Did you ever find yourself in the situation where you invite your casual date to your home to spark a little fire between you two but it goes a flop-show? In order to find your path to a girl’s pants is, literally and metaphorically, through her kissing legs. To be a master in bed and achieve the ‘10’, you need to sensually start your way through kissing her legs and reach the destination. No matter how easy this sounds, you need a bit of practice and effort to make it on your part.  

Before reaching the stage where you find you are baffled on how to satisfy her completely, first let’s understand the process on how to win and sexually attract her so that she is ready to come to your place.

How to build the sexual tension between you two?

For women, it becomes relatively easy on their part to attract men, just on the basis of their physical appearance. Therefore, they have an exorbitant amount of options available in front of them, from which they can choose.

However, when it comes to guys, you have to work extra hard to sexually attract a woman. And for that, your appearance is just not enough. Even if you have a 100% attendance in your gym. So, you need to work more on your personality and inner qualities to attract a woman to an extent that she is ready to hang out at your place.

For instance, make her feel attracted to you through working on your confidence and charisma. Develop some sense of humour and build a masculine vibe which will make her more feminine.   

Here are some other ways to build a sexual tension which will help you reach her legs, kiss thighs and the final destination:

1. Spark a unique connection

issing legs

More often than not, women often crave to build a special connection with the men whom they are dating. Unfortunately, many men fail to do that. So, to achieve this, build a unique connection with her which will eventually make her beg for you.

In order to do so, start with simple things, such as her music taste, her favourite book, or movie. Eventually, you can start talking about some deep stuff which will help you in creating a bond that will ensure her trust in you. Trust is the most important thing for women when it comes to sleeping with men.

Become genuinely interested in her life and what she does. Don’t do it, just for the sake of getting into her pants, because that is very shallow and she will eventually realize it.

2. Work for your ideal life

Now, this is not some motivational or inspirational life tip but also a subtle tip for a successful dating life, which many ignore. If you work on this one, your life will make a 180-degree flip than you can ever imagine.

Women would always want to be with men who have a clear mindset regarding their lives, what they want to do or how they achieve it. One thing you need to do to be sexually attractive is: Know what you want from your life and go after it.

Now, this might not seem parallel to your dating life, but if you shift your attention on making your dream life come true by working towards achieving your goals, women will definitely become attracted to your passionate aura.

Think about what you want from your life. Make it exciting. You are probably not going to get this opportunity one more time. Once decided, go for it.

Work on these two important tips and the path to your love life will eventually appear in front of your eyes.

Now, fast forward to the time where you bring your date to your place after applying these tips. 

Follow this guide to reach her legs.

The complete guide on kissing legs

1. Start with the feet:

Kissing Legs
Image courtesy: Her Way

Ever heard of foot fetish? Well, it is definitely the first and successful step to kiss her legs. For women, toes are the most sensitive regions which help in galvanizing the coitus and stimulate their vagina.

Sucking women’s toes, also known as shrimping, can be the most erotic move for the receiver and the giver. Even pinching on the sides can even induce a toe-curling orgasm in a woman. You can start off by cleaning their feet and slowly massaging it. Next, kiss their toes gently and then intensify this unique move with sucking.

2. Inner Thighs

issing legs
Image courtesy: India.com

The inner thigh is the most sensitive area of a woman’s body. Just touching it can stimulate orgasm in her body, even if she is wearing her denims. The reason why a woman’s thighs are so sensitive is they are extremely close to their clitoris. Therefore, you might want to tread there carefully.

  • First, start off with rubbing her inner and outer thighs in a firm yet circular motion. While laying there, don’t forget to allow your hands to explore other regions. You can also stroke and rub her hips and come back to her thighs.
  • Once you have teased her enough with your hands, lay a dry kiss on thigh, which will make her feel extremely amazing. 
  • Next, you can increase the number of kisses on her thighs to intensify and induce orgasm. When you reach the inner thighs, let your kisses be wet and stay there longer. Remember to be successful in kissing legs, you have to be patient. Don’t hurry.

Kissing legs is one of the craziest ways to make her go wild and crazy. If you play it right, you might also get a preview of the remaining show.

Remember that sex is a mutual experience where the persons involved should feel an equal amount of pleasure and passion. If you want to get to a girl’s pants and master the art of kissing legs, then you have to genuinely feel the sexual attraction towards your date and she, for you. Without this sexual component, you might not successfully win her over.