Pubic hair is a remarkably common online topic. A keyword quest opened Pandora’s discussion panel on the topic of short and curls â on one page, which states that pubic hair is healthy, natural and even appealing, while others warn of the shabby appearance and the odour it causes. 

The truth is that men have become much more aware of their body hair particularly in recent years. Products have entered the market to encourage all manner of tools and strategies for treatment, all fostering social norms and a common perception of ‘less is more.’

So what are the benefits of shaving male pubic hair?

Despite the numerous precautions against shaving or trimming the pubic hair for the sake of hygiene and health, there is no question that there are certain positives in taking care of your genital area periodically. 

It can appear like your penis has expanded considerably since cutting some of the hair that covers its full length. Things also begin to appear better and healthier, thus from a cosmetic point of view, it’s pretty great!

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Why should you shave your pubic hair?

You would also find it much easier to use moisturizing creams, talcum powder and other similar items that are made to provide warmth down there once you have taken care of your pubic hair. 

At the end of the day, well-groomed private parts indicate your partner that you give a damn. You are the one who takes great pride in his look and personal hygiene-and this has always been attractive! 

So now that we have considered the benefits of shaving male pubic hair every now and then, let us take a look at the things to keep in mind while doing so.

Erroneous and excessive usage of sharp razor blades on such delicate skin can cause some of the hairs to curl up or become ingrown, creating presumably uncomfortable and painful pimples.

This could also result in skin infections, which not only make you feel awful but might very well ruin your possibility of going forward with the night after your date sees that between your thighs. 

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Some say that pubic hair actually prevents the propagation of diseases, and shaving leaves the region vulnerable to attack. 

This does not mean you are expected to interrupt your personal grooming practice, but rather hold the breaks between sessions and make sure you use the right methods when shaving men’s pubes.

Here’s how you can get rid of your male pubic hair by yourself:

Trimming helps

Always begin your men’s pubic shaving with a trimmer identical to the one you might use for your facial hair, but do not use the same trimmer, it’s  unhygienic and  an open invitation to all sorts of infections. 

Try to prevent using scissors, a hair trimming tool, a straight razor, a knife, etc. for purposes that are more apparent than we ought to explain here. Thus, for sanitation and efficiency, it is strongly recommended to keep the men’s pubic region trimming tool different from the one you use for your face. 

The perfect pubic hair trimmer for males is the same as the one you put on your forehead, because of both, the product’s ease and accuracy. 

Pre-Trim: It is generally suggested to start the grooming process with trimming over a wide towel rather than over a bathroom floor or toilet for hygiene and other considerations, like choking of your drains.

It would also help you escape any really uncomfortable discussions with your roommate or family about the state of the toilet and the condition of the bathroom. Wet hair is going to slow down the trimmer so ensure that you begin with a dry setup before trimming.

How to do it:

Begin with the trimmer at the bottom of your pubic hair and slowly work your way to where it ends near your stomach. It is not a sprint, so obviously there is no need to hurry through the process since any slip can be potentially disastrous. Do use the blade guide on your trimmer and the plastic material would shield you from any cuts or wounds. Begin with a high setting, trimming the hair down to about half an inch.

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Take a shower

Take a shower to soften the hair left thus, make it much easier to shave. Water would help soften the trimmed pubic hair, which could perhaps be wiry, and this is what distinguishes it from the hair on the rest of your body. 

Apply shaving cream or gel

Gently massage with the Shaving Gel to lather up and get ready to shave. A decent lather works to moisten your scalp, and secure your skin as you shave your pubic region. It also makes it much easier for the razor to glide. Allow the shaving cream to sit in the pubic area for a while.

Check your razor

Check your blades for sharpness before you get in the shower. Sharp blades would help to ensure that the razor glides effortlessly over your body. A rusty blade increases the risk of tug and drag, which in turn increases the chance of wounds and infections as well as lead to post-shave discomfort. 

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Be gentle

Use Light Strokes Shave with gentle strokes, and rinse frequently. Do not press too hard, let your blades do the job, that is what they are meant to do. The more you press when you shower, the more likely your shave is to cause itching and rash bumps.

Rinse and moisturize

Rinsing would finally reveal your handwork while removing any hair that might have been caught. After shaving, moisturizing your pubic region is important as it helps relieve and comfort your skin and can help avoid irritation and dry skin as your hair begins to grow back gradually.

A trimmed or shaved pubic area would automatically help your little buddy appear a little bigger and thus, more spectacular, a lot of you would definitely vouch for that. 

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