On a fast and furious day, you may find it hard to spare time to eat food. When you plan on taking a bite of your sandwich, your infuriated boss may give you an infinite to-do-immediately list. As soon as you close your tiffin box, your poor stomach will start to grumble. Juices came to the spotlight as a savior from your insatiable hunger.

Drinking a glass of fruit juice at regular intervals on a bustling day at work gives you the stamina to bear your boss’s vexation. Did you know that the juice diet has become a promising panacea for weight loss? Juicing for weight loss has gained popularity in recent years, but its effectiveness is controversial. 

Can you lose weight by juicing?

Juicing is the process of extracting juices from fresh fruits and vegetables by stripping off the pulp and solid matter. The extracted juice contains most of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants present in the whole fruits and vegetables but it lacks fiber. 

There isn’t any research that proves the idea of weight loss by juicing. People usually consider juicing as a method of removing all the toxins from the body (detoxification). Some choose to juice over eating whole fruits and vegetables when they do not have an affinity towards the whole ones. Thus, extra nutrients are added to their diet. 

Juices contain fewer calories and help in losing weight. A study showed that people who were juiced for three days shed about two pounds of weight. They also saw an increase in healthy gut bacteria that promote weight loss.

While on a juice diet, a person might entirely shift to a liquid diet or consume juices along with meals. You can lose weight instantly by following a juice diet, but it is not at all healthy. Though it gives short-term results, you may grow weaker after two weeks of complete juicing. 

10 Juices to burn belly fat

Want to lose your belly fat easily? Here’s a list of fat-burning juices that you can relish without any guilt! 

1. Carrot juice:

Carrot juice is an ideal drink to lose weight as it is rich in nutrients and fiber and low in calories. Just a glass of carrot juice makes you feel full for longer. It also enhances bile secretion that helps in burning the excess fat. A mixture of carrot and beetroot juice with a pinch of black pepper burns your fat even faster. 

Juicing For Weight Loss
2. Bitter gourd juice:

We all frown on seeing a fresh bitter gourd. Can you imagine how awful it would be to drink bitter gourd juice? No matter how bad it would be, it aids in weight loss. Bitter gourd juice helps in the secretion of bile, which is essential for metabolizing fat molecules. It also optimizes blood sugar levels naturally. It contains very few calories, that is, just 17 grams of calories in 100 grams.

3. Beetroot juice:

Beetroot juice has no fats and calories. It is rich in soluble and insoluble fiber that helps to maintain a proper and healthy bowel system. You can add a squeeze of lemon, pink salt, and some cumin seeds for a better taste.

4. Amla juice:

Doctors usually advise starting the day with a glass of amla juice. Drinking it on an empty stomach is beneficial for weight loss. It accelerates the metabolism and helps in burning fat quickly.

5. Wheatgrass juice:

Wheatgrass juice is highly nutritious and aids in weight loss by curbing hunger pangs. It is rich in potassium, a mineral necessary to burn your calories faster. You can add a squeeze of lemon and a few mint leaves to make it even more palatable.

6. Cabbage juice:

Cabbage juice is very good at relieving stomach issues, such as bloating and indigestion. It cleans the alimentary canal of any bacteria and eliminates the metabolic wastes rapidly. This results in weight loss.

7. Watermelon juice:

There is no summer without watermelons. Drinking a glass of watermelon juice keeps you hydrated. It contains the amino acid arginine, which assists in burning fat. Watermelon juice contains just 30 grams of calories in 100 grams.

Juicing For Weight Loss
8. Cucumber juice:

Cucumbers are one of the most loved vegetables due to their juicy texture. Cucumber juice is also low in calories and makes you feel full due to its high water and fiber content. It has anti-diabetic and lipid-lowering properties. Try blending a cucumber, some kale, and peach, and squeeze some lemon juice into it. Not only does it taste awesome but also promotes weight loss.

9. Pineapple juice:

Pineapple juice shows wonders in eating off your belly fat. The enzyme bromelain present in pineapples helps in metabolizing excess fat in the belly.  

10. Bottle gourd juice:

According to Ayurvedic sources, bottle gourd juice is the best remedy to slough off flabs in your body. It has less fat and keeps your body cool and hydrated. Try a fusion of bottle gourd and apple juice with a few herbs. 

Cons of juicing for weight loss

It feels good when you begin a juice diet, but you will feel stressed out when you stick to the boring plan. Drinking fruit and vegetable juices as extra supplements is good for health, but making it your way of life wreaks havoc. Though a juice diet helps you lose weight rapidly, it is not at all nutritious.

You may consider it healthy to replace your daily meals with fresh juices, but juices do not furnish the essential nutrients that your body needs. You can drink juice as a snack or supplement without skipping your meals. We’ll tell you why.

  • Body metabolism is affected:
Juicing For Weight Loss

Juicing for weight loss reduces your daily intake of calories, which has destructive effects on your body metabolism. Your body needs a minimum quantity of calories to carry out basal metabolism. When it is deprived of necessary calories, your body begins to preserve calories by burning them less.

While you are on a juice diet, you cease to consume proteins. A decrease in protein levels causes reduced muscle mass and strength. Metabolically-active muscles starve for calories.

  • Lack of adequate fiber:

Fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet as it enhances the gut and digestive health and prevents constipation. Whole fruits and vegetables are rich sources of fiber, whereas the fiber content is eliminated during juicing. Lack of fiber poses health risks to your heart and digestive tract. 

If you still prefer a juice diet, we suggest you use a blender and not a juicer. A blender blends every single part of a fruit and furnishes the necessary fiber. A juicer gives you only the juice and leaves behind the fruit dregs.

  • Deficiency of nutrients:

You may have the notion that fruit juices are loaded with nutrients as they are derived from fruits. We are sorry that you are wrong! 

Though juices contain nutrients, they do not provide all the essential nutrients needed for your body. Continuous intake of juice leads to a lack of fat in your body. Fat is a requisite for absorbing fat-soluble vitamins (Vitamin A, D, E, and K). 

Think again! What’s the point of consuming juices laden with nutrients when your body doesn’t have the fat molecules to absorb them?

  • Fatigue and frailty:

If you are a person who has to do a lot of physical work, then juicing for days is dangerous. Your body requires immense energy to tolerate the laborious tasks you do. A juice diet doesn’t provide the necessary fiber and calories to withstand the exhaustion. Deprivation of calories results in fatigue and weakness.

  • Greater risk of infection:

Juicing for weight loss may bring about constructive effects on your body mass, but it depletes your immune system. When you are on a juice diet, you fail to consume vital nutrients such as iron and zinc that are highly needed for an ever-vigilant immunity. Hence, your immune system is weakened, making you prone to illness and diseases. When you consume unpasteurized juices, it may result in gut problems.