It is no secret that every vagina has a unique scent. Some are too strong, some are subtle. In short, every vagina smells. Vaginal odor can range from musky, earthy, salty, sweet, and the list goes on. Every woman is different and their scent is uniquely theirs. 

But, what do men have to say about vaginal odor? Rather, how do men deal with vaginal odor? Gynecologists have spoken out that it is perfectly normal for a vagina to smell. In fact, the vaginal odor has very little to do with the hygiene factor. Men must accept vaginal odor. 

We are living in the 21st century, and of course, there are greater things to worry about than vaginal odor. Unfortunately, most women are conscious and insecure about their vaginal odor. They want their vaginas to smell like flowers or lemon, but that’s not how things work in real life. 

Read on to find out some popular assumptions about vaginal odor. 

Does Vaginal Odor Turn Off Men?

The short answer to this question would be: Vaginal odor doesn’t turn off men, instead, men find it incredibly sexy and stimulating. Now, here’s the long version!

Getting eaten out is the pinnacle of female pleasure. Even though most men enjoy eating their partners out, the process can be awkward and difficult if the vaginal odor is an issue. 

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First things first, all vaginas have a distinct smell. And no matter how much the woman bathes or cleans herself, it is highly unlikely that the smell may go away. After all, the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, and it functions healthily. 

Well, rest assured, because most men have reported that they are not bothered by the scent. Many guys enjoy the smell of a vaginal canal. When a woman is aroused and lubricated, pheromones are released and the unique scent is often sexually stimulating. Therefore, the majority of men are incredibly turned on by the scent. 

Beyond understanding that the smell of a vagina or vaginal odor is normal, men find it uncontrollably sexy. A vagina smells like human nature. It is tough to describe it, but it smells uniquely like what it is.

If the man is into his woman, he won’t care about her vaginal odor at all. 

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How Men Deal With Vaginal Odor? 

As we said, if the man is into the woman he is sleeping with or is having a physical relationship with, the smell of her vagina won’t bother him at all. When a man is in bed with the woman he is attracted to, the smell of her vagina is the last thing on his mind. 

But, how do men deal with vaginal odor? Well, they just deal with it. Most men begin to accept that, that is how a real vagina smells like, and there is nothing wrong with it. 

Not only is it perfectly normal for a woman to have a strong vaginal odor, but it is also normal for it to sometimes smell differently than it usually does. Sometimes the vaginal odor can change depending on the production of pheromones. It can be sweet, salty, and even bitter. Vaginal odor is typically affected by a woman’s overall hygiene, body chemistry, sweat intensity and level, the food she eats, the environment she is in, moisture content, and so on. 

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Men must accept vaginal odor because telling a woman her vagina smells bad can tap into her body image issues and trigger her. This is a form of abuse. Besides, in most cases, women go to extreme lengths and use dangerous methods to clean themselves. 

Therefore, it is simply best to accept that this is how a vagina smells. If a man cannot accept that, he is going to have a lot of trouble maintaining relationships in the future. With time, everyone gets used to things. And, it’s not that difficult getting used to vaginal odor. 

In addition, if a woman is being insecure about the smell of her vagina, she should know that most times the guy doesn’t care. He is happy to be with the woman in the first place, and her vaginal odor is the last thing on his mind when they are in bed together. 

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Best Solution For Vaginal Odor

In the end, there is no solution for a vaginal odor. A scented vagina is natural in a healthy woman. However, infections and other health concerns that can change the smell of a vagina are common too. 

According to Michael Aaron, NYC-based sex therapist and author of Modern Sexuality, any body part can emanate a bad odor if there is any sign of infection or if the individual practices poor hygiene rituals. But, there is nothing about a vagina that is intrinsically smelly. 

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Of course, if you are concerned about your partner’s health and think she may be affected by an infection, you should bring this to her notice. However, there are many signs that indicate a vaginal infection apart from odor. 

As long as your partner practices good hygiene, there is nothing to worry about. 

With that out of the way, the best solution for vaginal odor is to bathe every day and make sure all body parts are clean. Women shouldn’t use chemicals, soaps, or other artificial products to douche their vagina. Cleaning with water is enough. 

This is everything you needed to know about how men deal with vaginal odor. In the end, remember to be understanding of how a woman feels and accept the smell of the vagina for what it is. 

Additionally, don’t forget to ask for consent and don’t do anything you are not comfortable with. Sex should not only be pleasurable for both partners, but also a congenial experience. 

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