Did you think only women have g-spots? If yes, then you’re terribly wrong. Men have it too! Yes, the male g-spot exists. And, the best thing? It isn’t as elusive as the female g-spot (the jury is still out on whether it exists or not). 

The male g-spot is relatively easy to locate. It’s no surprise that the male-spot or the g-spot, in general, is a super erogenous zone. Everything you’ve heard about the male g-spot is absolutely true. They’re capable of producing earth-shattering full-body orgasms.

Locating the male g-spot can change up your sex game! It can take it from a 0 to a 100. It’s the next level of pleasure. Many men have described the male g-spot orgasm as nothing as they’ve experienced before. It is life-changing. 

Let’s find out more about this spectacular men’s g-spot!

What is a male g-spot? 

The male g-spot is commonly known as the p-spot. The “p” comes from the word prostrate, not penis (as some may argue). 

It is important to know that not everyone has a prostate. Only cisgender men and people assigned male at birth have it. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland whose primary function is to produce seminal fluid and to help the sperm live longer. Thus, it’s basic function is to aid reproduction. However, it also has another important function. That is to produce the famous prostate orgasms. The orgasms that the male g-spot produces are quick and powerful. It is similar to your regular orgasm but not quite. 

The male g-spot or the prostate has three primary zones: 

  1. The peripheral zone, which is about 75% of the prostate. The peripheral zone of the prostate surrounds the distal urethra, the urethral tube that runs through the penis and aids in peeing or ejaculation.
  1. The central zone, which is around 5–8% of the prostate surrounds the ejaculatory ducts, which allow semen to pass through the penis.
  1. The transitional zone, which is 20% of the prostate surrounds the proximal urethra, which is a part of the urethra that runs through the prostate. There is a fibromuscular band which encloses these zones, forming the prostate.

Locating a male g-spot

The male g-spot or the prostate is located inside the body. It is between the base of the penis and the rectum. It sits beneath the bladder and surrounds the urethra. 

What does a male g-spot orgasm feel like?

In one word: earth-shattering. Yes, it is that powerful. Male g-spot orgasms are like penile or your regular orgasms, only powerful and more intense. It is usually felt throughout the entire body. 

People who have had g-spot orgasms have reported something called “super orgasms”, they’re fast and cause the body to shudder.

However, not everyone ejaculates during a male-spot orgasm, some might release a milky-white fluid while others may release nothing. 

Male G-Spot

How to stimulate the male g-spot? 

Wondering how to stimulate the men’s g-spot? Worry not, we’ve got you covered. There are two ways to reach the g-spot: internally and externally. Both ways produce the same results if done correctly.

  • Internally: Internally, the anus provides the best and the easiest pathway. It’s located just two inches down the rectum (that is, knuckle-deep)
  • Internally: Internally, the anus provides the best and the easiest pathway. It’s located just two inches down the rectum (that is, knuckle-deep)

Now that you’ve learnt how to stimulate your g-spot, let’s see other tips and tricks. 

Things you’ll need to play with the male g-spot!

We don’t think you should go there just like that. Here are a few things you can keep handy when trying to explore the g-spot. None of this is necessary, but a little extra help goes a long way!

1.Barrier protection: Since poop comes out of the anus and there’s always the risk of bacteria, placing a condom or some barrier like a latex finger glove on the finger with which you will stimulate is a good idea. It’s not a necessity but bacteria is not a good thing to have, is it?

2.Lube: Vaginas are brilliant and create their own lube, but such is not the case with the anus or men in general. And, there is no such thing as enough or too much lube when it comes to the anus. It is an extremely dry region. You should go for a silicone-based lube for the best pleasure. Using lube prevents friction or nicks from your fingernail. Thus, it will prevent any rectum tearing, or chafing. Using lube is just the wise thing to do!

3.Anal Sex Toys: Again, this one isn’t mandatory but it’s always good to use them. Using sex toys can spice up your men’s g-spot play and make it more fun. Sex toys that are designed for prostate play are easily available. 

4.Baby Wipes: Again, not a necessity but it’s always good to have wipes handy for freshening up before and after. Opt for alcohol-free wipes as it will prevent dryness or irritation. 

Tips to know before you stimulate your male g-spot!

1.Prepare for the act

If you’re going to try to explore your g-spot by yourself, you need to make sure your hands are clean and nails clipped (well, obviously!). This will prevent the spread of bacteria and reduce the risk of injuries. Use lube. If you’re an amateur when it comes to lube-knowledge, try something like a lube-shooter. 

2.Go step-by-step

Don’t jam your finger right in. Foreplay is necessary. Stimulate the perineum externally, touch your scrotum or the frenulum. Touch your erogenous zones to get you going. Take time and get to know your body. See what feels good. Touch and feel. Setting the mood is also a good step. Make sure you’re relaxed and aroused.

3.Make sure you’re 100 per cent turned on

Do things that arouse you, be it visual aid or just touching yourself. Once you’re turned on, your body will work with you. It’ll loosen up, feel relaxed and make your job easy. Locating your male-spot will be easier. 

4.Try a prostate massager

Explore prostate massagers and sex toys. It makes it more fun and takes a lot of the pressure off of you. Good quality prostate massagers are designed to help you reach the g-spot.

5.Try it out with a partner

If you have a sex partner who you are 100 per cent comfortable with, ask them to help. Communicate about your needs and tell them how to do it. Guide them through it. If they do something you don’t like, make them stop. Only proceed if you feel good. It feels better when someone helps you. You can focus on being relaxed and focus on the sensation while they stimulate the g-spot. It doubles the pleasure! 

Remember that you need to be comfortable and feel relaxed every step of the way. Or else, it just won’t happen. Don’t expect an orgasm the first few times. Focus on feeling good and stop when you feel satisfied. Just like everything else in the world, male g-spot orgasms take practice!