Having a muscular pump is really cool: your muscles are practically developing in front of your eyes. Many athletes and bodybuilders spend at least a certain amount of time seeking this pump to make muscles look bigger, irrespective of their ultimate target. The instant muscular development just makes you feel solid, accomplished and, to be very frank, ridiculously sexy. 

If you are a drug and supplement free bodybuilder, it could be very challenging to appear large and muscular. Even when you genuinely have a considerable amount of muscle mass, if it is not delivered in the right areas, you are not going to look physically huge. 

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A lot of people who can easily bench 315lbs for reps, but they look a lot smaller than those who are doing just 225lbs benches. Even if the 315lb bencher has far more overall muscle mass compared to the 225lb bencher, the 225lb bencher may have somebody dimensions that naturally make him appear larger. 

Great muscle composition is the target of most non-competitive bodybuilders, as well as experienced, competitive ones. Obviously, you do not appear tall by actually bulking up each and every muscle of your body in a random way. 

You could indeed adopt a more scientific strategy to ensure that the individual muscles and muscle classes responsible for this highly developed look are targeted.

So what exactly is happening when you get a muscular pump? How is it true that the muscles will develop and grow big in just an hour, and they will be back to normal the next day? 

Make Muscles Look Bigger

How does Muscle Pump work?

“Muscular pump” is simply just a health slang for a condition called intermittent hypertrophy. Hypertrophy translates to the expansion of the muscle, and intermittent means that it is only temporary. Transient hypertrophy, or the desired muscle pump, is a very tricky bodily operation, so I am going to save you the jargon. 

In brief, a muscle pump happens as fluids, including blood and water, build up in the muscles during activity. This occurs because of lactic acid and water. 

Lactic acid starts to build up in the building muscle and attracts water to them whereas heart pumps extra blood to your functioning muscles so they require more oxygen and carbohydrates to fuel your muscles.

Almost all people get a weightlifting muscle pump—in reality, bodybuilders take full advantage of the temporary hypertrophy effect when they finally go on stage in a bodybuilding contest to render their muscles appear larger than they really are. 

You can potentially use a muscle pump to do something that improves blood circulation to the muscles, but evidence (and experiences from any die-hard bodybuilder) shows that high-volume weight lifting is the only way to get a long-lasting muscular pump. 

High-volume weight and resistance exercise involves a lot of repetitions and a lot of sets indeed, usually with short rest times. High-volume workout can be accomplished by adjusting a few variables like doing more reps, sets or taking short breaks.

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So now you must be wondering, ‘how to make muscles look bigger?’ .A strategic workout targeting specific muscles could indeed make muscles look bigger. Keep reading to find out.

Here are some of the tips to make muscles look bigger

1. Neck Training

Strangely, neck exercise is the most overlooked type of training currently in place. Apart from field players, fighters and wrestlers (who have beautiful necks), no one else really appears to exercise their necks. 

This is unfortunate and upsetting because one would look a lot bigger if they were really training their necks. In fact, if you are indeed incredibly slim all across your body, but have an amazing neck, you would instantly look like you have been working out.

2. Back Workout

If you could somehow get your back muscles to bulge out like a fitness model, you are definitely going to appear bigger in a shirt. Similarly, if you really have got zero back, but you have big muscles, you are going to look tiny when you are carrying a t-shirt unless you are being seen from the side. The lack of muscle pump would be hard to avoid from the back or the front.

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3. Tricep Training

Everyone loves to speak about the horseshoe effect, but nobody ever mentions the value of long head exercise. You may have a large horseshoe, but if you do not have dimensions in the triceps, your arms would always look small. 

This is a reality since the long head of the triceps is what indicates the muscle of the entire arm. That is what you notice when you hit a double biceps posture, and also when your arms are in a relaxed position. 

So quit relying on the presses on their own to create large triceps. By having a longer head, the arms will really look pretty big without even being super heavy. You ought to bear that in mind when it comes to training trips. For max height, often concentrate on the growth of the long head.

4. Wear Smaller Shirts

This is a straightforward tactic, but it acts like a charm. Usually, men ought to feel large, so they wear big shirts. It sounds amazing, and indeed, it is certainly mentally encouraging, but the issue is that you appear smaller while you are wearing large shirts. 

It totally covers the bulk that you bear, and it kills all dimensions because of the manner the shirt fits. The solution to this problem is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is put on smaller shirts! So if you are accustomed to large shirts, change to medium. 

But do not go from the Extra large to the tiny one, otherwise, it would be clear what you are trying to do. Only carry a shirt that’s one size smaller, and you are good to go.

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Understand that bodybuilding is not that different from an illusion, if you’re doing it correctly, it will make you look stronger than you really are.