A fetish is when an individual has a sexual interest in the otherwise non-sexual objects and body parts. And the most common type we hear about is a foot fetish. Typically, the feet are not involved in sexual intercourse or even any of the bases in the context. Hence when people have sexual desire for feet or are attracted to people on their basis – this is the meaning of foot fetish. 

Is it weird?

The meaning of foot fetish is not that a person is odd or weird, it’s just that different things appeal and interest different people. Just because something is less frequently seen or accepted by people, it does not mean it weird. It’s just different. For some, it’s the breasts, abs or butts, and for some, it’s body parts like the feet, legs, neck or collarbones.

Fetishising often has a negative connotation. It is often seen as having sexual desire for something that is not appropriate, or in better words, seen less often and away from the norms. But let’s try to be more accepting of things that are unlike us. Let’s take a more sex-positive approach and try to understand what is it that is so appealing to so many people.

Foot Fetish

How common is it?

The foot fetish is actually more common than one would assume. Research suggests that about 10% of those surveyed accepted having a foot fetish. And most of them even accepted having a fetish for shoes. 

This percentage in isolation might seem low, but for something that has gained prominence and has somewhat been accepted by society only in the recent past, this number is quite high. With people in the entertainment industry and YouTubers talking more openly about it or maven making jokes about it, the idea of a foot fetish has reached the ears of a lot more people than ever. This has made many of the listeners accept it as a normal and a part of their sexuality, and even made many individuals realise that they do have a foot fetish and be more accepting and open about it.

And the fetish for shoes which has been observed in the research stated above is probably because of the shoes almost being a part of people’s bodies because you rarely see anyone barefoot. It’s like breasts and bras, or butts and underpants.

Moreover, research suggests that a higher number of males admitted to having a foot fetish, making male foot fetish more common than female foot fetish. If you notice, you can see that like fashion, there are more products available to women to make their feet look pretty as compared to men. And since a lot more men admit to being attracted to women, this could be a reason why male foot fetish is more common.

There can be different subtypes to a foot fetish. Some like simple bare feet while some like them in shoes. There are some who prefer socks and stockings, while there are some who like feet with their nails painted and which accessories like rings and chains. 

What constitutes foot fetish? How do you know if you have it?

Well if you have a foot fetish, you probably already know. You don’t need a lesson to tell you that. But if you are someone who is new to sexual activities or is starting out on experimenting and exploring what you like or not, these pointers might be helpful

  • Watching photos and videos of feet – you love staring at them for some reason and go on for long periods of time binge-watching them. 
  • Taking photos and videos of your partner’s feet – well usually one would assume it’s just an adorable gesture showing how much you treasure your partner and how you love every small part of their body, but it can say more than just that. 
  • Massaging partner’s feet – whether they are sweaty or not or maybe just after they have come back from the gym or a tiresome day, you enjoy giving a good foot massage to your partner. It not only relaxes them, but you feel some kind of satisfaction and stimulation too.
  • You like feet odour – generally, people dislike feet odour because it smells bad to them. But you actually like them, especially if they are your partners. You can describe the odour well and it almost gives you some kind of comfort. 
  • Toe kissing and sucking or genital stimulation with feet – you enjoy them in bed, whether you are the one doing them or receiving them.

If you enjoy and find the above stated stimulating, it is indicative of a foot fetish. If you are someone who has not tried these, try them out and see. You might find something new about yourself and it will only help discover your sexuality better

What could be the possible reasons?

Researchers have stated two main reasons for foot fetish. One of them being more because of social norms. Since feet are almost always covered and you barely see anyone barefoot. It is usually when you are close to a person that you see them barefoot, like at their houses or when they are in recreational places like the beach or a garden. This can lead to the association of bare feet with intimacy and arise in individuals some sort of excitement when they see one. 

Another reason, which is more biological is than the one stated above. According to some, the region in the brain which responds to stimulation in the genitals is next to the region which responds to one’s feet, causing one to orgasm due to them. 

Also, feet have a large number of neural endings which makes them highly receptive to touch and feel. This allows things like a massage to stimulate our senses. Even if you don’t have a foot fetish, you cannot help but agree that a good pedicure and foot massage are extremely relaxing.

What to do if your partner has a foot fetish?

Nothing really, just let your partner take you on the ride they enjoy and think that you might enjoy it too. You never know, you might! But if it’s something you are not feeling and/or are not comfortable with, you can always talk to your partner and ask them not to. After all, intimacy is about not just enjoying yourself, but also respecting the other person’s choice. 

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