Sex is an important ingredient of life, and each individual, whether male or female, has some sexual needs and desires, that must be gratified. The world is moving from the position of ‘sex is a taboo or a sin’ to ‘casual sex is fine if the two people do not have a problem with it’.

You don’t need to have sex only with a person you are committed to. It is quite alright nowadays if you do not actually want to commit something, but are in there only for sexual gratification.

Known as ‘friends with benefits’, a lot of men and women today find a sexual partner (online or offline) who can help them with their sex drive, and not ask for a commitment. 

What is casual sex?

The definition of what casual sex is can actually be different for different people. Some find it synonymous with hook-ups, some call it sex with no intention of being monogamous, etc.  Hence, casual sex means different things to different men and women. However, casual sex doesn’t mean it is meaningless.

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How to find a casual sex partner?

Here are some ways you can find a casual sex partner:

1.Get online:

Online dating apps and sites have people from all over the world looking for different things in partners, including casual sex.  They are the best platform to find someone who is looking for the same things as you.

You can start by signing yourself up for one or more of these popular dating websites, some of which even ask you to fill up your requirements as to what you are looking for in a partner. This can be your platform to look for partners who are in for casual sex.

2.Start chatting:

Once you have signed up for various dating sites, the next step is to chat. It is very important that you try to get to know the woman you are talking to, and not just directly plunge into your sexual desires.

Gauging what the person on the other end of the screen is interested in is the key. They might be here looking for a relationship, you never know. So, it is important to communicate and be clear about what you want and that you are not wanting to go any further than that.

Honestly, there is a very long list of how to talk to or sext women, because just one step and you can go very wrong. Women are actually very considerate about how you talk and the way you approach them, and you need to do it right.  

3.Meeting people in bars and clubs:

One purpose behind bars and clubs is actually to get people to meet and engage and possibly hookup. When visiting a club or a bar, do not shy away from saying ‘hi’ and throwing a casual pick up line. Understanding someone’s directions and whether they are interested in what you are looking for can be a really arduous task, and that’s why it is quite difficult for most people to find a sex partner in such places.

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4.Casual sex events:

Casual sex events are not that common and happen only in some major cities in the world, where casual sex is very common and people do not frown upon you when they get to know of it, which happens in traditional, conservative atmospheres.

Casual sex-themed events like parties, sex clubs, swinger’s parties, etc. are common in some European cities, with entry restrictions (obviously).

Some tips for casual sex

1.Work on yourself:

Long term relationships are very different from casual sex partners. When you commit to somebody, you look for a lot of things in them, including how compatible you two are if your choices match if you have the same goals and so much more. However, the entire concept of casual sex is based on physical attraction. 

You would have casual sex with a person when you find them attractive and you are chemically and physically attracted to them. So, the first thing you can do if you are looking for casual sex is to start working on yourself. Devote time to your body, your mind, and your personality. Build a personality for yourself that women find charming enough to approach you.

Start by eating healthy and exercising, groom your hair regularly, work on your hygiene, read books, develop good habits and skills.

2.Be sexual:

Even when the internet has gained ample recognition for providing people with sexual partners today, not everybody gets to have a casual sex partner so easily. You need to be proactive, edgy, and overtly sexual and put yourself out there in front of women, without appearing to be a ‘creep’.

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The key is to involve a little bit of sexual conversation in your routine talks with the person. Just let them know that you are a sexual being, and sex makes you happy. Do not overdo it, though. 

If you want to have casual sex, make sure that you portray a good image of yourself and be clear about your intentions, also making sure that you construe the other person’s gestures quite well and do not misunderstand them.

Since you’re in this only for sexual pleasure, make sure that it’s enjoyable for both of you. Check-in verbally, pay attention to non-verbal suggestions the woman gives you while sex and try to make your moves accordingly. If you want it not to be just a one time, give it your best and be the person you are. Make sure the other person isn’t looking for any commitments if you are not up for one.

Do not make it weird and make sure the woman has explicitly consented to sexual intercourse. Being swayed away when intoxicated is a natural phenomenon, and you wouldn’t want to get yourself in trouble, or rather, the regret of having done it in such a state (or at least don’t put the other person in a state where she regrets later).

We hope these small tips on how to find a sexual partner and what to do and not do during casual sex will help you greatly in your sex life.