A lot of things can sink your erection: poor heart strength, smoking, and some medications are all perpetrators of erection problems.

A new major mood killer? A crappy diet. The foods you consume, how much you consume, and how frequently you eat them can jumble with your energy levels, blood circulation, and hormones — all major players in supercharging your sex life.

Believe it: There are ample foods that assist you to get it up, keep your sperm fit, and increase your testosterone. So obviously, some eating habits subsist on the other end of the libido-killing spectrum.

6 Ways diet kills your sex life— and precisely what you can do to get your performance up to parity.


A healthy heart implies healthy sex. Similar to any workout, an A+ bedroom session needs potency, stamina, and patience. Consequently, any eating habit that’s terrible for your gym game is also terrible for your sex life. When your heart is in difficulty — say, your arteries are blocked — it can halt blood circulation to your penis, surfacing the way for erectile dysfunction (ED).

There are foods that kill sex drive. Consuming a diet high in unhealthful fats and added sugars can worsen the issue. It is generally known that overweight men have lower levels of testosterone, the hormone that stimulates your sex drive. That doesn’t imply that all heavier guys have low T, but you are at a higher threat when the number on your scale begins to spike.

The solution? Consume a diet full of different nutrient-dense whole foods (the foods that aid your penis to perform are an excellent start) and get no less than 150 minutes of exercise per week. Anything that helps reduce the amount of fat in your body will aid your testosterone levels naturally go up. The more your body can endure physical activity and exercise, the more apt you will be to go longer and stronger in the bedroom.


Your daily coffee diet kills your sex life by playing a bigger part in bed than you apprehend. That’s because your caffeine consumption can impact your blood flow. In an initial study from the American Heart Association, people who consumed a caffeinated cup of coffee (usually around 100 milligrams of caffeine) experienced a 30 per cent boost in blood circulation over the next 75 minutes contrasted to those who downed decaf.

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The researchers conceive that caffeine might advance the task of your small blood vessels and decrease inflammation, both excellent signs for your heart. That means it could help your penis, also. A huge part of sexual health is about escalating blood flow since better blood circulation equals better erections.


There’s genuine science following the dismayed whiskey dick. Certainly, booze might relax you sufficiently to drag out your best pickup lines, but going excessively hard implies you might have difficulty getting it up later. That round of shots affects your erection in some ways. Alcohol is a depressant, so it can “deaden the feelings of sexual stimulus and vary the blood circulation in and out of your penis. As your body works to wash out the alcohol from your body, it will prioritize that rather than your hard-on.

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Heavy drinking will reduce your testosterone whilst raising your estrogen levels, which can weaken your libido, get your mood down, and make it harder to attain orgasm, even when you can obtain an erection. Research recommends that chronic drinking can lastingly harm the cells in your testicles, which could affect your knack to have kids later on.

Cut yourself off early and glue to the suggested limit of two drinks per day. The effect of moderate drinking on heart health will not be severe then. 

4. YOU pamper YOUR SWEET TOOTH TOO frequently

Sugar is on of the food that kill emotions of a sex life. Foods that are high in sugar are going to affect your general cardiovascular health, which consequently impacts your penis health.

Sugar moreover lowers your libido by dropping testosterone levels. In a 2013 study issued in Clinical Endocrinology, researchers assessed the T levels in men aged 19 to 74 after they consumed 75 grams of sugar, which is double the suggested daily intake for men. They saw a 25 percent reduction in average testosterone levels after they lowered the sweet substance, which stayed restrained for up to two hours.

Lastly, remember the sugar crash. If you’re consuming a high sugar meal and you crash subsequently, you’re likely to be more exhausted. That’s because excessive sugar diet kills your sex life by tossing switches in your brain, spinning off neurons that aid in keeping you vigilant while flipping on neurons that make you feel drowsy.

Boost your stamina in bed by gluing to naturally occurring sugars, like those in fruit, when feasible. When it comes to added sugars — similar to those found in soda and baked goods — the American Heart Association advises getting no further than 36 grams apiece day for men.


Stacking excess food on your plate can slug things down in bed. Not only does it result in weight gain, but it moreover sets you up for a major energy sprawl.

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If you overeat, particularly carbs and sugar, you might crash and feel excessively tired to do anything but rest on the couch or sleep. Besides feeling lethargic from the amount of food, gluing with refined carbs (suppose white bread and sugary cereal) swiftly spikes your blood sugar. Your body strives to fight back by pumping out additional insulin, making you feel even more exhausted. Heavy diet kills your sex life, no doubt.

So if you want to get it on afterward, try to eat more often throughout your day, instead of scarfing down a massive dinner. Rather than three huge meals, plan for four or five smaller ones packed with protein and slower-digesting carbs that are loaded with fiber, like oats, quinoa, and vegetables.


A vegan diet can have a few unintentional results below the belt. Regardless of the many advantages of eating more fruits and vegetables, cutting out animal products completely means you’re more probable to develop a vitamin D deficiency, which can bring bad news for your penis.

A lack of D can lift your threat of Erectile Dysfunction, according to a study issued in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. When you don’t get sufficient vitamin D, your body may not generate adequate nitric oxide, a compound your blood vessels require to function at their best.

The good news is you can improve Vitamin D levels naturally. The National Institutes of Health suggests striving for no less than 600 international units (IU) of vitamin D each day, but many organizations recommend more than that. For maximum penis health, most patients must possibly take anywhere from 2000 to 5000 IU of vitamin D3 if they are instituted to be deficient.

Food and sex have a long, complex history. For years we’ve perceived that what we consume can have sexual outcomes that toil on both a psychosomatic level and a physiological level. Sustained in part by mythological beliefs and in part by concrete science, we have extensively believed that there are ways diet kills your sex life and what turns us on could splendidly start in the kitchen.