People often cite the colour black as their favourite because they consider it the most versatile and they believe that they can pair it with any colour and their outfit will always end up looking cohesive. 

Well, this is true, but we would like to introduce you to a colour which is a tough competitor to black in all the reasons cited by people for its superiority. The colour we are going to talk about, as you have probably guessed by the title and the above image, is brown. And we’ll look at some ways you can wear brown and emulate this beautiful colour in your outfits. 

1. Brown shoes

This is probably a brown item you already own. The colour brown for shoes is probably the most common colour after black, at least when it comes to formal shoes. Moreover, today a lot of sneakers and slippers are also available in this colour. This popularity has to do with the fact that – first, brown doesn’t look dirty easily; and second, brown goes well with all colours.

wear brown

The reason behind this is that brown is a muted colour, and thus, does not affect the vibrancy of any other colour. To add to that, the colour brown has a similar base colour as most our skins (maybe a little lighter or darker), hence, a giant part of our body already works cohesively with the colour. This is also a reason why the colour of leather, which is often used in making shoes, is naturally close to the colour brown.

Brown shoes are mostly low maintenance unless you decide to get fancier materials like suede on them. Usually, you just need to brush off the dust lightly and that is enough.

As mentioned earlier, since brown goes well with all colours, it becomes quite easy to style them. Here you need to discern a difference between formal and casual clothes and see by trying things by yourself about what style of shoes go well with each kind of outfit. Want help while choosing your style for wearing brown shoes. Read this!

2. Brown jackets

The second most amount of times we have seen people wear brown is on their jackets. As we mentioned when we were talking about brown shoes, brown jackets too go well with any colour shirt or tee you might wear under it. They do not overpower the rest of the ensemble, but rather dress them up.

Brown jackets are available in a variety of fabrics and styles. This is the beauty of it. The fashion industry understands the importance of this colour, and thus, this colour will be available in any style you’re looking for it in. A leather jacket gives off a rough and biker vibe, a softer fabric like velvet or suede or corduroy gives off a more posh vibe, and something like a woolen cardigan brings a sophisticated look. Keeping this in mind will be of help when you want to decide how to wear a brown jacket which best suits the event you’re wearing it to.

A great way to style brown clothes, in this case, the brown jacket, is to wear it over a monochromatic outfit. Wearing brown with the rest of the ensemble in black will make this otherwise muted colour to be the statement piece. This is a very mature look.

If you want to go for something more vibrant, then you can pair your denim jeans or chinos with any colour shirt or tee, and wear your brown jacket on top of that. We would advise that the colours of the bottom and the tee or shirt stay mild and subdued. But this advice is not supposed to be binding on you, as fashion keeps evolving and you can play with different colours and prints yourself and see what combinations you like and feel comfortable in.

Because of the brown colour is a muted colour, it does allow you to play with other colours. Therefore, go to wear brown jackets!

3. Brown pants or chinos 

Truthfully, for pants, we still consider black to be the best colour. But brown does come a close third, after grey. But this does not mean that you shouldn’t get a pair of brown pants and see how to wear them. This is just our opinion though, it varies for each individual and fashionista. 

Because of brown being such a safe colour, you can try on different tees and shirts and see what suits your style. Brown pants look great with any shirt; and you can adjust your look from formal to casual, depending on how you style your shirt. A white shirt looks quite great!

Another way of wearing brown pants would be in the form of a full suit. Whether two or three-pieces, a brown suit is quite a classy outfit to own, and different from the usual black and navy. 

4. Brown top

By the word top, we mean anything to be worn on your torso. Here we would like to encourage you into wearing brown jumpers and shirts. 

If the weather is cooler and you are wondering how to style brown clothes, we present to you our top two options. First, you can wear a white shirt underneath that brown jumper. And second, wear a white round neck tee and an unbuttoned brown shirt on top of that. 

Although we have repeatedly mentioned that brown looks good with every colour if you wish to layer it up, we would always recommend that you keep the colour white in the top slot. But hey, no fashion tips are very strict. Play by them as you like!

5. Brown accessories 

You have probably already heard that one must match their shoes with their belts. Well, there is no compulsion as such, but it sure looks more appealing to the eye because of the cohesiveness it brings to the ensemble. Since we have already encouraged you to get yourself some brown shoes, we would also like you to go and get brown belts and a brown wallet too. 

These are some of the ways to can wear brown and incorporate it into your daily outfits. One thing great about wearing brown is that you can pair it up with a lot of colours. Once you style brown clothes by yourself, you will realise it’s quite easy and will be able to help anybody out who is with the question of how to wear brown?