The right season has at last sprung and lighter tinges are coming into play. Light wash jeans can bring adaptability to your wardrobe this summer. Whether you want to couple them with a white linen button-down shirt and a smooth pair of Common Projects sneakers or your favorite vintage tee and a classic pair of All-Star Converse, you can rock an informal look all through the season. Now is a better time to shop for them than ever. 

17 outfit ideas to hook up with Light Wash Jeans:

1. The Chino Alternative

Dark denim will forever be smarter than pale washes, just like your charcoal suit is more funeral-appropriate than anything in the Man from Del Monte’s wardrobe. But still, though raw denim has become the de facto blazer partner for smart-casual creatives (in fact, precisely for that reason), it’s high time you tilted into a lighter shade.

Perhaps it’s because all of the menswear’s rules have busted, but pale jeans can now sub in for chinos, particularly if they’re uniformly faded (the more whiskering you have, the noisier things get). Think of them as a somewhat more interesting spin on white jeans, which have long been a preppy favorite, then make like JFK with textured blazers, knitted T-shirts, pique polos. The ploy is to make sure the whole look steps down a notch – washed jeans won’t jibe with your smartest tailoring, so go live-in everywhere else, also.

How To Wear Light Wash Jeans
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2. The Other Canadian Tuxedo

It helps that light wash jeans feel a stroke younger than dark denim, regardless of their dad core connotations. Clinch that ’80s high-school movie vibe by adding character – a band tee here, a pair of OG running shoes there. Ideally, not both from the actual ’80s. Air Force Ones are a roughly 40-year-old silhouette but seize a modern collaboration, and your whole look comes back to the future.

3. Dressed Kind-Of-Up

Light wash jeans work like a magic wand that spins anything ‘smart’ into something weekend-ready. Below pale denim, a pair of chunky Derbies, or even Oxfords, feels far less formal. And the difference between worn-in jeans and shiny leather makes the kind of code-switching tension that’s the trait of all the best outfits right now.

An overcoat with light washes jeans (and, why not, a light wash jeans jacket) is something you wear for nights that could end up anywhere.

4. To Anchor Brights

Denim is almost always a neutral but light wash jeans particularly so. They work proficiently with bright accents because the lighter tone means a less loud contrast – if you stick safety orange next to deep indigo it pops hard enough to cause headaches.

Orange jumpers with light wash jeans are a sturdy streetwear look, but if you need to dial it down, just add a neutral jacket. At times, less is more.

5. Beaten All The Way Up

Light wash jeans are distressed jeans, even when they’re not filled with holes. They’re jeans that have been tattered or washed until all the dyes dripped out, which gives even an off-the-rack pair an aged feel. So grip that by slashing them apart. The Swiss cheese look is jarring with raw denim, only emphasizing the fact that you’ve bought something brand new that’s packed with holes. But light wash jeans look best a bit beaten.

Attach to other pieces with a rough-and-ready heritage – military jackets, like bombers, are perfect, as is anything with a sportswear heritage, from hoodies to Harringtons. Conclude with trainers that aren’t too box-fresh.

6. As Your Warm-weather Go-To

Don’t be the guy carrying black jeans on the hottest day of the year. Washed jeans, mainly the stuff cut from less-than-9oz denim, is your rescuer when the mercury’s bubbling. They’re breathable, they keep you wrapped up, and they reflect sunlight, so your nethers aren’t all moist as soon as you leave the house.

Elsewhere, don’t overthink it. As mentioned above, light wash jeans are the ideal foil to brights, so play around with a colorful and patterned T-shirt or a floral Cuban collar shirt. Cuff your hems, flash some ankle, and finish with some repulsively bright and chunky trainers.

7. Skater Style

If falling onto concrete is a professional hazard, you can’t be valuable about your denim. If you want to nibble the look of people who fall onto concrete, you should be.

The fit is more imperative – you can’t kick flip in spray-on skinny jeans. Instead, imagine loose, slouchy jeans, either cuffed or cropped above the ankle, worn with everything else from the skater wardrobe; hoodies, boxy tees, cross-body bags.

