Winter has come, and so the desire to wear a beanie with your winter outfits, too. With different styles of beanies introduced in the market, tag along different ways to wear and style it with your outfit. Beanies are not only another style statement to your outfit but an important shield to protect you from the chilly and dry winds. Hence, it becomes a compulsion to wear a beanie during winters, and if you have to wear it, why not to do it with style and make it fashion. After all, monotony never catches anyone’s attention.

Gone are the days when you had to wear a boring cap over your head that ruined your entire outfit just because it was cold outside. The beanies are a saviour for everyone during winters. It is necessary to get up and buy at least one beanie and style it with the outfit and look at how it transforms and enhances the beauty of your entire outfit. 

It is a time when even celebrities have adopted beanies in their everyday fashion style. From Johnny Depp to Justin Timberlake and Harry Styles, all have sported a beanie and created a beanie-wave amongst the audience. Also, who can forget the classic beanie style of Zac Efron from the show ‘High School Musical’. Avengers fans must also know the funky yet simple styling of beanie by Chris Hemsworth. 

The answer to who hasn’t worn a beanie is simply no one. Sounds compelling enough, isn’t it?

What kind of beanie are you looking for? 

As this headgear has become a fashion statement, it is evident that new styles in the market will be introduced. Similarly, beanies come in several different fashionable styles that can be well-suited or mix and matched on different outfits. 

If you are new and have never tried a beanie, it would be surprising for you. But, if you are already a beanie-enthusiast then you will be glad to know about other creative and unique ways to style a beanie. 

Let us have a brief look at its different types: 

  • The hippie style beanie

 If you are inspired by the 90s non-western style of the hippies that consists unusually loose clothes with different colours, then hippie style beanies are one you are looking for. The loose and more material on the top of this beanie hat allows more coverage, warmth and gives a casual style with the outfit, too. Earlier worn by the working class, now a part of a major trend. 

  • The high top beanie

You can also style a beanie that sits at the high top of the head neatly and radiates formality. The high top beanie hat will suit and fit you perfectly if you want to keep the gentleman look but also want to keep up with the beanie fashion, but in your formal style. The rule with a high top beanie is to wear it as high as possible. With only a single cuff, it adds neatness and simplicity with sophistication. 

  • The woven beanies 

Also known as the skullcaps, woven beanies add a cosyness to your style. These are either made of leather, felt or twill. Recent additions to the material in this kind of beanie style have made it more popular amongst the younger generation. Sometimes, they are available under the category of hand-knitted beanies, too. 

  • Beanie without a cuff

These are the most famous in every generation. Well-known for aesthetics, simplicity and the class they can give you if you style with almost any outfit. You want to go for a hippie casual look, wear a cuffless beanie but keep it high. If you want to keep it classy and formula or want to pair it with the semi-formal look, with the cuffless beanie. It comes in every colour and goes with every outfit. What more could anyone probably ask for?

  • The brimmed beanies 

These are quite hard to style and you need to have a good understanding of your fashion personality. It cannot be styled by anyone on any outfit they want. If you are wearing a nude shade or an outfit with one solid colour, you can go with the brimmed or the visor beans. If you have a tall height, then a brimmed beanie will look quite attractive and attention-grabbing on you. 

  • The American mohair beanie

These beanies are short in length with a single cuff in them. You have probably seen the American kids from the suburbs go school wearing these in Hollywood movies. Recently, these have become the style of gentlemen. The length of these men’s beanies does not ruin the hairstyle yet give a classy look to the outfit. 

  • The Robin hood style beanie
wear a beanie

If you want to go on a different road from the majority, try the robin hood style beanie, which is cuffed one side and uncuffed on the other. You either keep the uncuffed side up and the cuffed one down or vice-versa. 

How to wear a beanie? It is easy!

When you wear a beanie or go to buy one, cosider your style and the outfits you mostly put. Apart from this, also remember these things you should look for in a beanie:

  • Cuff

All the above beanies can be worn in any way but the the cuffs play and major part. You either keep one cuff or leave it uncuffed. The other major thing to affects the style is the length of the beanie. 

  • Length 

The length of the beanie greatly affects its style. The fall and folds of the beanie depends on the length, too. So look for it and try then and there. 

  • The material

The material also affects the folds of the beanie. Handwoven beanies are comparatively heavy and have are slouchy if their length is short. Meanwhile other material like mixed woollen form a definite shape and are more rigid in style and structure. 

Now that you have got a guide on how to wear and style a beanie. It your turn now to pick up you favourite winter outfit and style it with a beanie that you think suits you most.