More often than not, your everyday movements include walking and carrying something in front of your arms or your chest. This helps in toning your core and your legs. However, when it comes to your back, it is difficult to tone it faster because a lot of fat is often stored there. This fat storage is influenced by your lifestyle, your genetics, and your diet. This article is about 5 Effective Ways To Lose Back Fat!

There are many sites and videos on the Internet that promise you to lose back fat within a stipulated period. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. The concept of ‘spot-treating areas of fat on your body is a myth. If you want to lose back fat, then you have to lose the overall fat of your body to see the desired results.

For this, you will have to adopt a healthy lifestyle and stay committed to a workout routine that targets your lower and upper back. 

What causes back fat?

Back fat is a result of a sedentary lifestyle, genetics, diet, and posture. When you consume a diet that is high in sugar or sodium, your body gets inflamed easily, causing the fat to store in your back and making it more prominent. 

In addition, your back fat is highly influenced by your total body weight, your height, your fitness level, and your age. 

To get rid of the lower back fat, you need to create a calorie deficit, which means you have to burn more calories than you consume. Further, you have to do some toning exercises to get rid of back fat along with your daily exercise routine. It is recommended to include High-Intensity Interval Exercise (HIIT) as a part of your daily routine. This will give you maximum results within a short period. 

Here are some of the exercises to get Lose Back Fat easily!

1.Lateral raises with dumbbells
Lose Back Fat
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This exercise specifically targets the muscles of your upper back, especially the shoulder muscles. When you add weights to your strength training exercises, you are escalating your metabolic activities and thereby ensuring fat loss. 

How to do it?
  1. Begin with standing with a dumbbell in your hand. You can use a lighter weight here as doing reps with lighter weights is proven to be beneficial for toning your back. 
  2. Next, gently raise the weights at the sides of your body. Make sure your arms are parallel to the floor and they are one line. While you raise your hands, remember that shoulders should not shrink and your back should be straight. 
  3. Slowly, lower your arms and return to the original position. You can repeat this exercise 12-15 times slowly. 
2. Superman
Lose Back Fat
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Needless to say, this exercise is named after the superhero for the reasons that you will find out when you do the exercise. This exercise is one of the most effective ones that can help you lose lower back fat more quickly than ever. 

How to do it?
  1. Start with lying on your stomach on a yoga mat. 
  2. Take a deep breath, and stretch your arms and legs out so that they are lengthened. 
  3. Next, lift your arms and legs off the floor along with a small portion of your upper body and look straight ahead. Make sure that your arms and legs are 6 inches off the ground. 
  4. Hold this position for several seconds and then lower your legs and arms back down. 
  5. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times. 

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3. Reverse hip raise with exercise ball
Lose Back Fat
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If you have just begun to start working on your back, then this low-impact exercise will be the right one for you. It will be easy on your hips and will render significant results.

How to do it?
  1. Begin with lying your stomach on the exercise ball with your head facing the ground. Keep your palms flat on the floor and your knees bent.
  2. Make sure that you squeeze your glute muscles together and balance on the ball by pressing your legs together. The ball has to remain stable during this process. 
  3. Try to hold this pose for 10-15 seconds with the help of the core and then lower your legs. Repeat this exercise several times. 

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4. Side jackknife
Lose Back Fat

Side jackknives target your obliques and your ‘love handles’ along with the lower back area.   

How to do it?
  1. Begin by lying on the left side of your body and putting your legs on top of each other.
  2. Now, lift your leg upwards by squeezing your obliques and touching your left arm to it.
  3. You can repeat this exercise 10-15 times. 
  4. After that, you can switch to the other side and repeat it 10-15 times. 
5.Speed bag

This speed bag exercise will not only help to lose back fat but also help tone your arms and upper body. 

Lose Back Fat
How to do it?
  1. Start by standing hip-width apart and keeping your fists tight, high, and in a combat mode. Make sure that one of your legs is slightly in front of the other and your hands are close to your jaw. 
  2. Now, if you have a punching bag, then without any further adieu, start punching it. If you don’t have it, then just imagine having one. You can just imagine hitting a bag in the air and continue rotating your arms while you do so. 
  3. You can do as many reps as you want. 

These are some of the effective exercises to lose back fat quickly. However, they alone are not enough. You have to bring some significant lifestyle changes to escalate fat loss

For instance, make sure you walk more. It’s as simple as that. Instead of using a vehicle to buy groceries from a nearby grocery store, make sure you walk there and carry them in your hand.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is to quit smoking. It is not healthy for your body and mind. And last but not the least, practice your posture. Do not slouch back, sit straight. This will help you to reduce your belly fat and strengthen your spine. 

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