8. Jeans and T-Shirt

Since medium and light wash jeans are more relaxed, it makes sense that they work so well for casual outfits. And it doesn’t get much more relaxed than jeans and a t-shirt.

Any color t-shirt will do. Choose tees that don’t contrast too much with the jeans (to shun the cut-in-half look) but this ‘rule’ can be wrecked if everything fits well.

Apart from that, anything goes with this look. Whatever sort of shoes you like, from work boots to canvas sneakers. Any kind of the second layer, like a casual windbreaker or bomber jacket, will also work. It’s hard to get this look erroneous if your jeans fit well.

9. Picking a Plain T-Shirt and Canvas Sneakers

Back to keeping things effortless with an outfit that shows all the essential rules of wearing light wash jeans. By keeping the color of the sneakers and t-shirt light, the model has a good-looking pattern that can be worn again and again. 

10. Jeans and Blazer

Here’s a standard look that isn’t going out of fashion anytime soon – blue jeans are worn with a button-up shirt and a jacket (or blazer)The key here is – you guessed it – to make certain your jacket fits well. It should sit close to your body exclusive of being tight or restricting your movements. Here’s what’s grand about this outfit: you can transform the vibe by changing up your shoes.

Going for an informal look? Toss on some classic white sneakers.

Want a dressier feel? Select some brown leather ankle boots or roughly anything suede.

Either way, you’re going to look enhanced than all the other guys at the party who just wore their favorite “going out shirt”.

11. With a Grey Jumper and Brown Suede Shoes

The shoes are the prominent feature of this outfit. The derby shape is rather dressy, but the light brown color and suede material come across as fairly casual. The grey jumper is ideal for warm weather and goes well with the high-waisted light wash jeans.

12. With a White Jumper and Brown Casual Shoes
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A white jumper and light jeans is an effortless arrangement that always works. This outfit gets its edge from the pretty aggressive fade and tears on the jeans, and the color of the shoes. This brown is nearly too much, but the on-trend wallabee style and suede material guarantee it works.

13. With a White T-Shirt and Black Canvas Shoes

We mentioned above that dark shoes, in general, don’t work with lighter jeans. However, these do as the white sole, laces, and adornments mean they aren’t too dark. They work in an analogous way to the striped Breton shirt in outfit one. The oversized fit t-shirt keeps the outfit relaxed, and the black logo/white shirt blend fits well with the black and white design of the shoes.

14. With a Light Shirt, Denim Jacket, and White Sneakers

Double denim can be stunning with lighter shades of jeans. It works in this attire as the color of the jacket is darker than the very light wash of the jeans. The denim is also broken up adequately by the white sweater beneath. The plain white sneakers are low-key and guarantee the focus of the outfit is on the denim jacket.

15. With a Pastel Shirt and White Sneakers

The yellow pastel shirt with a sky blue pattern is the ideal color pairing for light jeans. The chunky white sneakers work fine with the overall baggier fit. In the meantime, the white color keeps them low-key and guarantees the focus is on the shirt and the fit.You can also pair high waisted light wash jeans with this combination.

16. With a Check Shirt and Brown Leather Shoes

The brown leather shoes are a noticeable part of this outfit. They work as the colors in the rest of the attire are pretty low-key. The formal shoes are contested with a smart shirt. While there is a check outline on the shirt, it is kept low-key which guarantees it isn’t fighting with the shoes for notice. Regardless of the shirt and shoes, the model keeps things casual by turning up the sleeves and pant hems.

17. With a Grey Pattern Jumper and White Sneakers

The vertical stripes are the main attribute of this outfit. While the stripes are dark the background is light grey which efforts well with skinny jeans. The white sneakers are the ideal addition to this outfit. Meanwhile, the ripped light wash jeans for men will make sure that the vertical stripes aren’t the only feature.

Light wash jeans are a fashion challenge. Get the fit right and couple them with something cool and you’ve got the ideal outfit for a summer day. 

Light colors are classically most popular during the warmer months, and the same is accurate with denim. Summer and spring is the ideal time to wear these jeans.