you. 

Brush and floss your teeth regularly, twice a day, to keep bacterial germs away, and get a brighter cleaner smile. 

6. Nail care:

Nail care is something very few men pay attention to. Top habits of a well groomed man will definitely include proper maintenance of their nails. 

Trim the nails of your hands as well as your toes regularly.

It is also important to moisturize your nails so that they remain strong and do not break apart very easily.

Small things like these are really easy to do at your home, with your own hands. However, men too can go for manicures and pedicures if they feel the need for it. A visit to a professional sometimes is good and gives you just the refreshing look you need for yourself.

7. Get a good sleep and stay hydrated:

Eating well, giving your body enough water and a good sleep every day are some things that give you a natural glow on your face, that most other things can’t. These are like the golden rules for any type of skincare and must be a habit of a well groomed man. 

These are our 7 small, easy tips to ‘What are the habits of a well groomed man?’ Try following these in your daily routine, and we are sure it is going to make a huge difference in your personalities. After all, small things like these create a big change at the end!