A person’s hair is something that always catches our attention first when we meet them. Be it neat, slicked-back hair, or different hair color, or anything unique, you ought to notice that first, always. 

Hair dying is always seen to be more common among teenagers, be it men or women. This is because of the newly developed enthusiasm for keeping up with popular trends. Older or middle-aged men dye their hair when those grey hairs start growing in their number.

Should Men Dye their Hair?

Honestly, nobody has the perfect answer to the much revolved around the question, ‘Should guys dye their hair too?’ Um, Ofcourse!, if you want to, and no, if you don’t want to. While hair dying is pretty common for girls and women, most men seem to shy away from it even if they’re dying inside to get a hair color. These gendered notions won’t do you any good, except regretting not taking the chances and not doing the things you wanted to do. It’s the 21st Century, and go for hair color if you want to. Dye hair whenever you want to, and the way you wish them to be. 

If you’ve been tired of carrying around the same look for years now, and are looking for a change, dyeing hair might just be the perfect option for you, and we’d suggest you not to ponder over it for too long now, and just go for it.

Broadly, there could be two reasons you would want to dye hair: 

(i) just for fun, and because you’re looking for a change 

(ii) to hide your grays

If you’re in because of the first option, we would suggest you definitely go for it. it doesn’t have to be permanent, and also, it will give you all the adventure feels. Combine this dye with the best hair care products and shampoo, and live up to your dyed hair well.

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If you’re here because of the second option, we would still suggest you go for it, just with a lot more commitment. While it is always important to accept and embrace your grays with your growing age, dying them is also no har, if that’s what you want.

How to dye hair at home?

While it is always better to visit a professional for getting your hair dyed, if you’re a newbie, hair dying can actually be also done at home. Here are the simple steps to guide you through:

1. Get all the preparations done beforehand:

By preparation, we don’t only mean the making up of your mind to dye your hair, we also mean the number of products that you’re gonna require while hair dyeing, and a safe space. Also, you might wanna go shirtless while doing this, because otherwise, your clothes might get stained with all that dye.

2. Clean your hair:

Make sure that your hair isn’t dirty, and try not to apply any product to your hair. This is because the presence of natural oils on your scalp is good while you dye hair, protecting the dye from penetrating too much, and acting as a protective shield. 

3. Apply a stain barrier: 

Apply a stain barrier on your hairline, like Vaseline. You can also apply it on your ears, in the neck area, etc. where the hair dye is most likely to give you a lot of stains. 

Dye Hair

4. Put on your hand gloves: 

As the dye contains ammonia, you must put your gloves on to avoid the skin irritation or even inflammation in some cases. Read the instructions on the sachet, and begin with the process. It is best if you try and apply the dye by dividing your hair into sections, starting from the very front, and working your way back. For applying the dye on your hair, you can either go for a brush, or even your hands would do just right. 

5. Leave it to rest:

After you have thoroughly applied the dye to all parts of your head, you would be required to leave it for a stipulated time period, which might differ for different brands and different types of dye. After you have left it for the given time, you can wipe the color off one hair strand and check whether you like the color. 

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If you want it to be more saturated, leave it for a few more minutes. The time the dye takes to soak into your hair completely also depends upon the nature of your hair, for example very dense or rough hair takes longer for the dye to penetrate, as compared to fine hair.

6 The final touch: 

Now that you’ve got your color and the time period to leave it is over, you would be required to have a shower straight away. Shampoo your hair, unless your hair dye requires you not to use shampoo. You can rinse and repeat, to remove the hair dye completely. 

Also, always make sure you use a conditioner after the shampoo. This will help in controlling the dryness and frizz, which might be an accompaniment to the dying.

Some useful tips about dyeing hair:

Here’s a list of some things that you might want to see before you decide to dye your hair.

  1. ‘Should you dye your hair?’ has to be completely your choice.
  1. If you’re dyeing your hair to conceal your grays, the best option would be to go for your natural hair color or a shade as close to it as possible. 
  1. While you would always see women getting different highlights done, you can do it too. These add depth and dimension to your hair and give you a stylish, classy look.
  1. After you’ve dyed your hair, always try to use products that have been formulated especially for color-treated hair. You might not realize it, but this can be actually really helpful. A shampoo, a hair conditioner, and a hair mask, formulated for color-treated hair are your must-buys.
  1. If you’re all in bold and brave looks, you’re already all-in for hair dyeing. For most men, the thought of dying their hair might be a challenging thought per se, but trust us, it always works out well. Also, why not go for a hairstyle change along with this change of hue?

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