After all that the world has been through, a little holiday cheer is more than welcoming. And what better occasion than the harbinger of happiness, everyone’s favourite, the all-merry, Christmas. 

So, let’s spread some Christmas cheer this year with your family, friends, relatives and strangers. Spreading Christmas cheer does not demand some ginormous expensive gift that you exchange with your near and dear ones. Instead, a simple token of gratitude, acknowledgement and kindness can make your holiday fulfilling and happy. 

Therefore, this article enumerates some creative ideas that underlie the theme of gratitude and happiness, not to forget the inevitable smile that would grace their faces. 

How to bring cheer this Christmas? 9 creative ways to do that:

  • Gift toys:

One of the best gifts that bring cheer to children is toys. There are a plethora of places that accept toy donations for children, especially for those who are in need during this time. You can grab this golden opportunity to enlighten your children about the true spirit of the occasion by requesting them to share their gifts with other children. 

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If not used toys, you can also purchase new ones and gift them to the ones who need them. This time, you can play the role of Santa Claus and bring smiles to those innocent faces. 

  • Sing your heart out:

Singing Christmas carols is one of the preliminary ways to bring joy, happiness and ensure solidarity with your loved ones at Christmas. Music always hits the right chords of your heart and therefore, the holiday spirit is always alive when their good songs are blaring through the speakers or your voice boxes. In addition to this, it is also a great way to bond with strangers and neighbours to make your holidays brighter. 

  • Decorating the house:

Regardless of how beautiful the event was, memories are always made while preparing for that event. There is nothing new when it comes to Christmas. 

The feeling of decorating the whole house and lighting it up before the actual day hits differently, especially when you’re doing it with your family and friends. 

In addition to this, neighbours and strangers can also kick start a conversation related to the house decorations when they walk past your house to see the decorations.

  • Baking cookies and other desserts for the family:

This can be the perfect men’s gift to bring cheer for that ‘special one’. If you don’t know how to bake, it’s completely alright. You can utilise the holidays and learn to bake. Although it might seem too much hard work, once you get in the groove you’ll genuinely enjoy the process. If not for your woman or man, you can certainly do it for your friends or your children. Make it more exciting and fun by filling it in different shapes such as a Santa Claus or a Christmas tree, etc. 

  • Donate your pocket money:

This Christmas, decide to donate some, if not all, of your pocket money to those who are in need. You may not know it, but even a small portion of your money can significantly help the person, maybe even change their lives. 

Bringing some positivity in the life of someone who has lost it on his way, might swell up your heart with contentment even when you’re not the richest person on the planet. 

  • Spread cheer to all the service providers:

Grab this opportunity to spread kindness and express gratitude to the food delivery that comes to your place. In this way, you’re letting these service providers know that you acknowledge and respect their presence and are extremely thankful for making your life comfortable and easy. 

From a mail carrier, pizza delivery guy, children’s teachers to secretaries, don’t miss the opportunity to spread a smile on their face by valuing them in whatever you can. You can also ask your kids to involve themselves in the process so that they understand the significance of such occasions. 

  • Plan and organise a fundraiser:

If you have the required sources, you can do something different and productive this holiday season. Gather all the interested parties and organise a fundraiser. By doing that, you’ll be making a huge difference in your community. In addition, your heart will be at peace and so will all the helping hands who decided to support you in this wonderful initiative. 

This can be a great chance to involve your family and friends and bond over. It will be a great way to give something back to the world and the community.

  • Take time out of your schedule:

Needless to say, the holiday season means spending time with your friends and family as much as possible. However, if you do take time out of your hustling schedule, do it without any remorse or guilt. More often than not, many people have work things swirling inside their minds while they’re having a chat with their friends and family during a holiday. So, if you’re one of those, it’s only prudent to avoid doing that, because, at the end of the day, it’s the relationships you’ve savoured and not the money which is only tangible and unpredictable. 

  • Wish each other and mean it:

Again, the Christmas holidays are filled with ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Happy Holidays’. But, it becomes a real deal only when you mean it. So, this Christmas spread the holiday cheer by wishing everyone you meet, whether you know them or not. Don’t forget to have a wide smile on your face when you do that. You may not know it, but you’re making someone’s holiday a bit better by doing so. 

Even if it means that you have to do it by wearing a mask, go forth and don’t hesitate. You can use this opportunity to be a role model for your children, so generations after, they can follow your lead. 

More ways to bring cheer this Christmas

Hopefully, these creative ways are the perfect answers to the question; how to bring cheer this Christmas. Another way you can spread cheer is through gifting flowers to your loved ones. Flowers spread cheer in an unimaginable way.n So, what are you waiting for? Choose any one of them and spread happiness in the lives of the people you matter to and who matter to you.

Merry Christmas in advance, y’all!