Have you ever felt extremely jealous of a mate who has everything figured out in life? Like, his life seems so effortless and happy with his steady relationship, supportive friends, stable income, and fit body and so on and so forth.

Although his life might seem uncomplicated and unchallenging, he is investing a lot of time and efforts into himself to be the man you see. And so do all the happy men you see around you. Every one of them has instilled certain life-changing yet simple habits in their lives which have never failed to help them grow.

And happiness is never gained when you desperately pursue it. It is ensured through your actions and the amount of time you are ready to invest for yourself. Nobody would want to sit beside a killjoy or a long-face for that matter. And even if you are successful to put up a good show on your face, your vibes might defeat you.

So, to genuinely be happy, you have to put some effort and feel like you are happy and content from whatever you have with you. So, here are some habits that happy men follow to stay happy and jubilant, always and forever.

7 habits of happy men

1.       Set your goals and pursue it:

This is one of the most important habits that can make any man happy. Visualize what you want your life to be, distinguish what is important and pursue it with utmost passion and determination.

When you know what you want from life, you answer one of the most baffling questions: what is the meaning of your life? When you know it, the only thing separating you from your goals is your fears. So, don’t hold back. Commit yourself every day to your dream life and stay focused on it.

You might be very tempted to deter from the path, but concentrate on your vision and be extremely willing to go against your temptations.

2.       Learn to say ‘No’:

Happy Men

The previous point brings us to this one. More often than not, men are tempted to spend an exorbitant amount of time with their friends doing literally nothing. In such circumstances, it is important to prioritize the important things and say no when needed.

However, it is not implied that you don’t spend time with your family and friends just because you have something important to do. But learn to balance between the two things and you will surely not feel guilty about missing out from anything.

Although you might FOMO for a bit of a time, in order to be a happy man you need to understand the beauty of boundaries and learn to respect them.      

3.       Practice gratitude:

More often than not, men are depressed and anxious in life because their wants are insatiable. They are never satisfied with what they have achieved and are always in search for more. This interminable search never satisfies them, even if they are the richest amongst the coterie.

Therefore, it is extremely beneficial to practice gratitude for what you have and achieved through will and determination. The more you are thankful about the smallest things in life, the more content you will be with what you have. Eventually, you will be able to achieve more in life as gratitude can improve your sleep, reduce depression, dopamine release and even impulse control.

4.       Forgive and be strong:

‘The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.’

–          Mahatma Gandhi

No matter how downtrodden or naive people think of forgiving men, it is certainly not so. Forgiving somebody who did wrong to you is one of the most important habits to be strong and happy in life. The process of forgiving is practically the process of not allowing any other person to harm or hurt your feelings.

Forgiving someone does not mean that everyone’s wrong actions are ignored or forgotten. Sometimes bygones cannot just be bygones. But what you can actually do, is not allow them or their actions to wallow in the vortex of your mind over and over again.

If you do so, you are providing a passage for depression, fear, low self-esteem, low confidence, anger, stress and frustration to tread upon your mind. Instead of wallowing over this and wasting your time, why don’t you invest your time in becoming a better person at heart? If your heart is good and forgiving, you will naturally be the happiest of all. Anger, depression, frustration never did well to anybody.    

5.       Stay Fit:

People say whatever you think is reflected in your body. So if you are angry or sad at the moment, your body is definitely going to project it. However, this theory works the other way around as well.

If you are strong and fit physically, your mind will be less conscious about how you look and moreover, you will feel confident about the fact that you have invested some time and efforts to keep your body healthy.

Therefore, daily exercise of at least 20 minutes is recommended for making men happy. The more you push yourself out of the comfort zone, the happier you will be in life, as your comfort zone does not teach you resiliency nor does it help you find your highest potential.

6.       Stay in the moment:

One of the best habits of happy men is to create a slot in their schedule for meditation and journaling. Indulging in these two activities helps them in staying in the moment and experiencing the novelty that comes along with it.

Men who constantly think about their past and the mistakes they committed will surely be connected to it with a link stronger than the steel. Therefore, it is necessary for you to move on from all your guilt trips and feel the moment.

When you meditate you realize the importance of each and every moment and therefore you are not bound by the fears or judgments, whether it be internal or external. This ensures low stress, anxiety and more happiness.   

7.       Positive Self-Talk:

No matter how traumatic or tragic your past has been, it is always prudent to keep the past in the past. There is no need to carry its baggage in the present or the future. Therefore, in order to be like other happy men, commit to being a better person by talking positively to yourself as you would to your best friend. Think about the things that you love about yourself and keep them as the foundation to be a happy and satisfied man in life.