Side Parts are also an integral aspect of short types of hairstyling. In fact, the side is a smooth and tidy way of styling your hair appropriately. But how can your hair significantly influence the picture you portray? A side part is a hairstyle but typically is one aspect. Although often closely linked to short hairstyles such as crew cut, a medium-length haircut may also incorporate a side part. 

Before we speak about how guys split their hair effectively, let’s quickly glance at the history and legacy of the side part hairstyle. Over the past 7 years, the Side Part has witnessed perhaps some rise in popularity. From the late 1990s to the turn of the century, the Side Part was a masculine pariah, and the hair was for geeks and nerds to be combed to the right or left. 

We not only had a good retro regeneration, but the geeks are pretty cool yet again. This recently established freedom of hair follicle speech has led to a diverse approach to the hand, modernizing the timeless look and allowing combinations with others. 

The side part recalls the 20th century after the 1st World War in particular. They had been almost homogenous amongst men from the Roaring Twenties up until the rise of The Beatles.

Haircut on the men’s side is one of the most iconic and trendy hairstyles in existence. The side part was never out of style, as did other more ostentatious and distinctive cuts. Due to the fashionable, flexible, and easy to style, well-known celebrities, as well as businessmen, have been seen cutting off on the foot. Finally, try the side section of hair on your next ride to the barbershop for a gentleman’s haircut that is understated and suitable in practically any setting. 

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side part

As the title indicates, a side section is literally a section on the side of your hair. Normally, it suits the hair’s normal development from the cowlick and ends right close to the temple. With a side section, you will not go wrong. The traditional and low-care hairstyle is flexible, timeless, perfect for anyone and a fantastic way for hairstyling. The side section takes several shapes and actually suits all textures and lengths.  Regardless of whether the hairstyle is intellectual, sleek, or rocky, a cut looks fantastic.

Men’s side hair cuts are usually simple and eternal but have more to offer than hair isolated from each other. The side part men’s haircut, much like military hairstyles, is usually short and clean. Nevertheless, some new models add length to the front and make hair longer on the top. 

Such new looks are also part of the wavy aspect of the look but are suitable for the broader variety of face forms, which are more exciting and simpler to wear. All variants, though, share the same basic elements being the side break, short hair (3 inches or less), and hair neatly combed to the back and side. While the side part suits really well men with thicker hair, thin and fine hair can also be dressed and styled to nail the look. You could even try some of these hairstyles to hide your receding hairline.

Although a side part may be built to emanate an elegantly cool character, it can also be a catastrophe recipe and make you appear like a polygon. Now if you are wondering, ‘how to do a side part hairstyle’ or are confused about how this elegant and stylish hairstyle can be integrated into your everyday life, keep reading. 

Here is the side part hairstyle guide that you’ve been waiting for:

As the side part of the haircut is minimalist, grooming is particularly necessary and involves wax or gel of high quality. Adding length is a good choice for a classical formal styling whereas it provides a businessman-friendly work-appropriate look upon slicing the hair down. 

The best part about this men’s hairstyle is that the possibilities for styling are ample. If you are looking for a professional workplace hairstyle or for a cool date, the side part contains the best of the two worlds.

However, keep in mind these suggestions related to side part hairstyles for your face type for the best look:

Oval Faces: 

When carrying the side part, oval facial forms have no regard for the consequences.  The only safeguard is that the top is not close enough to keep the ending from being rounded. 

Square Faces: 

Square face types with side part look specifically masculine. These can be carried for different sides and tops, without risking the dimensions. 

Triangular Faces: 

Triangle faces will test side pieces, but just have to clear high fades that expose the jawline. The slight bump stop keeping the side low and narrow guarantees strong balance. 

Round Faces: 

The round face shapes must suit with the rough partition that is held low at the temple and climbs up to the crown. But be sure that the styles are angular and the length is appropriate. To prevent the finish from being soft and rounding the features, recurring touch-ups are recommended. 


People with these faces ought to be careful to style their hair as vigorous fades eliminate the volume required to offset the latter’s large forehead. Holding the split around the ridge prevents the face from appearing very broad.

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Follow the recommendations below to style a side part haircut for an elegant refined look: 

1. Wash your hair and wipe them with a towel until mildly damp. 

2. Pick your preferred pomade or hair gel sparingly and rub it warmly between your palms. Apply on both sides of the part fairly through your hair. 

3. Push the hair together side-by-side, all strands to be directed in one direction. 

4. If you like a certain volume in the front like a brush-up, comb the hair back and forth concurrently. 

5. You will add more length and shape by brushing in an angled direction. 

6. Lastly, comb your hair down or back on the other side of the hair, according to your choice.

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