Indian garments and fashion industry is one of the most important consumer-facing industries. However, with the onset of the pandemic, the growth and development of the industry have taken a backseat. A 20 percent decline is expected by the researchers in this industry due to Miss Rona.

With everyone locked inside their homes, there is no more reason for people to buy new clothes. Consequently, the dynamics of the Indian fashion industry have changed which heralds new expectations and trends in the coming years.

Here are some of the trends in the Indian fashion and textile industries that are expected in 2021. Brace yourself!

5 major trends that will define the Indian fashion industry in the future!

1. More importance to comfortable clothing and athleisure

With people working from their homes, a trend in comfort wear has spiked. Be it a formal or informal outfit, people are giving importance to comfort. In addition to this, the importance of women’s athleisure is escalating with 5 percent incremental growth over other categories in clothing, according to Fortune India.

The fusion between business formals and casual was already in trend pre-COVID, which will be accelerated as people will work within their houses for months to come. Along with the increased importance of comfortable clothing which will probably cancel out the seasonal fashion, fashionable, and stylish masks will also face some popularity.

In addition, a more conservative fashion perspective will be expected from the consumers such as being overly conscious of the price. The fashion industry will also likely stimulate the production of those clothes which were not in demand pre-COVID, as the demands for them have spiked.

2. Switch on your notifications

With the transformation from the in-store purchase to the virtual shopping method, the Indian fashion garments and fashion industry will continue to promote the digitalization of the purchasing process. Even if the situation improves any further, a majority of people will continue to buy clothes from the online markets to ensure safety.

As a result, the online marketers will introduce huge discount programs and policies which will encourage the consumers to continue buying. Not only on online shopping platforms but also in the physical stores, you might observe huge discount schemes and policies to attract you and other consumers to buying their apparels.

3. Sustainable fashion

The concept of sustainable fashion has gained a lot of traction in the past few months and it seems that COVID has only accelerated it. Sustainable fashion refers to adopting those fashion products and styles in our lives that are eco-friendly and that promotes ecological integrity.

It’s high time now that as a consumer one needs to think about the environment while making any sort of choices. Sustainability is the future of the planet, therefore, consumers will observe the factor in a lot of online shopping platforms in the future.

4. Pantone colors

For those who don’t know, Pantone colors are the color codes used to determine a specific shade. These shades of colors are recognized by the Pantone code. It is a standard ‘Color Matching System’.  

Following the Pantone color code is one of the trending things on social media and various other online shopping platforms. According to the Pantone Colour Institute, Ultimate Grey and Illuminating are the two colors for 2021. These two colors will be very much in vogue in 2021 as a lot of celebrities and fashion influencers will be wrapped in them.

5. More inclusivity

With the dynamics of an ideal body shape and size changing, people have become more mindful about body shape acceptance and issues related to it. As a result, there is a paradigm shift in the sizes of clothing you will see on the online platform as well as the physical stores.

In the pre-COVID era, many designers confined the size of the clothing range to the standard size range. However, with the radical shifts in the Indian fashion industry, the designers have extended their collections to plus sixes as well.

Major Indian designers to look out for in 2021

These are some of the major trends describing the new Indian fashion which will be prevalently seen in the year 2021. With that said, let’s know what the major Indian designers have to say about the upcoming trends in the Indian fashion industry.

1. Kunal Rawal

According to designer Kunal Rawal, military tones will be in vogue in 2021 along with utilitarian silhouettes and chic outfits in neutral shades. He agrees with the trend of Pantone colours which will certainly dominate the virtual runways.

Moreover, he stresses the easy, comfortable clothing which can be transitioned from day to night, with more and more restrictions easing up.

2. Rina Singh

Designer and founder of Eka and Eka Core, Rina Singh has outlined the importance of the individual and his personality while clothing while expecting the 2021 fashion trends. She is also a part of the coterie nodding their heads to comfort over style and sustainable fashion apparel.

3. Monica Shah

Monica Shah of Jade by Monica and Karishma has given importance to comfort even when it comes to wedding apparel in the fashion industry. The trend of lighter fabrics and breezy silhouettes which makes the bride and the groom more comfortable and at ease on their day will be visible in 2021.

Monica Shah highlights experimentalism as another trend that will be prevalent in 2021. It implies various experiments tried by people which will deviate from the traditional or the conventional form of an outfit.

When it comes to fashion, action is always there. The Indian fashion industry, from the 50s, 60s, 70s to the 20th century, saw radical shifts in the clothing style, fits, and outlooks. All of these were influenced by the cultural, political, economical, and social environments.

In the 21st century, COVID has played a major role in influencing the fashion industry. Many fashion experts say that it will continue to influence for subsequent years even after it is swept off the face of the earth. That seems a little bit far, but as of now, update yourself on the ongoing fashion trends in the world and be a part of this ever-changing industry that will never fail to amuse you.