Gone are the days when suits were entirely reserved for big days at the office, weddings or other important formal occasions. Men’s suits have become extremely versatile in contemporary days and men cannot be more thankful for them. So, are you reading to hone your sartorial skills? Because this article will explain how to style a casual suit and rock in it. 

How to style men’s casual suits:

When it comes to styling a man’s suit casually, the foremost thing to keep in mind is the fit of both the pieces; the top and the bottom. If either of them does not fit you perfectly, all the below-mentioned casual suit styles will go in vain. The next thing to consider is to achieve the casual style, you need to nail the ‘relaxed’ look first. For that, you need to do away with formal stuff such as stuffy accessories and ties. You can undo the top button if you wish, but don’t go overboard with the rugged look. 

  • Shirts:

You can give a casual touch to a classic shirt by pairing it with a smart-casual suit and wearing it on casual occasions. Now, here’s the important part. Ditch the formal ties, accessories and all the other stuff that makes you look like an obedient employee. In a work environment, that image will certainly profit you. But on casual occasions, not so much. 

For a more effortless and relaxed look, you can use a pair of sunglasses. For the colour of your shirt, don’t hesitate to experiment with some bold colours. 

  • Singlets:

If you want a rugged look, then you can certainly experiment with singlets. For this, avoid wearing any wool or work suits, instead keep your eyes on linen suits. While pairing a suit with a single, keep the colour more natural, plain and simple such as beige or white. If you want to add zest to your outfit, you can wear some bright scarves or pocket squares. Complete the relaxed outfit with a rugged pair of sneakers. 

  • Layering in winter:

In winter, if you want to challenge the cool atmosphere by emanating some cool vibes yourself, then this can be the right opportunity for you. You can don some cardigans or men’s casual suit jackets to maintain some sort of formality. 

Layering can offer you a great chance for improving your sartorial skills especially when it comes to pairing the garments. Here’s an important tip: Don’t ruin your outfit by wearing cardigans or other knitwear that are too thick. It should match your entire slim outfit. 

  • T-shirts:

Pairing t-shirts with your suit is one of the most popular and sought-after smart casual suit looks. No matter how easy it sounds to use a tee for dressing down your suit, it is equally difficult to choose the right tee. Make sure that it’s not popping or unnecessarily bold with patterns or prints. Start with the basics and once you get hold of your fashion skills, you can work with more complex styles. 

How to style a men’s casual suit with the bottom half?
  • Sneakers:

As mentioned earlier, sneakers are the best men’s footwear to add a relaxed and casual touch to the attire. It can make a business-casual attire look more casual if that’s what you want. What’s interesting is that sneakers are available in plenty of varieties, therefore, it becomes easier for you to style whichever you want.

  • Boots:

If you want to go for something more relaxed, then boots might come to your rescue. Chelsea boots are the best examples for a more sophisticated and regal touch to the casual suit style.

  • Belts?

More often than not, men feel that the outfit looks complete with a belt. But, does it? Originally, belts were designed to make your trousers or pants fit you properly. But, if these trousers already fit perfectly, then there’s no need to wear belts. Remember, the fewer the accessories, the more relaxed the look. And that’s what we are looking for: a casual suit look.  

Should you completely abandon accessories?

Men who possess significant sartorial skills believe that without accessories the outfit is incomplete, regardless of how dressed down you want it to be. It’s true because accessories help in accentuating the style and elevates the look of an entire outfit. However, make sure that if you’re looking for something more casual or relaxed, you choose the right accessories that help match your outfit with the vibe. You can use accessories like a nice smartwatch, a pair of sunglasses and a pocket square. 

Tips to never go wrong with men’s casual suit looks:

Although the outfit may change from occasion to occasion, some things cannot change. They include:

  • Whatever you choose to wear in the bottom half, refrain from wearing sweatpants or running pants. It may sound enticing to wear them, but if you’re wearing them on a formal occasion, then the environment will not support them
  • As mentioned earlier, make sure the fit is proper. The point cannot be stressed enough
  • If you’re picking sneakers for completing your outfit, make sure that they match. Don’t experiment with something bold or popping. Plain yet fashionable shoes like brogues, Oxfords, Converse, moccasins will never fail in uplifting the entire outfit. 
  • Avoid wearing athletic shorts, cargo shorts or loose-fitting shorts as your bottom half. Not casual or stylish, nuh-uh!
  • If you’re an amateur here, then start by experimenting with neutral shades and basic patterns. Once you’ve cracked that, you can work your way upwards.
  • If you think that wearing a slightly dishevelled shirt will not matter that much, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Even though you’re wearing it underneath a suit, it is a part of the outfit. So, make sure that everything you wear is appropriate and is in good shape.

These are some of the do’s and don’ts that you can keep in mind while styling men’s casual suit looks. If you think that you don’t have enough sartorial skills to rock it the way you want, don’t worry. Just wear it and the feeling will catch up!

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