While, ‘Oldboy’, ‘Train to Busan’ and ‘The Handmaiden’ are probably the best movies Korea has given to the world, their realistic quality isn’t confined to activity, butchery, or genre alone. Erotica is another key classification Korean filmmakers love to try different things with and ‘The Handmaiden’ isn’t the only erotic movie they have available for us. 

Korean erotic movies pack all that one can at any point wish for in a movie, thrill, activity, dramatization, period, sentiment, power battle, fanatical love, and borderline gross scenes. Also, this isn’t a misrepresentation when we say that nobody can do equity to ‘erotic’ kind better than the Korean chiefs. 

Here, we have surmised we can make an exemption for Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘God, Sex and Truth’ starring Mia Malkova. Thus, on this note, we challenge all of you to watch these hot Korean erotic movies and get certain about Korea being the awesome the most trying in this class. 

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Here’s the list of the best Korean erotic movies

1. The Concubine (2012) 

Set during the Joseon Dynasty, The Concubine follows Hwa-Yeon (Jo Yeo-Jeong), the little girl of a blue-blood who is to be a mistress of the ruler. She attempts to abscond with her helpless sweetheart Kwon-Yoo (Kim Min-Joon) however is fruitless. Then, Prince Sung-won (Kim Dong-Wook) likewise becomes hopelessly enamored with Hwa-Yeon. 

2. The Scarlet Letter (2004) 
korean erotic movie

Second, on the list of the best adult Korean movies is the Scarlet Letter in which criminal investigator Lee Ki-hoon (Han Suk-kyu) gets allocated to the instance of Jin Kyung-hee (Sung Hyun-ah), who is blamed for killing her significant other. Ki-hoon is hitched to Soo-Hyun (Uhm Ji-won) however has a continuous illicit relationship with Choi Ga-hee (Lee Eun-Ju). While chipping away at the case Ki-hoon’s close to home and expert life begin to impact. 

3. Thirst (2009) 

This erotic thriller follows catholic cleric Sang-Hyun (Song Kang-ho) volunteers for a trial to discover an immunization for the Emmanuel Virus (EV). The analysis bombs yet Sang-Hyun is saved with a blood bonding. He winds up attracted to Tae-Ju (Kim Ok-container), the spouse of his cherished companion. Before long, he understands he has transformed into a vampire and should continue to drink blood to save himself from EV. 

4. The Housemaid (2010) 

Eun-Yi (Jeon Do-Yeon) is recruited to help around the place of a rich couple. The spouse, Hae-Ra (Seo Woo) is pregnant with twins and her significant other Hoon begins to play with Eun-Ji. Eun-Yi’s issue with Hoon gets her pregnant and Hae-Ra’s mom Min-hee notification and powers her to get an early termination. Eun-Yi at that point pledges vengeance on the family.

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5. The Taste Of Money (2012) 
Korean erotic movies

Joo Young-jak (Kim Kang-charm) is the private secretary of organization president Yoon (Baek Yoon-Sik), who is essential for the richest families in South Korea. At the point when Yoon’s better half Geom-alright (Youn Yuh-Jung) finds her significant other engaging in extramarital relations with the servant, she has intercourse with Young-jak as retribution. Youthful jak likewise begins an issue with their girl Nami (Kim Hyo-jin). 

6. A Frozen Flower (2008) 

The King (Joo Jin-mo) and his better half from the Yuan Dynasty (Song Ji-Hyo) don’t have any youngsters. For the coherence of the regal tradition to be guaranteed, the King orders his military officer and sweetheart, Hong-edge (Jo In-sung) to impregnate the Queen. From the start, they are awkward with the thought however before long start an enthusiastic issue that irritates the King. 

7. Fixated (2014) 

Colonel Kim Jin-pyeong (Song Seung-Heon) is going to be elevated to general. He is hitched however isn’t enamored with his significant other. At the point when Captain Kyung Woo-jin (On Joo-wan) and his better half Ga-Heun (Lim Ji-Yeon) move nearby, Jin-pyeong experiences passionate feelings for Ga-heun. After Jin-pyeong saves Ga-heun from an aggressor, they start an energetic undertaking. Lamentably, Ga-heun stops the issue because of individual conditions and leaves Jin-pyeong crushed. 

8. Eungyo (2012) 

Otherwise called A Muse in English, Eungyo follows Lee Jeok-yo (Park Hae-il), a seventy-year-old artist. One day he discovers Eun-gyo (Kim Go-yeun), a high school young lady sleeping on his patio seat. Jeok-yo is stricken with the young lady and offers her low maintenance work cleaning his home. Jeok-yo begins to compose an anecdote about a fanciful sexual relationship with Eun-gyo. 

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9. The Trecherous (2015) 

Given a genuine story, The Treacherous follows Joseon Dynasty’s dictator Prince Yeonsan. He has little youngsters seized and transforms them into his courtesans. Yeonsan’s cherished companion Soong-Jae (Ju Ji-hoon). Dan-hee (Lim Ji-Yeon), a courtesan, saves Soong-Jae and beseeches him to topple the sovereign. 

10. Honest Thing (2014) 

This erotic spine chiller is about a previous rugby player and current P.E educator at an all-young ladies secondary school, Joon-ki (Jang Hyuk). He is hitched to Seo-Yeon (Sunwoo Sun) and is anticipating their first kid. Joon-ki is utilized to young ladies playing with him yet Young-eun (Jo Bo-ah) admits her emotions to him after Joon-ki saves her from suffocating. Joon-ki attempts to escape the relationship yet Young-eun gets fixated on him. 

11. Red Innocence (2014) 

Shim Hak-kyu (Jung Woo-sung) is a college professor who flees to a modest community because of an inappropriate behavior charge. There he meets Deok-ee (Esom), and the two get into a relationship. Deok-ee gets pregnant and Hak-kyu powers Deok-ee to get an early termination. Hak-kyu’s name gets cleared and he gets back to his family. Deo-ee pledges retribution on him and gets her opportunity eight years after the fact when Hak-kyu begins going visually impaired. 

12. The Handmaiden (2016) 

Any list of Korean erotic films is the Handmaiden. Set in Japanese-involved Korea, Sook-hee (Kim Tae-Ri) is sent by a cheat called Count Fujiwara (Ha Jung-charm) to be the handmaiden of Lady Hideko (Kim Min-hee). Fujiwara plans to utilize Sook-hee to persuade Hideko to wed him so he could take her abundance. As Sook-hee works for Hideko, they build up a personal connection.

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