How does one not get annoyed at the love handles protruding around the hips? As much as they are loved, they also become a matter of concern if they increase around the hips (your lower waist). They turn noticeable when you don skinny jeans or shirts. The major reason for the formation of love handles is the accumulation of fat around the abdominal area. Love handles, despite their name, aren’t loved enough by everyone.

Let’s have a broader look on love handles and ways to get rid of them!

What are love handles?

What is love handles exactly? If we move on to a scientific explanation in layman’s terms, love handles are excess of fat that is accumulated around the hips. Fats get retained in different body parts. Some might have excess fat retained in the belly, others have it in their thighs, back, arms or the love handles. 

The lifestyle always plays a major role in the formation of fat cells and physique. So another cause can be the sedentary lifestyle and the lack of physical activity in the daily routine. This causes the formation of fat and its retention in the abdominal area, thus causing love handles. Consuming a lot and doing nothing after to burn the calories is the reason for this. 

Another reason which seems trivial, yet has a role in forming love handles is sleep deprivation. According to studies, lack of sound sleep or a poor sleeping pattern is associated with weight gain and higher body mass index. Sometimes the age factor is also the reason for increasing fat around the hips. The older you get, the more difficult it becomes to lose body fat because of the Body Mass Index (BMI). Fat generally starts accumulating after the 20s and goes on till 40s and 50s, therefore it brings us to the dominant rule of involving more in physical activities and eating healthy in the early 20s.

Want to get rid of love handles

Love handles may seem easy, but it is difficult to get rid of them. Women seem to lose them more easily than men, but to get rid of love handles is not insurmountable. With the help of a certain diet and some exercises, we can reduce love handles considerably. 

A crucial thing to be kept in mind must be the kind of lifestyle you have. Before starting gymming, exercising or following a particular routine, it is important to consider your lifestyle: sedentary or active and begin accordingly. 

Certain changes to include in the lifestyle are: 

  • having an adequate and sound sleep.
  •  including healthy and nutritious food in your daily diet.
  • avoiding junk food.
  • controlling anxiety and working in stress relief.
  • include more drinks in the diet.
  • avoid salty and sugary foods.
  • eat whole-grain foods and avoid flour.
  • last but not the least, increasing intake of water, irrespective of your lifestyle, weight or eating habit is very effective for fat reduction.

Exercises to reduce love handles

Another way of reducing love handles is through different exercises. There exist many exercises to reduce love handles. One can find videos on the internet that aim at reducing the fat of the target body part. Fat reduction can be attained with the help twists, planks, crunches, etc., but it is very challenging. Nevertheless, desired results can be achieved with the regular and correct performance of these exercises. Doing cardiovascular and body exercises for the targeted area (here, for the abdominal area) can be very helpful. 

exercises for love handles

The best exercise to reduce love handles is cardiovascular exercises. They are usually recommended because they burn most of the fat. Cardio like step-ups, lunges, rowing machines, cycling or any exercise that pumps up your heartbeat and burns calories is effective in reducing the love handles. 

A glance on some the exercises for love handles:

  • Bicycle crunches 
  • Russian  twist
  • Lifting weight
  • Side plank 
  • Hip lifts 
  • Jogging 

For better results, there are videos of 10-min body workout for love handle on the internet, even for beginners. You can also find some of the exercises here. 

Food that helps in fat reduction

Several packed and canned foods claim to be fatless or helpful in fat reduction, but either they are unsafe because of the presence of preservatives or might have several other side effects. Nothing is better and effective than natural or fresh foods.

  1. Eggs: Eat egg with raw vegetables to increase the intake of protein in your regular diet with some vitamins. Eating eggs for breakfast can help lose fat more easily and quickly. Also, eggs being heavy tend to give a ‘filled-up’ feeling to your tummy. 
  1. Green tea: Drink green tea after any meal and in the evening. It is considered as an excellent source of fat reduction. Catechins in green tea burn fat fast. Most importantly, never drink green tea on an empty stomach or in the morning breakfast as it increases stomach acid. 
  1. Apples: An apple a day really keeps doctors and all kinds of fat away. Eat an apple in the morning or any time of the day. It regulates metabolism even of people with high body mass index, which means it is not only a perfect and healthy diet for kids but adults too. 
  1. Drink more fluids: Juices and drinks are very beneficial for health and reducing fat as they facilitate the intake of more nutrients and vitamins through a small quantity only. With detoxing the entire body, it also helps in the reduction of fat. Ginger and lemon drink, coffee, coconut water, tomato juice, apple cider vinegar, fennel water, etc are extremely beneficial for fat reduction. 

Not much needs to be done to reduce the love handles, but what is essential is the regularity and the consistency in what you do and eat, and they will be reduced before you could even notice. It should be noted that some people take more time in fat reduction than others due to several factors, but it doesn’t mean that love handles won’t go. Love handles are just a small part of the body that become more pronounced with the accumulation of fat.