Every man in his life must have passed through the stage where they are shit scared to ask a girl out. Whether it be someone they like or just someone with whom they can pass their Valentine. Someone might still be passing through that stage right now.

If you are one of them, the first thing that you need to do right now before continuing to read this article is, stop worrying. More often than not, people are afraid to be vulnerable or to reveal what they feel about the person they like, due to the underlying fear of rejection.

Rejection is not that terrorizing as people feel. It is just a difference of opinion which need not hinder you from moving on to other prospects. Once you understand this accompanied by some strategies for asking a girl out, you will eventually become a virtuoso in dating.

So, here are some subtle yet extremely important tips when you have to ask her out.

How To Ask A Girl Out?

1. Be Confident:

Here’s a secret tip: Any woman would want to go with a man who is confident because confidence precedes attraction and debonair.

So, whenever you want to ask a girl out for a date face-to-face, make sure your posture indicates your confidence and not the other way around. For instance, when you are asking, raise your chin and look into their eyes. Moreover, shoulders should be straight and chest out.

Do not look at the ground while asking. Remember to make eye contact, because eye contact is extremely necessary for confirming your human emotions. Do not slump your shoulders or fidget. Such signs explain that you have already accepted rejection before asking. These points couldn’t be stressed enough.

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Moreover, if you finally are successful in taking her out to a restaurant or a cafe, make sure that you take enough space as required. Do not be curled up in a ball, as if you are encapsulating yourself within the invisible walls of coldness. That’s downright crazy!

2. Appearance Matters:

The idiom, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, rings true in most of the cases, however, when it comes to dating, the more you look after the packaging of the product the better.

Ask A Girl Out

So, when you want to ask a girl out, make sure that you are in her vicinity before the final date, dressed in relatively cool and decent clothes. In this way, you have a possibility that she will notice you.

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When you get her attention, you can strike a conversation with her about literally anything under the sun. On the final day, when you ask her out, wear something that fits your personality. If you do otherwise, you will be constantly conscious about what you have worn, which will hamper your ability to spark a fire between you two.

Letting things simmer is one of the important things, especially, during the initial dates. Now that you have got your dress right focus on some of its minute things. Iron your shirt, tie your shoelaces and make it clean.

 Don’t overdo anything. The more minimalistic the look, the more impressed she is.

3. Know Her Before You Ask Her

When you and your potential date strike a conversation, make sure that you are able to simmer a fire which is more than just friendship. For this, eye contact is extremely necessary. However, you cannot confuse kindness, politeness or just general human relation as an attraction.

Ask A Girl Out

Continue to gaze into her eyes for five seconds, not more than that. If she is continuing the gaze, the attraction is mutual. Therefore, be selective and aware when it comes to asking a girl out.

Keep all of these points in mind and then ask her out. You don’t want to be out there just for the sake of being rejected due to your ignorance to certain hints and signals.

In order to know a girl, you might want to befriend her first but still keep a romantic air between you two. One of the ways to do it is to engage in healthy flirting over text. For that, you would need her phone number. Make sure you don’t sound desperate when you ask that. Keep the question casual.   

When you have received her phone number, start with some simple conversation starters, such as: How did you pass your day, what was the highlight, what are your dreams in life or what is the first thing in your wishlist.

4. Give Her The Why

Gauge your girl’s interest by amplifying your personality. Any girl would want to be with a guy who is cool, fun-to-be-with, and has a good sense of humour. So, if you have all of these attributes or even if one of them, emphasize that.

The more open you are, the more impressed and attracted she feels towards you. Eventually, she will not find a reason to say no, as she is overpowered by all your positive attributes that she is willing to say yes.

Now, take caution when it comes to being you. Don’t act like somebody else or don’t try too hard when to be cool. Being cool is extremely subjective. So, acting like somebody else she likes, makes her like a mask and not you.

So, whenever you are asking a girl out and when you want to take your relationship to the next level, you have to be yourself, along with emphasizing your positive attributes.

5. The Final Move

Finally, when you muster up the courage to ask her out, first of all, follow the above-mentioned points in your mind. Next, take a few deep breaths, encourage yourself with some positive self-talk or get your wingman to motivate you.

Ask A Girl Out

If your nerves are getting the best of you, make the question as quick as possible. And less painful, if it becomes necessary. Before throwing the final bomb, make sure you compliment her in a genuine way.

Once you know that she has become a little open or cordial towards you, you can drop the question very casually. You can just ask: ‘hey, this might sound very ‘out of the blue’, but, I cannot help but notice you. Would you like to go out with me for a cup of coffee sometime?   

Be confident when you ask a girl out. The more nervous you appear, the fewer things will be in your favour.