Marriage, in itself, is a noble and challenging adventure. A recognised union between two people, marriage is the onset of a new phase in the lives of people involved. On the list of relationships ranking, marriage holds an important position and a successful marriage requires constant effort and dedication. 

Men often find themselves in confusing positions in a marriage when they don’t know how to react or act in a particular situation This might put them in a disadvantageous position and leave them confused about how to make a marriage last. 

Honestly speaking, it’s a no brainer, that marriage will require constant inputs from both the people involved, but at times, things get overwhelming for one or both the significant others and in such times these tested and proven tips for a successful marriage might be exactly what you need. All men who want to make a marriage work must take note of the following tips on what makes a marriage successful.

successful marriage

1. Be aware of your needs 

Ever wondered what’s the most important step towards making a marriage work? It’s being aware of one’s personal needs. Human demand is ever-growing and changes with time. Knowing what your expectations are from marriage now or even ten years later will cut you some slack. Awareness combined with effective communication will always stand the test of time. So, when you are experiencing a stagnation period in your marriage or things are not seeming right, consider asking what your partner wants. 

Humans, at the basic levels, are emotional beings and our thought processes at the basic levels are in close sync with each other. Being aware of your needs and the ability to communicate effectively will not leave any room for misunderstandings.

2. Make it your top priority 

Men who have had successful marriages share a common trait- making their marriage a top priority. Making a marriage a top priority will always be a smart option if you intend to have a successful marriage. Marriage is the beginning of several firsts in a man’s life: his first responsible job, his first baby and so on. Hence, keeping a stronghold on the marriage ensures a smooth transition into all the future endeavours. 

A strong relationship will serve as an example of a healthy relationship with your kids and will provide you with the required motivation to perform well at your job. When you know, you love your significant other dearly and so do they, you become more determined to ensure that they live a happy life. 

3. Communicate 

The need for effective communication between partners cannot be stressed enough in marriage. Effective communication between partners removes the room for any misunderstandings and ensures that your feelings are conveyed in the most effective way possible. Not happy about your partner leaving the toilet seat open every day? Tell them not to do it again. See, it is that simple.

Communication, as a factor, is often underestimated in regards to its effectiveness as many people resort to being silent after a small fight with their partners. But a sensible and honest communication about what they think was the actual cause of the fight results not only in the problem being resolved, but also goes on to strengthen the bond.

4. Know your boundaries 

Gone are the days where you could utter absolutely anything you wanted among your peers and get away with it. That isn’t how marriage works, at all. You need to understand that your partner is an individual and has her own set of thoughts and feelings. They might not be comfortable with every thought, words, or action of yours and there is a great chance that they can get hurt too. Hence, it is very essential to maintain your boundaries in a marriage. 

If your partner does not like being interrupted while she is in a conversation, refrain from doing so. If they do not like you talking to them in a particular way, make sure to not do that the next time. Knowing your boundaries and when not to cross them, makes your partner feel respected and they are highly likely to reciprocate similar actions.

5. Be unconditional in whatever you do 

Marriage is not your teenage relationship where you do not give them a rose on Valentine’s day if they do not give you. It is a serious commitment that requires letting go of your ifs and buts. Refrain from evaluating your relationship and keeping a scoreboard for the same. Do something for your partner without expecting anything in return. 

You need to understand that they too are humans and might not always keep up to your expectations, and yet, you, above everyone else, should understand them. Give your partner a moment of grace when they commit any mistake. Creating an environment where you know that you are there for each other over and above every fight gives marriage the required strength to stand the test of time. 

6. Compliment them 

Complimenting is a medicine known to cure even the most serious of diseases. Complimenting your partner makes them feel appreciated and loved. Liked the cookies they baked? Tell them. Love it when they smile? Let them know.

 A feeling of importance is one of the most important needs people look for in a marriage. Letting your partner know that you appreciate something about them not only makes them feel happy but makes them more likely to reciprocate those actions again.

There, you have it, fellas! The most basic yet overseen tips for a successful marriage so that you can make your marriage a happy and successful one. Our significant others are an eminent member in the journey of our lives, so make sure to love and cherish them while you still can. Look them in the eyes, be happy when they smile and hold them when they cry, let them know that you are there and will always be and 50 years down the line, tell your grandchildren ‘‘and kids, that is how I made my marriage last.”