The Lunchbox cocktail, also commonly known as Edna’s Lunchbox drink is popular and lovable. It is made of a unique combination of unusual ingredients with an equally unusual name.

Edna’s Lunchbox drink originated in a small bar, almost tavern in Oklahoma, and has become the world’s go-to beer cocktail. Yes, you heard that right. Edna’s lunchbox cocktail uses beer as it’s base along with orange juice and amaretto.

It’s a simple recipe. Edna’s lunchbox drink is a delightful summer afternoon treat. It is easy to make a drink that will be ready in under 5 minutes.

In composition, Edna’s lunchbox cocktail is very similar to the Alabama Slammer, only less sweet. Let’s see how to make a lunchbox drink!

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What is the Alabama Slammer?

The Alabama Slammer is a fun fruity drink that is very similar to Edna’s lunchbox cocktail recipe. There are two ways to make an Alabama Slammer: a shooter or a refreshing highball. The ingredients remain the same, only the proportions change slightly. The Alabama Slammer is a great throwback drink and perfect for picnics or pool parties. 

Lunchbox Drink

In the Alabama Slammer, you will find amaretto, sloe gin, orange juice and Southern Comfort. The Southern Comfort gives it the flavour and intensity that is lacking in Edna’s lunchbox cocktail.

The Alabama Slammer is ridiculously similar to Edna’s lunchbox drink recipe as both of these are summer drinks and contain amaretto and sloe gin. The only difference being that Edna’s lunchbox cocktail recipe uses beer instead of the sloe gin and lacks in the berry notes. In Edna’s lunchbox cocktail, the small amount of beer gets lost in the flavors of the amaretto and orange juice.

However, both the Alabama Shooter and Edna’s Lunchbox drink make perfect summertime fruity flavored cocktails that you just can’t get enough of. They are lightweight so you can consume as many as you want. And, both these recipes are definitely must try! 

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How to make a lunchbox drink ?

Here are instructions on how to make a lunchbox drink. Follow these guidelines to the to make the perfect Edna’s lunchbox cocktail drink recipe. 


Edna’s lunchbox cocktail recipe requires only three ingredients. You will need:

  1. Six ounces of chilled light beer (preferably Corona)
  2. Six ounces of chilled orange juice (store-bought juice works just as fine as freshly squeezed orange juice)
  3. One ounce of amaretto
  4. Orange slices (for garnishing purposes)
  5. Mint leaves for garnishing (optional ingredient)

Steps to make the lunchbox drink

These are the steps you need to follow to make the perfect Edna’s lunchbox cocktail. 

  1. Gather all the ingredients. Make sure you have everything you need before you start making yourself Edna’s lunchbox cocktail.
  2. Combine the ingredients, that is, the orange juice, amaretto, and chilled beer in a pitcher. 
  3. Stir well. Be careful to not shake the pitcher.
  4. Now, garnish a frosted mug with an orange peel and pour the drink.

Additional Tip: You can drop some fresh mint leaves into the lunchbox drink for garnish. 

Voila! Your Edna’s lunchbox cocktail is ready to be served!

Similar drinks to Edna’s lunchbox cocktail

If you enjoyed the taste of Edna’s lunchbox cocktail, give these appetizing drinks a try!

Beer Margarita

If you like beer and margarita, this will become your go-to drink soon. The Beer Margarita is just like your regular margarita, the only difference is that this recipe uses beer. Also, there is no orange liqueur or juice in it. The Beer Margarita has a refreshing lime-aid flavor which gives the drink a citrusy aroma.


The Boilermaker is as simple as it sounds, it is a straightforward cocktail. It is just spiked beer that makes for a great cocktail. It’s a strong cocktail but not too potent. It is basically a shot of tequila, vodka, or whiskey mixed with beer. The Boilermaker is a terrific cocktail despite its simplicity. 

Tootsie Roll Shooter

The Tootsie Roll Shooter is a throwback cocktail that adults have recreated to bring back the taste of their favourite candy. Remember the tootsie roll candy? This Tootsie Roll Shooter recreates those classic flavours and mixes in alcohol and to make it more fun.

Citrus Fizz

The Citrus Fizz is an incredibly delicious fruit mocktail that is similar to the classic fizz cocktails like Ramos fizz or gin fizz. This one is a non-alcoholic drink that combines orange, lemon and lime with grenadine syrup. An egg white is shaken and mixed into the drink to create the wonderful frothy fizz.

Sloe Screwdriver

You must have heard about the classic Screwdriver cocktail. Another delightful orange flavoured cocktail, the Sloe Screwdriver is an orange juice and sloe gin highball. It is a fun and tasty drink that makes for a great brunch cocktail. 

Raspberry Beer

Coming back to beer cocktails, the Raspberry beer is another classic drink. It is beer which tastes like Raspberry. Similar to Breezers or Coolberg, the Raspberry Beer is a good alternative to Edna’s lunchbox cocktail if you are not the biggest fan of orange flavours. 

Kool-Aid Shooter

The Kool-Aid Shooter is a fun round of party drinks that are designed to taste just like Kool-Aid. Bring back the flavours of your childhood by trying this popular mixed juice cocktail. There are many variants of the timeless Kool-Aid shooter, but the best one is Midori. 

The liqueur has a melon flavour which is mixed with distilled spirits like vodka, amaretto and cranberry juice to make a boozy concoction. While you can consume the Kool-Aid cocktail as a delicious hooter, it also tastes good on the rocks. 

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This is everything you needed to know to make the perfect Edna’s lunchbox cocktail drink. Next time you host a summer afternoon brunch party, you know what you’re serving! 

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