Improve Vertical Jumping

Vertical jumping is the backbone of almost all the sports in today’s time. Vertical jumping is all about exerting maximal force in very less time to reach the highest possible jump in one go. Having and exerting greater levels of explosive powers is considered as a determining factor in counting the success rate of any sport, as quoted by several Olympic lifters and sprinters which was studied by scholars like Jeffrey McBride, Travis Triplett-McBride, Allan Davie, and Robert Newton. 

Plyometrics consisting of quick and explosive movements which are exclusively designed to amplify power and speed are some highly suggested training methods to improve vertical jumping. Exercises that tend to increase one’s vertical jumping levels, often tend to maximize muscle contraction as it strengthens the fast-twitch muscle fibres which convert strength to speed. A big benefit of vertical jumping is that it helps strengthen the tendons which reduce the probability of an injury and helps a person become more explosive. 

Improve Vertical Jumping

The ways for improving vertical jumping can help an athlete improve their vertical jump for basketball and volleyball or aid them to run faster on the track or switch directions instantly on the football field.

Below are 8 great drills to improve vertical jumping and be more explosive.  

1. Lateral Jumps- An athlete constantly moves side to side while indulging in a sport and lateral jumps help to improve those movements. It helps improve an athlete’s sports performance who needs to constantly alter their direction or cut and slide. Lateral jumps require correct posture and intent and the person needs to put in efforts to make sure there is no ground contact being made.

2. Single Leg Bounds- Single leg bounds help an athlete improve their glute and leg strength and better their overall power, explosive coordination and speed of sprinting. Single leg bounds require the athlete to aim for maximum power and make minimal ground contact. 

3. Squat Jumps- Squat Jumps are the ultimate OG exercise to improve vertical jumping. They form the basis of one’s athletic foundation and are used to measure a person’s lower body strength as well as improve their explosive hip extension to allow them to jump high.

4. Tuck Jumps- Tuck Jumps are more advanced in nature than the squat jumps. Tuck jumps are done with the knees tucked in during the movement and it helps increase the athlete’s abdominal and hip flexor activity. It is also said to develop motor mechanics which are utilised during an athlete’s game.  

5. Depth Jumps– Death jumps are a great training exercise and help improve a person’s reactive strength. Since a person’s capacity to do a vertical jump is highly dependent on his body’s capacity to explode rapidly, dead jumps are a great way to improve a person’s reactive capacity. Thus, they prove to be one of the best exercises to increase an athlete’s vertical jump.

6. Split Squat Jumps- Split squat jump is a movement that involves the knees, ankles and hip flexing to produce and improve triple extension. Since this exercise involves all the major muscle groups of a person’s lower body, they are highly capable of helping an athlete improve their leg explosion rate.

7. Broad Jumps- Broad jumps aka The standing long jump is the test that is used in the NFL combine and is used to test the explosive power of an athlete’s leg. The key to acing a broad jump is balancing your power at the end of each jump and maintaining your posture. These elevate the leg muscles and thus help in improving a person’s explosive jump.

8. 180 Jumps- 180 jumps not only helps to develop a person’s explosive leg power but also improves landing coordination. Jump training exercises and plyometrics are the exercises that do not require any equipment and can be performed and practised anywhere.

Tips to keep in mind while trying to improving vertical jump-

  • Measure your vertical jump. Give yourself a baseline as in from where you need to start and how much do we need and improve upon our practice. This even allows us to understand what actually works for us and provides the motivation to continue improving.
  • Try to improve your jumping form. All these plyometrics workouts and other exercises will have no effect if you do not improve your vertical jumping structure.
  • Improve Your Coordination & Movement Efficiency as these are the founding stone for any sport that requires jumping. Athlete’s need to develop their balance, posture, mobility, stability and efficient movement patterns and need to prioritise this tip before they begin working out.
  • Improve Your Strength & Force Production as several insane athletes who have amazing verticals have an amazing lower body and overall strength. They have amazingly developed calves, hips and thighs muscle that allow them to soar higher. Hence, make improving your strength a priority.
  • Improve your explosiveness and speed as they are the major criteria that determine a person’s ability to do a vertical jump.

Here’s what you will earn from vertical jumping-

  • Improve your overall athleticism

A commendable vertical jump is not only about a person’s ability to leap higher but also indicates his overall athleticism in cfields if speed, power and strength. Thus, improving your vertical jump will provide you with the ability to use your athleticism in every sport.

  • Will gain an upper edge over fellow athletes

Let me tell you the truth, not everyone is willing to work harder and put in the required effort to improve their vertical jump. Some athlete’s do not pay heed to such factors under the pretext of ‘not-needing it’ or ‘having mastered it’. Hence, you will gain an upper hand.

  • Improves and tests our mental and physical health 

Competition is necessary for any athlete to survive and stay healthy. Developing the capacity to explode higher every time they indulge in sports, helps them tackle such challenges upfront, test their limits and broaden their horizons. It helps improve a person’s mental health as well. 

So, men, this was your comprehensive guide on how to increase vertical jumping, and if you wish to employ these, you can notice the effects for yourself.